What to pack first before moving day

Packing is an inevitable part of moving. Just like with the other tasks related to moving, you should have a strategy before you start packing your belongings. This will make your life easier in the days before the move, as you will know what is your next step. If you do not have enough time for packing, consider using reputable local movers, as they will do it in a fraction of time. When you think about what items to pack first before moving day, bear in mind that you must have the equipment for that. Prepare moving boxes, tape, moving blankets and paper and start packing the right items.

a pile of sweaters in white, brown and pink color
Before you decide on what to pack first before the moving day, dispose of the items you no longer need and reduce the moving cost.

Before packing your items, decide if you need them at all

When moving, we think that we will take everything with us. And then, we realize that we do not have to do that because some of the items are simply not functional anymore. The purpose is not to pack items that you do not need, and you will be able to cut down on overall moving expenses. Go through your belongings, check out every room in your house. Decide whether you will move a certain item or not. Always carry a bag with you to dispose of old clothes, documents, items that you do not need, appliances that do not work, etc. Think about donating items that you no longer need, or selling them online.  You should focus on other things to pack first before moving day.

What items should you pack first before moving day?

The answer to this is straightforward, pack all that you do not need on an everyday basis. Never pack the items you frequently use first. Leave them until the very last day. On the other hand, we will not mention what to pack first before moving day.


Books are extraordinary, but we will not have time for reading once we are in the process of moving. Pack all of your books in moving boxes and label them correctly. Books can be quite heavy, so make sure that you do not pack the box all the way to the top. After all, bear in mind that there are downsides of using cheap packing materials, and note that boxes are on the top of the list.


Pick out your favorite jewelry that you will be wearing in the days to come and pack the rest of them. We suggest packing them first before the moving day, as later in the process jewelry can be lost. Do not forget to buy insurance for your items, if you have valuable jewelry. Make an inventory list of the items that you have so that you can compare them when you unpack in your new house.

artwork is something you should pack first before moving day - two paintings on the wall, a table, an open book and a cup
Pack your artwork first, and do it with special care in order to avoid any damage.

Artwork and antique items

Are you a fan of artworks? Or you just had a lot of gifts that were paintings and sculptures. Whatever the case may be, artworks are delicate and they are not used on an everyday basis. Be careful when packing the paintings or interesting vases and other pieces of art. You can also pack all the frameworks with photos of you and your family. Storing antiques long-term requires a bit of preparation and time, so it is great to pack them first.

Seasonal clothes

Among the first things, you should pack first before moving day are clothes and shoes. If you are moving in the summer, pack all of your winter clothes and boots at the beginning. You can use your bags and suitcases instead of moving boxes for these. Furthermore, packing clothes and shoes is relatively easy and it goes fast. So you will be satisfied in the end with the amount of packing finished.

China and glassware

China and glassware are great things to pack first before moving day. They require special attention, as they are fragile and therefore can easily be broken. You should definitely pack china and glassware in the beginning, while you are still rested and enthusiastic for packing. Follow the useful tips on how to pack dishes for a move, and you will thank us later.

Pack room by room

Another excellent idea is to go room by room and pack all the items as you see them. Of course, the idea is the same, pack first the items that you will not need until you have moved. Start here:

  • Garage – Go into your garage, and pack all the items related to your car, and gardening tools if you have any. You will not be using these items a lot in the next period, so you can pack it early in the process.
  • Guest rooms – We assume that you will not be using this room. take all the extra linen and towels from here, and pack them entirely.
  • Basement and attic – Here you will see just how many items you own, and you will have plenty of time to decide whether you want to move a certain item or throw it away.
a three-story house painted in white
Pack your garage, attic, and basement first before the moving day, as this is the best way to pack.

If you need to move fast, hire professionals

When we have time, we can be thorough and go step by step. But if you need to move out really fast, we recommend that you hire professionals. They have years and years of experience in packing, and they will do the job in less than a day. No matter whether you are moving a one-bedroom apartment or a five-story house they will be able to do it fast without damaging your items. They also know what to pack first before moving day, so your items will be handled in a proper way. Good luck!

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