What should you move first when moving state to state?

When you are preparing for relocation, there is a mix of feelings that you might have. From stress and anxiety to planning everything wonderful that awaits. And while struggling with everything there is to be done for the relocation, packing is somehow the biggest and the scariest ask for almost everyone. That is why Master Moving Guide is giving you the ultimate guide for what to move first when moving state to state. With this guide, you will be ready for relocation to another state in no time and with the minimum stress possible.

Things you should know before the move

Before you sta preparing for packing and deciding what to pack and move first, you should do one thing. And that is to make a checklist. There are two checklists that you should have. One of them is a checklist where you will have listed everything that needs to be done, from hiring the moving company to doing some chores around the house while preparing for a move.

The second one you should create a moving costs checklist, where you will have the ultimate price of the relocation. After these two checklists, you can also write down the inventory you have. This lists not the same checklist as the previous two, it will help you determine all the belongings you have and their value.

blank paper for notes for items you need to move first when moving state to state
Having a checklist will make your organization better

Why you should have a checklist when planning what to move first when moving from state to state?

The main reason you are making these lists is to stay organized. The key to a successful relocation is its organization. Therefore, take some time and make a checklist that will be easy to follow. Also, if you are moving with some member of the family or the whole family, make sure that the checklist of the tasks and chores is visible and that everyone around can participate in getting everything ready for the relocation. This way you will speed up some tasks, people will be included and, what is more important, you will not be so tired after getting everything done.

Why you should take inventory?

One of the biggest nightmare people have while relocating is that some of their staff might get damaged. This can be avoided by making the inventory. And how? Well, it is easy. List everything you have, according to the priority and quantity. If you have some fine China or some valuable pieces of art, make sure that the number of those items is written. Also, label the boxes with these items, so that the interstate movers you hired will know what is in the box. It will also help you track your items that should be moved to another state.

How to declutter before packing when deciding what to move first when moving from state to state?

This is considered to be the most stressful part of packing and moving. That is why you should get prepared for it. And most of the preparation must be mental. You need to step away and not look at your belonging subjectively. Make sure that you approach them as objectively as you can. You will realize that there is too much stuff that you are not in need of and you are not using at all.

Make sure you donate the items that you do not need and are in a good shape. For the rest of the items you have but are damaged, throw them away. This will also give you a vivid image of how many items you have to relocate and you can give the ultimate number of boxes to your long distance movers while focusing on other things.

three baskets
Divide items when you declutter

What happens if you cannot do decluttering by yourself?

If you have trouble being objective, call over some friends and make sure they bring the hard decisions. This way you will enjoy some time talking and laughing, and the decluttering process will be faster and less stressful.

The other great thing about knowing exactly how much stuff you have is that you will be able to ask for a moving estimate. You will have the exact price for your relocation and you can start preparing your budget for this move. Keep in mind that moving to another state is much more expensive than relocating locally. The distance that the movers must cross will be the most expensive thing on your list.

What should you move first when moving from state to state?

Being in a struggle with whether you should pack the essentials first or the items you do not need at the moment of the relocation is the number one problem people moving from state to state are dealing with. There are tons of factors that will help you determine which is better, but it is all individual. No one has the same relocation experience and if you ask anyone with experience, they will tell you the things they would have changed. Starting with some of the best packing tips you can get to whether you should move before your items or after they have arrived. When finding a moving company, you need to ask a few questions.

  1. Will you be able to relocate my stuff by the road in the time we have agreed?
  2. How long will items travel from his old home to another one?
  3. Which items am I allowed to transport by myself?

These are the common questions people forget to ask the moving companies before they start preparing for a move. The main thing people worry is about what are the main expenses of relocation, not knowing that these questions will also be included in the answers.

question marks
What to move first when moving from state to state depends on the person and how far are they moving

The first thing you should move is your out-of-season clothes

The main reason why this is supposed to be moved first is that you are not in need of them and it is easy to pack them. You do not have to deal with decluttering too much. Plus, you do not know what kind of season is awaiting you in the new state. These clothes you might not use for more than a few months and therefore, there is no reason not to move them the moment you decide to relocate. The one thing you will have to do it so sort them into some piles and label them the best you can.

This way, even if you get after your boxes do, you will know what is in the certain box. You can even explore the possibility of renting storage. There are tons of storage tips you can hear, but this is something you should explore in case you need it.

Note to yourself

If there is anything you are sure will not fit you, once again, try to donate. The clothes must be in good shape and usable. It is the most human and the best way to get rid of clothes.

Items that are valuable but you are not in need of them on a daily level, move them first

If you have some rare China plates or some fine art collections that need some special type or transporting, you should focus on that. You will be able to pack the rest of your items with some of the best packing tips you can find. But when it comes to valuable items, you will need time and money to transport them. And you should also find the right moving company that has the right and good insurance. Usually, reliable companies have great types of insurance for valuable items and for those not so valuable.

stack of plates
Plates need special approach when moving

Therefore, pack everything that might get broken or damaged during the relocation and during the preparation for the move. You will be in a hurry, there will be a lot of items that will need to be removed from certain rooms. Having a chance to destroy some fine piece of art is something you should avoid. Plus, there are some companies that will transport your valuable items longer than they should be. They are doing this so they can choose the best type of transportation, and the best road. Most importantly, they drive gently so nothing will get destroyed.

Extra stuff that you have you should move first when moving from state to state

If you have some extra stuff pack them and relocate them. These items are usually in the guest room. You will not have any guests during this process so you will not be in need of this stuff. Plus, you will have extra space and room for all the boxes you will remove later. This way you are packing some items and transporting them while getting enough place to keep your essentials until the moving day.

guest room with items you need to move first when moving state to state
One of the things you should move first when moving from state to state are the extra items from the guest room

Books, books, books!

Among the items, you should move first when moving from state to state are the books. You will probably not have enough time to read or enough energy to deal with some novels. That is why you should pack them and get them transported. There is only one thing you must know when packing a book. If there is some valuable book or collection, make sure it is with the valuable items. It will not be mixed and you will not forget about them when unpacking. You should also be very careful about how many books you put in boxes and what kind of boxes you are using. Try to get as firm boxes as you can. And do not overload the boxes. It will destroy your books.

You can leave one or two books about the relocation. If you are going state to state and you are traveling by plane, make sure you find yourself some entertainment. In case it is a long flight, make sure you have a book in your essentials bag so you can read it while flying. It can also is a book about the city you are moving to. If you are moving out of state for the first time, having something to explore about your new city is a great way to adjust to change.

Pack sentimental items too

There are numerous reasons why you ned to pack and ship these items before you. To start, it will make you deal with the relocation easier. If you take out of your sight the items that make you happy about your current home, you will be more focused on your sadness. And on dealing with the emotions. Some statistics have shown that if the person gets into a new home with these items already inside, they are most likely to deal with sadness faster and in a better way. The second thing you must think of is that these items will only distract you. You will be focusing on what beautiful things have happened in your current town. It will make you forget to focus on the beautiful things that are waiting for you. Moving is as much stress as you make it.

sentimental items in box ready for you to move first when moving from state to state
Pack the sentimental items among the first ones in order to deal with the relocation better

Speaking of things you move first when moving out of state we can’t but mention that you need to be careful with your essentials bag. And it will be easier to pack it if everything else you find important is already ready for transportation. Therefore, do not think that packing and shipping everything valuable and sentimental will slow your relocation down. On the opposite, it will speed it up and you will focus on what awaits.

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