When should you argue with movers

Moving is more than just transporting your items from one location to another. It is much more complicated. No one can predict weather and road conditions. Therefore, many unpleasant things can happen to your belongings. In order to avoid this, you should hire reliable movers. Sometimes, even the most professional and reliable moving company can make mistakes. If this happens, you should do something about it. Should you argue with movers? Let’s find out. 

Should you argue with movers? 

You should never argue with movers. Rather, you should politely tell them if you are not happy with their services. It is never a good idea to start a huge argument. There is always a way to fix the problem. For this reason, according to Master Moving Guide, here are a couple of situations when you should voice your displeasure and how to do it. 

Your items are broken or missing 

You should ask your interstate movers why some of your items are either broken or missing. Then, listen to their explanation. In addition to this, you should also ask what your movers will do about this situation. The best solution would be having your movers pay for the repairs or replace items. This also depends on the value of your item. 

broken screen on the phone
Complain if your movers cause damage to your items

A late delivery 

People usually complain about late delivery. This can cause a serious problem since no one wants to live in an empty house, especially if you are a retiree and moving with senior movers. Everyone wants to enjoy the comfort of their home as soon as possible. If your movers are late, again you should ask for a reason behind their tardiness. You should also notify your moving company so they can deal with them accordingly.  

Rude movers 

Even if your movers are rude, you should remain calm and not engage in any argument. Rather, call their superior and complain about their behavior. Every moving company should have its own disciplinary measures to use if their employees are being disrespectful. Usually, a moving company will send other movers to your house.  

woman raising her hands
Some movers can be extremely rude but do not argue with them as it can make things worse

The final price is a lot higher  

You should always get a binding estimate since you will not receive an unpleasant surprise with your delivery. However, if you opt for a non-binding estimate, then, you can expect a higher final estimate. Make sure to ask for the reason behind it and try to find a solution that will benefit both parties. If not, you can always file a complaint with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Should you argue with movers or not? 

As you can see, the answer to the questions should you argue with movers is a bit complicated. It would be better to peacefully resolve any conflicts. However, if this approach fails, you can do the following:

  • Sue your company  
  • File a complaint 
  • Leave an online review  

Write a moving review where you can share your negative experience so other people can avoid hiring this particular moving company.  

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