What can you expect from your storage service?

Moving is exciting, but at the same time, it is a stressful, difficult and time-consuming process. The best way to make your relocation easier is to hire a professional moving service that will do most of the job. Still, there is another way to make this process easier – by using the storage service. Most reputable moving companies will offer you this option, and you should really consider taking it. Secure storage will make your relocation more organized, and in some cases, it’s a real money saver.

Moving and storage service – the basic things you have to consider

When you are moving there is a lot of things to think about. These are the steps that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Make a budget plan – How much money you will spend on the relocation depends on your available moving budget.
    Small things are easy to oversee, and they can add up to a significant amount. That is why creating a budget plan is a first and most important task.
  • Find a professional moving company – If you are moving locally, you maybe can manage to move on your own. However, if you are relocating to a different state, you will need to hire professional movers. The key is to find the most reliable company on the market. Do the online search, ask for references, read comments on their website. Most importantly is to make sure that the moving company is legal, licensed and insured.
  • See if you need a storage unit – Most of the time, storage services are the necessity. Especially if you have to leave your home before the actual moving, or your moving is scheduled before your new home is available. Or maybe if you have belongings that you can’t bring and you don’t want to get rid of.
  • Storage service – If the mentioned situations above are what you are facing, then you need to rent a storage unite. Ask your movers about it. Most of the moving companies provide storage service as one of their additional services. It is much better to use their services than to rent a storage unit on your own. Reliable and reputable moving company will make your stuff stored safe and sound.

Decide what items will you store

Once you decided that you do need storage services, you need to figure out what exactly you’ll need to store. Based on the belongings that you are storing, you will know what size of the storage unit do you need, and does it need to be a climate-controlled.

This is a common thing to overlook. Be careful, there are many things that can be ruined by the high heat, extreme cold or drastic changes in humidity.
Those conditions can make your wooden furniture to split, wrap or twist under.  Books can become moldy. Memories saved on the photos can fade away as the paper and ink deteriorate. If you are storing some of this stuff, you will need a climate-controlled storage. If you are not sure how will the weather condition affect your storage belongings, ask your movers. A good moving and storage service will provide you with all the information about storing your things.

storage unit
Belongings that you want to store will determine the size of the storage that will need

How long will you need storage service

When using the storage service, it’s important to determine will you need a storage for a little while or for the long-term. That will affect your budget. The company that conducts your storage services may offer different rates depending on how long you will be renting a storage. That is why it is crucial to know how long are you planning to keep your belongings in the storage.

Storage costs

Costs of the storage service can vary among the moving and storage companies. Be aware of the offers with significantly lower prices. They are usually too good to be true, and you can become a victim of the moving scam.

Other things to be careful about are the monthly rates. Some companies offer a promotional price for the first couple of months. When that time expires, you can be stuck with a much higher bill for a storage unit. That’s why you should carefully read everything, especially the fine print.
Companies that have fixed rates are the way to go.

signing the contract
Don’t sign any contract before you are sure that every condition that you have agreed to is in it, and that there are no additional costs.

Accessibility and safety of the storage unit

An aspect that you have to take into consideration is how easy can you access to your stuff. What are the company working hours, and are they convenient for you? If you can access your storage unit 24/7, how secure are your stuff? What security systems are the company using? These are all the questions that you have to think about when using storage services.

The main goal is to keep your things safe from the intruders, so be sure that company has a technological security of the storage, as well as the security officer. Some storages only have one of the security measurements, so choose wisely. Especially if you are storing valuable belongings.

security cameras
Storage that has security cameras is always a good choice.

Insurance plan

Your own independent storage unit insurance is something that good company that provides storage services should offer you. If they don’t, you should reconsider doing business with them. When the company doesn’t want to be responsible for the safety of your belongings than you should be a little suspicious.

If you still decide to use the storage services with this type of company, be sure to contact the insurance company and make a policy that covers your belongings.

When moving antique furniture that you want to store, you have to have the insurance policy on those belongings. That way, if somebody steals or damage your antiques while they are in the storage, you will get the appraised amount from the insurance company.

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