What to do with pets on moving day prior to long distance relocation

Every relocation is very unique and still full of many tasks that are waiting for you. Some of those tasks aren’t easy to solve, and this is particularly true if you decided on a long distance relocation. So the first good decision you have to make is to find experienced long-distance movers who will help you with all the difficulties. Things tend to be even harder if you have pets that you have to take care of during this challenging period. And you may wonder what to do with pets on moving days prior to long distance relocation. We are here to help you with some ideas on that.

Don’t panic, you’ll be able to solve every problem that occurs

The most important thing is to stay calm during this period. We get that this can come as a challenge. Many unexpected things can happen and also, some big emotions can lift up. Even if you have to handle last minute relocation, and a long-distance one – it is still manageable. Just think that you are for sure not the first person who has to handle that.

cats on moving day
We are here to give you some ideas on what to do with pets on relocation days prior to long distance relocation.

Moving is such a perfect time to ask for help. Like really, don’t hesitate on that. Call professionals and call your friends. Especially, those who have some moving experience already. On top of that, read all the tips you can find. You may be interested in finding out which packing hacks for moving can make your life easier. And this article is just the one which can offer you some useful things, like what to do with pet prior to long distance relocation.

So, let’s go through some ideas on what to do with pets on moving day prior to long distance relocation

It is quite logical to think that a long-distance relocation will cost a lot. And you have to set aside some money for your moving budget, but there is a possibility to find cheap movers, but pay attention that they could be amateurs. And that you want to avoid. You can even ask them for some tips on what to do with your pets when relocating.

Like in everything else, preparation is so important. With good preparation, you can achieve everything you want. You can even find some free moving boxes, let alone prepare well for your relocation with pets. The best thing you can do is to organize all the other tasks that you should do on your moving day. Prepare in advance everything that you can and put a timeline, so you know everything goes well. That will give you the needed time and energy to deal with your pets.

Visit your vet

The part of moving preparation with your pet is to go to your vet, check its medical condition. Check their vaccinations and medications and are up to date. If your pet becomes anxious when traveling, consult your vet about using car sickness medication or some anti-anxiety meds if needed. Another thing you can do is to find a new vet in your new location. In case of emergency, you would want to have their phone number and address. Ask your current vet for a recommendation. Since you are moving to another state, you should ask your local vet or agency if there is anything that you have to comply with laws or regulations.

visit to a vet
Visit your vet before moving.

Find someone to take care of your pet on a moving day

Since you will have a lot to do on a moving day, the best thing you can do is to find a person who could be in charge of your pet. That can be a family member or a friend to whom your pet is very familiar. Finding this person could be so beneficial to your pet and help them avoid unneeded stress on the day of actual moving. The person who knows your pet will make it feel safe and loved, that will calm them and it can be even a fun one.

girl with dogs
Find someone who will take care of your pet on a moving day.

Introduce your pet with a travel carrier

If your pet never traveled before, you should take some time to let them meet their travel carrier. This will take a few days or even a few weeks. Put in there their favorite treats and leave the door open for starts. That way, your pet will be able to explore it without anxiety and get used to it. Before the moving day, prepare that carrier, put some bedding in there, a small bowl of food and water, and also a favorite toy. That way your pet will be able to feel comfortable and occupied during the travel. You can even take your pet on a few drives several days prior to the moving day. That way, traveling will become familiar to them and won’t get any negative associations.

Don’t forget to pack essential supplies

As you are preparing yourself for a move, you should do the same for your pet. Buy in advance enough pet food for at least a few first days. The same as for people, it is very important to avoid dehydration and hunger during long-distance traveling. Don’t forget to prepare bowls for food and water. When you plan your travel, you know that you have to make pauses in it, so you can take your pet for a walk. Do that as often as possible. Not every pause has to be a long one. Some of them can take just a few minutes, so you can pet can stretch a little bit.

We gave you some ideas on what to do with pets on moving day prior to long distance relocation

We completely understand that you can be frightened, so we gave you some ideas on what to do with pets on moving day prior to long distance relocation. But it really doesn’t have to be that stressful. Prepare well, check the list of veterinarians and find the best one for you in your new location. Also, don’t forget to stay calm yourself – because your pet will feel your emotions.

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