What to pack last on moving day?

Deciding what to pack last on moving day is a very important task in planning your move properly. Moving day, in general, is a special occasion when all the planning you did comes to fruition. Or, completely falls apart if you did not put enough effort into it. Planning a move is something that takes time and requires focus due to the sheer complexity of such a process. You have to hire a good, responsible moving company, for instance. Not doing this, or, even worse, hiring a bad moving company can really turn your move into a living hell. Moving companies are there for a reason, and not taking advantage of them is, in most cases, a very bad decision.

person holding tablets
Do not forget a first-aid kit and your medicine

Besides having to consider local movers or long distance movers in case you are moving interstate, you have to deal with all sorts of papers. You have to move your medical records to your new health center as soon as possible. If you have kids, then their school records have to be moved to their new school also. Deciding which things you should let go of as you pack is another big decision. Furthermore, organizing the packing of your belongings, as that one crucial thing without which a move cannot happen, is a process that lasts and it is important that you do it in the best possible way. The order you pack your things is as important as how you are going to pack them. So, to focus on the question in hand, how and what to pack last on moving day?

You need to know what exactly do you have to plan what to pack last on moving day

When making such a plan, in the end, there is nothing better than a piece of paper and a pen. Generally, whenever you are making a plan that involves something more than 3-5 items, it is best that you put it on paper. When planning a move there are so many things that you have to take care of that it is virtually impossible to remember all of them, so writing it all down is the best way to deal with this. The same is true when preparing to pack your belongings. The most efficient way to do this is to make an inventory list. Having an inventory list is a great thing and practically a necessity for several reasons.

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Make sure that you pack your electronics extra carefully

Firstly, it will help you see what things you need and what you do not, so you will be able to save up on your moving costs by having fewer things to move. Having an inventory list also means that, if you put the weight, worth and condition of your belongings on it and the moving company’s representative approves all of it, you will have a very important document safely by your side. Why is it important? Well, if you decide to file an insurance claim, you will need it as one of the papers to submit. Finally, having a list is going to be very useful as you go about packing your things. Though we all have the same basic needs, not all of us need the exact same things.

Clothes depend on the season, but also the destination

If you are moving locally from one part of the city to another, your move will likely last for one day at the most. This means that, if you are moving during the winter, the winter clothes that you will need is easily accessible and you will not have to dig through your stashed clothes in order to get it. However, if you are moving from New York during the fall, to Florida, you will have to prepare several sets of t-shirts, shorts, and a pair of sneakers. Weather forecast also plays an important role in trying to make your move a smooth one, not just when deciding what to pack last on moving day, so you should prepare clothes for several layers that you will be able to combine according to the situation.

Extra clothes is always a good idea to pack last on moving day
Weather is an important factor when deciding what to pack last on moving day.

What personal items do you need?

This is a really important question. In modern times, it is hard, practically impossible to live without technology. Can you imagine a home without PC’s, laptops, androids and iPhones, and chargers for each of them? We all possess at least two of those. So, when planning what to pack last on moving day, do not forget about these, as you will likely need them for some reason. At least for your entertainment while the move lasts, but also, very likely, to do something concerning your job, your college, or some other form of obligations. It would be best that you used original packings for at least the bigger things, such as your PC. When preparing for a move, you will need your phone’s charger, but also your computer too, so packing them on the last day is a logical step.

You should pack a first-aid kit and some emergency medicine

These things have to be on your moving list for the simple reason of being the real, literal lifesavers. During a move, it is not unlikely that your immune system will drop at some point. When preparing a move, people’s daily routine can be seriously disrupted, so they can be in danger of health problems. It is important to have some basic things with yourself at all times. It is best to pack them in a separate “essentials” bag or a box. Cutting your hand or a leg on something during a move is not an uncommon thing. Make sure that you have some bandages nearby. Furthermore, if you or a member of your household have some medicine that they have to take every day, remember to be extremely careful with his and not forget to pack it.

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