What your local movers shouldn’t do when relocating you

When you hire a moving company, you expect to get the services that you have paid for. However, there are just things local movers shouldn’t do. In this article, you can read the guide on how to avoid or deal with the things that are not supposed to be done by your movers. And if you are ready, make sure you fight for your rights. But, everything starts with finding the right help. Once you think you have found it, make sure you ask everything that interests you. Do not be shy and do not think that some question you have is stupid. Help is there to give you a hand with everything. If the company is reliable, they will understand your concerns. And if this is not enough, make sure that you read this simple Master Moving Guide that will help you prepare for stuff your movers shouldn’t do.

How to find a reliable moving company?

We are sure that you have read thousand and thousand of tips on how to choose the right moving company. But it is so simple. There are three things that everyone hiring a moving company should know and look for. 

  • Look for references. If the company is good and reliable, it will have some of the most exceptional references and reviews. It is so simple to look for it. Just try to google packers and movers near me and you will see how many good and reliable companies with professionals you can find.
  • If these references do not find you trustable, make sure that you ask for insurance. This will give you a chance to ensure your items and belongings during the move. But be careful. You must read every single letter on the contract that you are signing. Some fraudulent moving companies like to put in very small letters at the end of the page some stuff that is not good for you. Such as that they are not responsible for your items at any moment.
  • The license of the company will show you if the chosen company is real and reliable. Fraudulent companies can not offer you see the license.
  • Do not sign any blank page. It is the MO of the fraudulent companies.
one person giving money to another as one of the things local movers shouldn't do
Pay attention to the contract you are about to sign.

What your local movers shouldn’t do

One of the most important things to remember is that when you sign the contract with the moving company, the deal is closed. It means that both sides will respect their part. This comes very importantly when movers show up. One of the most important things movers shouldn’t do is ask for more money during the relocation. If you have signed the contract, the deal and the moving budget are written on paper, asking for more money is wrong. So do not be fooled by movers if they ask for an additional paycheck. You must have everything written so if something like this happens, you are protected and secured. But as we said, all of this you can avoid by choosing the right help. It might take longer to find the most reliable moving company, but once you do, there is nothing to worry about.

They shouldn’t work slowly on purpose

A lot of unreliable movers will be trying to buy some time by doing their job slowly. Every local moving company and short-distance movers are getting paid by the hour. So, if the mover is doing his job slowly, it means that he is trying to earn more money. When you think about it every reliable and good mover will not do this. And there is only one reason for it. The reliable movers have a schedule that they need to track. So there is no time to work slowly and o buy more time at one customer’s house.

One of the things that can show you that they are working too slow is that they have a lot of breaks. Someone will be on the phone too much, organizing another job. It will be a waste if you have followed some of the greatest last minute moving tips and packed and prepared for the relocation and no one cares or tries to relocate you smoothly.

white clock
Some movers will work slowly on purpose


How to react when you see things movers shouldn’t do?

Of course that you will react. You are not just going to sit back and watch your hard earn money go to waste. Even if you have decided to move at the last minute, you should deal with these problems. And here is how you should do it:

  1. Stay calm. As hard as it seems, you should not overreact and be unpleasant. So, I’ve your best to stay calm and not panic or yell. Do not make a scene.
  2. Speak with the man in charge. Every company has someone who is n charge when they are in the field. So, take him aside and have a calm conversation.
  3. If none of this works, make sure you call the company and tell them everything that bothers you and the things movers shouldn’t do but they are.
  4. Leave a negative review. This will be seen on their website and you will help someone else avoid it by commenting on the truth.

We hope that none of this will happen and that this guide will help you go through these problems easily.

two men shaking hands
Choose the right moving company and avoid all the things local movers shouldn’t do.


There are things local movers shouldn’t do when relocating you. And how when you know what are those things, you can prepare yourself for the relocation and the moving day. Stay calm and try to deal with and solve any problem that you come across with the movers. It is crucial that you are the one that is calm. And you can be once you read and be careful what you sign. read every document and small letter. And you will be relocated without additional stress.

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