When should I start getting moving quotes?

Is it time for you to move? Do you want to find the best movers at a fair price? Then it’s best that you get to finding and requesting quotes. But when should I start getting moving quotes, you ask? Make sure that you know when it’s best to do so and everything will be much easier. Thankfully, we at Master Moving Guide have always some good advice to give you on how to find everything out. Let’s see what makes an impact when you request your moving quote.

Know what type of moving quotes there are before you ask when should I start getting moving quotes

Before we get into the details, it’s best to know what different quotes are. Different types of quotes will offer you certain details that will be more or less beneficial to you. Besides the different ways that you can get a quote, be it over the phone, online, or in-home quotes, there are quotes that are different when it comes to price. For that reason, it’s important to know what is a binding estimate and what is a non-binding one. This will help you avoid potential problems when you start with the moving process. Of course, know beforehand do you have a certain amount of items or weight, or will you need an estimate that leaves you some space? Whatever your needs are, make sure to pick the right one.

A mover checking the inventory around moving boxes
It’s important to know just what type of quotes you can choose from

What comes into the end price of a moving quote?

It’s important that you get as much information as you can when getting estimates and quotes. However, it’s also crucial that you get all the necessary and basic information. All of that will depend on the moving company you end up choosing. Of course, it’s important to check out the moving quotes for any potential hidden fees and additional costs. It’s better to do it sooner rather than later. This can truly make or break your quote and budget. When comparing moving quotes it’s best that you read even the small print.

It’s important to have your moving date in mind when asking for quotes

The cost of the moving process will depend a lot on the fact when you’re relocating. For that reason, the sooner you choose to move the better it will be for you. Of course, even the part of the year will have an impact on how much the move ends up costing you. It’s always better to choose a date that isn’t very popular among the moving companies. Or at least the people that are moving. So make sure to know what date you want to move. This can help you pick the date that will fit your needs and budget.

When should I start getting moving estimates? Depends on what type of move you have ahead

Not every relocation comes with the same type of challenges. For that reason, it’s important that you have a good idea of what to expect from your relocation. Be it that it’s distance or any other factor, it will impact the price. Do you need the help of local movers or long-distance ones? Are you moving your home or office? All these questions are very important for a moving company. Above all, this will ensure that the quote is made according to what you need. Every move is special, and the quote will mirror that so make sure to have that in mind.

Girls packing their stuff
When should I start getting moving quotes? Your type of move will have a big impact on the answer

How heavy will your items be and will there be any obstacles? This can greatly affect a quote

The difficulty of a move won’t be determined just by the distance from point A to point B. Sometimes it’s those special items that will bump up the price of a move. Do you have a piano to relocate to your new home? Is there any special piece of furniture that requires additional attention and tools? Does your home have stairs or an elevator maybe? All those small details can have a big impact on the quote. The more difficult the challenge the higher the price can be. For that reason, it’s best to give that information to the moving company before asking for a quote as it can have quite an impact.

It’s important that you know what type of additional services you might need

Different moves will require different needs. For that reason, when asking for a quote it’s important to know what services come with it. This will have a huge impact on the overall price of the move. Of course, this will all depend on the things you truly need for a successful relocation. Do you want the movers to pack for you? Is storage necessary for you? Is there anything else that will be helpful for a smooth move for you? All of these things can add up when you receive the quote. Just make sure to notice them when reading the quote itself.

When should I start getting moving quotes? After you have picked reliable and trustworthy movers

Before asking for moving quotes, it’s important to find reliable and trustworthy moving companies. Only a truly professional moving company can give you a precise, real, and fair moving quote. For that reason, our main advice will be to check out the Better Business Bureau and find the movers that will handle the whole process for you. Be aware of scamming companies as they will offer you a moving quote that is too good to be true. Have in mind to only choose quotes from companies that you can trust.

Mover in front of a moving van
Choose the right movers to help you out

It’s important that you find out the best way to move. For that reason, it’s important to find the right moving company. With our advice on the question – When should I start getting moving quotes? – you won’t have a problem with your relocation. With a reliable moving company, you will quickly get a precise estimate for your relocation. Of course, with more quotes, the better and more affordable your relocation will be. For that reason, make sure to get as many as you can and as soon as you can.

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