What happens if you don’t pay interstate movers?

One of the things you should know before you start the moving process is that moving can be a very expensive experience. Therefore, you shouldn’t enter this job unprepared, without strong financial support. Or, in other words, without a well-planned budget. Because if you get stuck, you can very easily find yourself in unpleasant situations, but also in big problems. Have you thought about what happens if you don’t pay interstate movers? Today, Master Moving Guide will talk about it. We will introduce you to all the problems and situations that may arise if you try to avoid paying your moving company. But at the same time, we will reveal several useful tips so you don’t fall into this situation.

Be informed about all costs and avoid problems and unpleasant situations

We said that moving can be expensive. Especially when it comes to long distance relocations. An interstate move can cost up to $10,000. But, in some situations, that price can be even higher. The price depends on the details like the type of services you use, distance, number of items that need to be moved, moving period, etc. But you will know the price of your move if you request free moving quotes. One of the main things in every move is budget planning. If you aren’t sure that your budget can cover all the expenses, postpone the move until later. This way, you will avoid all the problems and unpleasant situations that you may get into if you are unable to pay your moving company.

Signing the contract with interstate movers
If you aren’t sure about your budget, postpone signing the contract with your moving company

Ask for a moving quote to find out the most important details about your move

Moving quotes will give you more details about your move. When requesting a moving quote, make sure that the moving company offers you a binding moving estimate. Now you must be wondering, what is a binding estimate? A binding estimate will give you the exact price of your move, which can’t be increased or decreased at the end of the moving process. This is one of the best solutions. And you will know exactly how much money you will need for your move. Based on the estimate, you will be able to plan your budget and other expenses.

What happens if you don’t pay interstate movers?

If you are unable to pay your interstate movers, you will get nothing but headaches. In such situations, you can lose the trust of the moving company, but also your belongings. In addition, you may find yourself in very unpleasant situations and problems. This matter isn’t simple at all and will cause you a lot of inconvenience with your interstate movers and stress. So, it would be best to avoid this in time. But let’s say you didn’t succeed, and suddenly your bank account was blocked and you weren’t ready to pay off your debt, what will happen then?

Your belongings will be confiscated until you pay off the debt

Every moving company has the right to temporarily confiscate your belongings if you don’t pay your expenses. This thing is certainly stated in the contract you signed, so you have no right to appeal this. Therefore, it’s very important that you read the contract carefully before signing and that you understand each clause. So, the moving company will store your things and keep them until you pay off your debt. And for that, they will give you a specific deadline. Most often, it’s 15 days from the payment due date. If you don’t pay your debt within 15 days, your items will still remain in storage and you will be sent a reminder before the charge.

Girl thinking about what happens if don't pay interstate movers
Situations that happen if you don’t pay interstate movers can cause you a lot of headaches and problems.

Also, in this case, the moving company will charge you an additional cost for storage. But, you can always avoid this situation by announcing the late payment to your moving company, explaining the whole situation and asking them to extend the deadline. This may allow you to avoid the additional costs of forced collection.

Lawsuit and account blocking

If you aren’t happy with the service, you have the right to appeal. If you think you have been scammed, you also have the right to complain and report the company to the authorities. Also, you can always find out how to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. But regardless, you have no right not to pay for moving services. The moving company can’t only retain your belongings, but if you don’t pay your debt within the agreed time, it can also sue you. After that, forced collection and blocking of your accounts occur. This is a situation you should definitely avoid. Because it can create a lot of costs for you, including interest, as well as court fees. So, consider canceling the move if you realize you don’t have enough money.

Can interstate movers sell your stuff if you don’t pay them?

Yes and no. What happens if you don’t pay interstate movers? They can keep your belongings until you pay them 100% of the total moving costs. If the company sues you, and you prove that you were defrauded, you will get your items back without any compensation. Also, if you aren’t happy with the service, you will pay about 60% of the total price and get your items. But, if the law is on the side of the moving company and you are unable to pay your expenses, the court may allow the moving company to keep your belongings or sell them and recover the expenses. But in that case, you will have to pay all other additional costs.

An interstate mover in front of a truck
What happens if you don’t pay interstate movers – Lots of headaches, problems, and unpleasant situations!

Movers have the right to sell your belongings for sale when the court allows them to do so. But if you don’t go this way, they only can hold them until you pay. What we advise you in such situations is to do your best to avoid this. Make arrangements with your interstate movers and ask for an extension. We believe that every moving company will meet you. And also, it would be ideal to inform yourself about your rights and responsibilities when you move.

Try to avoid all unpleasant situations and make it easy for yourself!

Now that you are familiar with what happens if you don’t pay interstate movers, you will definitely want to avoid this. That’s why we advise you to think carefully about everything before entering this process. Plan your budget and make sure you can finance your interstate move. If you aren’t sure, cancelation is always a better option than all the situations and problems you can get into.

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