What to pack when moving cross-country

Moving is definitely a big step in your life. But when we talk about cross country moving, we can freely say that this type of relocation can really be a big challenge, which will require you to pack your whole home and move to a new address. But when it comes to packing, have you ever wondered what to pack when moving cross-country. It’s a matter that can depend on many factors. So, sometimes it can pay to pack and relocate your entire home, and sometimes just moving services can cost you as much as new furniture. In the Master Moving Guide database, you can find some useful advice when it comes to packing for cross-country moving. And let’s see what we are prepared for you!

Cross-country moving

For a start, we will introduce you to all the secrets of cross country moving. Have you ever wondered why this process is one of the most complicated? Sometimes the answer may be due to the great distance. Sometimes distance is the main factor that affects the duration of the process of your move, preparation, organization, price, and packing. Today, our main topic is packing, so, we will help you to pack for your cross-country move.

magnifying glass and map
Cross country moving belongs to the group of more complicated relocation processes.

Cross country moving is moving within the US. There are various examples and types of such moving processes. Sometimes it’s a move to a neighboring state, and sometimes it’s a few states away. Now imagine moving a few states further, or for example from California to Virginia, then you will go through at least six states. And given the great distance, ask yourself if it will pay off to move your entire home. This is one of the reasons why you need to ask yourself what to pack when moving cross-country. It’s very important to be rational and to think consciously. You can find many packing hacks for moving. Use it. And don’t put yourself in a situation of dragging your bed from one side of America to the other.

What to pack when moving cross-country?

By now, you may have realized that packing your entire home won’t pay off when it comes to long distances. That is why it’s very important that you think rationally and dedicate yourself to sorting and decluttering your things. Now we will single out for you a few examples of what it’s that you can pack and move with you.

  • Personal things.
  • Bed linen, towels, clothes.
  • Children’s toys.
  • Children’s personal belongings (clothes, bottles, cosmetics, etc.)
  • Books
  • Documentation
  • Memories, souvenirs, paintings, jewelry, etc.
  • Artworks
  • Dishes
  • Expensive electrical appliances (espresso machine, computer, etc.)
  • A piece of furniture that is of great importance to you or is part of an antique.
A couple looking at family pictures
For a cross-country move, you can always pack things that have sentimental value to you, like pictures, and other memories.

This would be a list of things that would be easiest to pack and move when it comes to long distances. Of course, you can always change this list according to your possibilities and wishes. Only, there is one thing you should pay attention to and that is the prices of services. Because the more things you want to pack and move, the more it will cost you to move. So, plan your moving budget, and don’t forget the costs you need to factor into your moving budget. Also, make a list of things that you want to pack and move with you.

What to pack for a short moving distance?

In this case, you can pack everything from the previous list, but you can also pack all the furniture from your home. We have already said that distance plays a major role in this case. When it comes to short moving dances, then you can relax a little more and move more things with you. For example, you can decide that you want to have a new kitchen or living room, or bedroom in a new home. If you choose to equip your new home with new kitchen furniture, then you can move all the other furniture except the kitchen. Vice versa.

Personal things – How to pack them?

Personal belongings always imply whatever type of relocation it’s. When packing personal belongings, the most important thing is that they are separated into separate boxes so that they always have easy and simple access. You can find cheap moving boxes. Personal belongings usually include personal hygiene items, clothes, and things you use every day like cosmetics, jewelry, personal documents, phone, laptop, etc. Also, it’s very important that you pack all things separately and in an appropriate way. Because if you put everything in one box, chaos will ensue.

Mom and daughter pack their personal belongings for cross country moving
Personal belongings belong to the group what to pack when moving cross-country.

Tip plus, if you don’t plan to unpack your entire home after the move, we suggest that you pack the boxes separately with the things you will need for the first few days. If you have children, do the same with their belongings. This will make it easier for you, and prevent you from toiling around.

Packing children’s things

When it comes to packing children’s things, we don’t just mean clothes and toys. You may want to move the entire children’s room with all the beds, and other furniture in such situations will really need the help of professionals. And you can always count on interstate movers, who will take care of everything you want, pack up and move with you. Also, don’t forget to sort children’s things before packing, and pack everything according to purpose. So, that the wardrobe is specially packed, cosmetics separately, toys separately, etc.

Also, what is very important to strain when talking about what to pack when moving cross-country, is that since such relocations are usually from a great distance, it’s necessary to pack things for the trip. It’s advisable to read some moving tips and learn how to pack children’s essentials such as spare clothes, favorite toys, and food in one bag that will always be at your fingertips. And do the same with your stuff. 

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