What items will movers not move?

When people move they often decide that doing everything alone is not their cup of tea. So in many cases, they decide to hire a mover. Moving companies offer a wide variety of services that can help people move. Hiring an experienced and professional team will surely make your moving days a lot easier. But sometimes people get confused when they find out that even then there are some items moving companies will refuse to move. What items will movers not move, and what can you do with them?

Why do movers refuse to move some items?

Usually, when people contact a company in order to get moving quotes, they will make an appointment with a company employee. That employee will be the one coming over in order to inspect your items and, based on that, calculate the estimate. When checking your home movers will ask many questions about the items that are being moved. This is a point where many people discover there are some items the moving company will refuse to move. So when asking what items will movers not transport, you should first ask why.

A woman holding a gun with stops signs around her hand
Some items like guns are quite obviously on the list of items a moving company will refuse to move.

Moving is a hard and sometimes risky job. After all, the company is in charge of many items that are already fragile and important. In the boxes they carry, you have practically packed your whole life. So it’s a natural thing that moving companies won’t let anything that will affect the move and its safety be carried inside the truck. As a result, they will refuse to move and pack specific items. So what items moving companies won’t move?

  • Hazardous items
  • Items prone to going bad
  • Valuable items 
  • Pets

Hazardous items

There will be some items every company will not let aboard their trucks. As we make a moving costs checklist before moving the company makes a checklist of banned items. Don’t think that your movers are being rude or that their list is overreacting.  They are not only looking out for themselves but for you as well! Many of these things are more dangerous for your items than for the movers themselves. So what items are hazardous items even moving professionals won’t handle?

  • Gasoline
  • Oxygen containers
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • Firearms
  • Nail polish and nail polish remover
  • Paints
  • Paint thinners
  • Fireworks
A woman painting her nails and wondering what items will movers not move
Some items are not as obvious as others. But all of them have reasons for being banned.

For example, if you want to pack your nail polish and the remover in one box and move it, they will likely refuse. To be more precise both products are highly flammable. Exposure to an open flame can be a disaster. But that’s not all, sometimes it can be influenced purely by heat! And is that something you want to be stored inside of a huge metal truck moving under the sun? Although there are chances that you can move them yourself, Master Moving Guide still doesn’t suggest it. Our best advice is to throw it away and buy new ones after moving.

Items prone to going bad

When it comes to food, moving companies will handle canned goods, boxed goods, dried fruits, spices, and oils. They are all welcomed aboard the trucks. But on the other hand, say goodbye to any food contained in glass containers, opened products, normal vegetables and fruit, and meat. No mover is going to risk moving products that can rot and make the process so much more complicated.

Also, one of the items your moving companies might refuse to move is your plants. You probably don’t see why plants are on some black lists but it’s actually quite simple. Many states prohibit the transfer of plants in and out of state without any prior checks. This prevents the spread of unwanted desires, pests, and insects that may affect other plants located in the state. Although not all states have this rule and it can be checked just by contacting a state Plant Regulatory Official.

colorful spices
When talking about what items will movers not move, food is one of them. But there are some exceptions

Valuable items 

Many moving companies won’t move valuable items. Although not all companies have this policy we still recommend that either way you keep all of your valuable, sentimental, and expensive items next to you just in case. When moving many accidents can happen and many moving companies don’t want to be responsible for items with a big value or something sentimental. Although insurance exists sometimes it is not enough. Also, it is a lot safer to just move those things yourself. Not only for them but for your peace of mind too. Moving them won’t take a lot of time and space, and it will be better for both you and the movers.


This is the one thing that should be obvious from the very beginning. As most people already know, at times there are still exceptions. When asking people what items will moving companies not move, many are “shocked” to realize that pets are included on the list. Even though they are not items and are in fact living beings there were cases where people demanded that they should be moved in the back of the truck. Let us make this clear, the trucks have neither climate control (although this can be found if asked specially for it), room, nor the safety measures needed to carry your pets. Your pets are your own responsibility.

Check with your moving company about this before the move

Still, wondering what items will movers not move? We hope this article helped you a bit. Still, make sure that you talk to your movers before you schedule a move. Different moving companies have different rules. So, you might find that your movers are willing to handle some of the items you found on this list or that they don’t want to handle some items that other movers will.

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