What is the average long distance moving cost in 2022

Long distance moves are an investment. You need to prepare yourself and your budget for this type of relocation. Regarding moving long distances in 2022, there are certain costs, fees, and rules about moving that you should know before hiring the right movers. Master Moving Guide is here to break it down and tell you about the average long distance moving cost in 2022.

Should you hire a moving company for your long distance move?

Many people think that doing the move themselves will save them money. In some cases, this can be true, but overall, it’s very useful and beneficial for you to hire professional movers. With reliable long-distance movers, you will save a lot of time and money. You will also have the opportunity to take care of other move-related tasks while skilled movers pack and move your items.

Couple packing boxes
Hiring professional movers will make the move easier for you

What are some of the factors that affect the average long distance moving cost in 2022

The average long distance moving cost in 2022 depends on a few different factors. However, different from moving across town, long-distance moves are more pricy. Not all long distance moves will have the same cost, but here are a few things that will affect what you spend on your move.

The size of your home

How much stuff you decide to move will play a big role in what you spend. The bigger the home, the more stuff and the more cost. That’s why, if you want to save on your move, you should make sure to get rid of all items you don’t need or no longer want. For example. if you’re moving a studio, you can expect to spend $282 – $891. However, if you’re moving a 5 Bedroom+ house, you can expect to spend even over 7-10 thousand dollars. More stuff also means more movers needed and this adds to the cost. That’s why speaking to a moving company and giving them all the details is very important and each move is individual and personalized.

The distance

It’s a long distance move, so we already know it is not close. However, some states are further than others, so this also plays a role. The further you go, the higher the cost becomes. Further destinations require more driving, so this increases the price as well.

New York on the map
How far you’re moving will affect the cost.

Accessibility is another factor affecting the average long distance moving cost in 2022

It’s very important how accessible your property is as well as the road to it. If your home is really hard to get to, this can affect the cost. A shuttle fee or extra labor costs could be added if your door is far from the moving truck. This is because any stairs, elevators, or country roads can take more time and effort to manage. Make sure you are aware of all this and that you don’t make any of the common interstate moving mistakes.

The date you booked for your move is very important

This can affect the cost big time. Depending on when you’re moving, you could be paying more or less. Moving during the season peak, which is usually during the first months of summer, means you will be paying more. This is because movers are overbooked and busy. However, if you decide to move during the winter or holiday season, you can expect to pay much less and even be offered a discount. This is not only true for the time of the year. The time of the week also plays a role. For example, moving during the weekend typically costs more than moving on a weekday. This is because of the increased demand during the weekend since people are not working and want to do it on Saturday and Sunday usually.

Additional services

If you are requesting additional services, such as full-value protection insurance, storage, etc, you will be paying more. Some of the services that are being added to their move are shuttle services, international or out-of-state fees, cancellation or change fees, packing services, etc. If you are not sure if the packing services are worth paying for, make sure you check what kind of supplies the moving company is using.

Woman counting money for the Average Long Distance Moving Cost in 2022
The average long distance moving cost in 2022 will depend on the services added to the move.

What are the ways to save on the average long distance moving cost in 2022

Even though the average long distance moving cost in 2022 is not always low, there are ways to reduce it and save on your relocation. We will go over some useful tricks for doing this. Make sure you pick the ones that work for you!

Get rid of unwanted items and downsize

The amount of stuff you’re moving and its weight will affect the average long distance moving cost in 2022. This is why it’s beneficial to declutter. You can donate, give away or trash any items you no longer want or need. Especially if they are taking up too much space or are too heavy. This will reduce the cost of your move and you will also get a chance to help someone or make extra money by organizing a yard sale or something similar.

Move off-season if you have the chance

As we already mentioned, moving off-season means you will be paying less. This is probably the best way to cut the cost of your long distance move. The prices become lower during the off-seasons and the schedule is more flexible. You might get to pick your own date and plan according to your responsibilities. There are a lot of useful tips for off-season moves in the US that you probably never considered. This is an option that can save you money and time.

Check if your employee can exchange vacation time for moving expenses

This is something that you might have not thought about, but it is worth a try. Your employee might be willing to help you out and exchange your vacation time for moving expenses. Some employees do offer this option and it can come in clutch more than you know. A few days of “extra work” can be a big contribution to your budget for this move.

Two women talking at work
Talk to your employer about exchanging your vacation time for moving expenses

There are other ways to save on your long distance move. These are some of the most common tricks, but you can find more and choose the one that fits your relocation best.

How to get an estimated average long distance moving cost in 2022?

It’s essential that you have an idea (if not the exact amount) of how much you will spend on your long -distance move. It’s good to talk to different movers and discover the best options. However, don’t just go for the cheapest movers because this can end up causing more trouble than help. We will talk more about this in the text. Going back to comparing moving quotes, this is something to do before hiring a moving company. It’s important to know what’s included in the price and what quality of service you will get.

Getting a binding estimate

The best thing to do when negotiating with a moving company is to get a binding estimate. There are a few different estimate options, but we always recommend this one. If you’re wondering what is a binding estimate, you are about to find out. Here are the three most used types of estimates:

  1. Rough estimate – This is the basic estimated price. For this estimate, movers will most likely just ask about the location you’re moving from and the location you’re moving to. This is not the most reliable price as many factors can change it and you can end up paying a very different price than what your rough estimate was.
  2. Non-binding estimate – Even though this estimate is a bit more accurate than the rough estimate and requires more information, it is non-binding, which means that it can also change. It is just a reference price that can end up being higher or lower.
  3. Binding estimate – This is the most accurate price and it won’t be changing. Once you have agreed on a binding estimate, you don’t have to worry about additional fees or extra expenses that were not discussed. Much more information will need to be provided in order to determine this price, but at least you will know what you can plan on spending.


Moving company and customer calculating the Average Long Distance Moving Cost in 2022
Make sure you calculate the average long distance moving cost in 2022 and get a binding estimate

You should shop around until you find the best binding estimate and the most reliable, reputable, and trustworthy moving company. It’s very important to hire a professional moving company because bad and inexperienced movers can damage your items and property. These kinds of movers can also make the move longer than it should be and be sketchy with their prices. If you are talking to a moving company and they are not giving you precise and honest information, it’s an indication that their movers and services might not be on a professional level.

What details go into determining a binding estimate?

There are a few important factors that movers need to know and tell you before they can give you any sort of estimate. But, to have a correct binding estimate, you will have to provide and receive this information:

  • Your home inventory list
  • The desired date of your move
  • The number of movers and trucks
  • Insurance details
  • Policies and cancellation

You should also be given payment instructions and be informed about any additional costs and fees that you can expect. The good thing with a binding estimate, though, is that it hardly ever changes. You will know what to expect and you can stick to it. If you’re moving from coast to coast, make sure you get familiar with the coast to coast moving price and what goes into it.

Can you negotiate the average long distance moving cost in 2022 with your movers?

It is possible to negotiate different prices with your movers. Make sure you present all the details of your move, you can also mention the budget and see what they can advise you. There is always a chance that the moving company you are negotiating with can offer you some discounts or options to lower your estimate. However, remember that it’s not all about the price. Make sure you check the company’s feedback, reviews, how many long distance moves they’ve done, and how far did they go. All of this helps you pick the best movers. Make sure they explain everything to you and make you aware of what goes into this move and its price.

Woman tsalking to her movers about the Average Long Distance Moving Cost in 2022
Discuss the average long distance moving cost in 2022 with your movers

How do you benefit from hiring professional movers for your long distance move?

Once you’ve researched and chosen what moving company you want to hire, the rest is easy. A team of professionals will handle everything for you. How do you benefit from this? Some of the biggest reasons are: having more time to say bye to friends and family or handle other move-related tasks, you don’t have to worry about your items’ safety, your property with be handled with care and you will be ready to settle in quickly. Also, with a binding estimate, you are ready to start saving up and you will know exactly how much you need to save.

You should also consider getting moving insurance, just to be extra secure about your items and money. So, to conclude, the average long distance moving cost in 2022 depends on a few different factors and the most important ones are the size of your home and the amount of stuff you’re moving, the season you’re moving during, the time of the week can also affect the cost, as well as the additional services. If you want to get transparent, explained free estimate, get in touch with Master Moving Guide, and let us match you with a moving company that will provide you with all the services mentioned.

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