What are the most stressful parts of moving?

What are the most stressful parts of moving? Well, in a way, everyone might tell you a different answer. No two relocations are exactly the same, therefore you can expect everyone to have a little bit of a different opinion. However, what most people agree on is that moving is undeniably stressful. By some estimations, moving is one of the most stressful periods of anyone life, others including weddings, exams, etc. Therefore, it is not a small matter at all, and it is very understandable that you are feeling the stress coming in. Relocations are a complicated process with a lot of moving parts that require your constant attention for weeks! In order for you to be best prepared, we will try and focus on the most frequent sources of stress in relocations. Here we go.

The planning can be exhausting

Moving, and especially the kind of moving that requires the professional services of long-distance movers from all around the country, requires a lot of planning. This is because moving is a pretty complex process that has a lot going on at the same time. Therefore, you will want to make sure that you can juggle all the responsibilities you have without crumbling under them. How to do that?

a man holding his head
Planning can be troubling

Well, first of, start on time. Hopefully, you are not moving without any announcement. Under these circumstances, you should start planning 8 to 10 weeks before the move. That will leave you with plenty of time to figure out issues as they appear without time pressing in on you. However, if you are moving last minute and need a plan quickly, you will have to cut some corners. Remember the most important articles on the list:

  • Choosing a mover – One of the most stressful parts of moving can definitely be the part where you choose the mover, so make sure you take care of that early.
  • Setting up a budget – Anything involving you losing a significant sum of money is rather obviously stressful.
  • Preparing for packing – There will be a lot of packing to be done. The sooner you start, the sooner you are done!

The expenses can rack up!

Moving is many things, but it is definitely, undeniably, not cheap. If you want to know how to prepare for movers, preparing of a moving budget is definitely a big part of it. Actually, money, in general, is one of the most frequent causes of relocation-related stress in those who report it. This is rather easy to understand. Nobody wants to lose a lot of money. There is no much we can do to console you here. However, we can help you manage your budget.

First and foremost, when planning a budget, make sure you plan for the worst-case scenario. That way you will avoid overthinking and nasty surprises. Be sure to calculate the minimal value. Any changes that occur later will only be positive! Furthermore, you should ask for a moving estimate from your mover in order to get the projected price of the move. There are their types of these. They can either be binding, nonbinding or binding not to exceed.

The first one is the least stressful, as it provides you with the exact number that you can expect. Binding not to exceed is pretty self-explanatory, with the highest value the move will not go above clearly set. Finally, you can get a nonbinding relocation estimation. These kinds of moving quotes do leave a lot to desired. And yet, even they will not go over 110% of the said price, leaving you with some assurances after all.

Among the most stressful parts of moving you will also find the packing

As we said in every moving guide, packing is a comprehensive process that can take quite some time. Packing your items can quickly get confusing and therefore cause stress. To avoid this try staying organized. Firstly, make an inventory list of all the items you have in your possession. That way you will be able to keep track of all the items you are trying to pack. Furthermore, make sure that you have good packing material. The material can often be cheap, or even free, but make sure to get one you need. For local relocations, almost anything will do, but for longer ones, you will need to invest in something sturdy and waterproof.

most stressful parts of moving - boxes for packing
Packing can be challenging

Furthermore, be careful when stacking the boxes. always stack heavier ones on the bottom and lighter ones on the top (like in the picture). That way you are not running the risk of deformations of the box or some other damage. Finally, make sure to contact your mover about the piano, furniture, or even car transport. All of those fall under the umbrella of additional services.

How to deal with stress?

What can be done? Well, preparation is definitely one of the ways you can stay relatively stress-free. However, some people are generally more prone to overthinking and stress. If you are one of them, make sure to find ways to fight anxiety and stress through some methods. Meditation is one of them, as it presents you with time for introspection.

a woman meditating
Learn how to calm down

Having a good sleeping schedule and regular exercise is also a way one can stay healthy during the challenging relocation.

The most stressful parts of moving in summary

Well, there is not much to summarise. Simply said, moving is stressful and we have just gone over the most stressful parts of moving as a whole. There is no much in the way making that situation look any better. We can, however, help you be prepared for what is ahead. If anything, dealing with a stressful move is a lot easier when you know what to expect. That is exactly the purpose of this article and we hope that we helped you greatly in preparing for whatever you may face in your relocation. Just remember to stay calm. Everything will be alright in the end. Best of luck with your move!

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