What are the hardest tasks for professional movers

Moving can be a really stressful and on the other hand interesting experience. Both for people who are moving and for the movers as well. There are a couple of the hardest tasks for professional movers. As they have to prepare, pack, load the belongings into the truck. Then unload, move the items into the new home and unpack them. Being reliable movers is really a challenge. First, because you have to work on holidays as well. A mover’s job is very important for all removal companies, and it represents the heart and soul of any relocation service.

What is a typical day at work like for a mover?

When it comes to moving business there is no such thing as a typical day at work. On one day you will just relocate a piano and on the other the entire household. When it comes to pianos, they are actually easy to move. All you need are leverage, tipping, dollies in order to move them successfully. And on the same day, you can have some big old closets to move a couple of stories down in tight corners. So there is no typical day at work in the moving business. You can find cross-country movers or local movers. They all have the same job, just depends on if they are moving the items to another state or just a couple blocks away.

Man moving a sofa.
Sometimes they will just move a sofa, the other time maybe a piano.

There are going to be days when you just simply don’t have the energy to do it, but you have to push yourself forward. At some point your mind simply turns off, backup generators turn on, and you are in some kind of auto-pilot. At the end of that day, you feel exhausted, but on the other side accomplished and full-filed. 

Movers have a huge responsibility because they need to take care of other people’s belongings. As well as to make sure that they arrive without any damage to the desired location. So there is a lot of preparation and planning going on in order to fulfill the expectations of their clients. Senior movers are well-prepared and specialized in the relocation of older people and their belongings. The seniors are emotionally attached to almost every item they possess. And that is why the movers must be very careful when packing those items. As well as moving them to the desired location.

The hardest tasks for professional movers to do

The movers have to think about many things. So they have to make a detailed plan of the whole process.

Man taking an inventory.
Professional movers will make a detailed plan as well as an inventory list to keep track.

Here are the things that movers need to do in order to have a successful relocation:

  • Taking inventory – The first step is to go over the list of items to be moved with the homeowner. Everybody is different when it comes to what they actually want to be moved. You might want them to move just the furniture and do the smaller boxes yourself. Others may want a full service. Movers have a system for keeping track of everything they’re in charge of moving.
  • Packing – This is one of the hardest tasks for professional movers. Putting everything in cardboard boxes, labeling those boxes, then moving those boxes only to open them once more can be a nightmare for you. But not for the professionals. Packers and movers will delicately handle and wrap your valuables, secure them in boxes, label those boxes, and get those boxes moved on to your new home.
  • Loading up the truck – After your belongings are packed and protected, movers will load everything onto the truck. If you have rented a truck with a platform, it might be a bit easier for you to load your belongings. But the professionals know exactly how to load oddly shaped furniture, heavy boxes, and fragile items to make sure everything gets to your new home in one piece. Trustworthy moving companies excel at maximizing space and efficiency with a load. They know how to position boxes, so they won’t fall during transit.

Other things that professional movers need to do

There are some other things that the movers are doing in order to provide a full service to their customers. If necessary, movers will tie down heavier items within the truck so that they don’t shift during transit and cause damage. They are using special moving mats, straps, clamps, and locks. Things that you won’t find in your garage. Even if you rent that kind of equipment, you have to be trained in order to use it appropriately.

Moving truck on the road.
The movers will handle everything including driving the truck with your belongings.

Driving the truck is also a service that you won’t have to deal with. A large, heavy truck filled with boxes and furniture requires careful attention to turns, stops, and traffic. It is much harder for you to drive it than the 2-door sedan that you are already used to. So you better let the pros handle this in order to avoid unnecessary stress. Once the truck and residents have all arrived at the new home or apartment, the movers will take care of unloading all the furniture and boxes. Professional movers are specially trained. With your help of letting them know where your items should go, they will deal with the unloading much faster.

After arrival

Once the truck is empty and everything is in its rightful place, the movers will get the final sign-off from the customer. At this time, they will gather the blankets, padding, dollies, carpet protectors, and any empty boxes you’ve already unpacked. That’s one less thing for you to worry about. But in case you have to deal with it on your own you can find disposal services in your area. Afterward, you can relax and prepare for the new chapter of your life.

Finally, one of the hardest tasks for professional movers is to make you happy and satisfied. But rest assured that they will do their best.

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