What are the best packing supplies?

Choosing the best packing supplies is one of the key things when we talk about moving. And as you know, packing is one of the most difficult tasks. This will not be easy, but we are here to make the whole thing easier. Do you know that the safety of your belongings depends on your choice? More precisely, if you make an effort and choose quality packing materials, your things will arrive at the new address undamaged. Several other important details play a role in this mission, such as the method of packing, transport, etc. But today we will talk about the choice of packing materials. In this moving guide, you will be able to learn a lot about the types of packing supplies, as well as what are the best packing supplies for your things. Continue reading and catch a lot of useful information.

Why do you need packing supplies?

So, these are materials used for packing and protecting something. And it’s most often used for moving, or when you want to protect something for a long time. Also, packing materials can be used for other purposes, such as gift wrapping, but in that case, it concerns decorative papers and decorative boxes. In this article, however, we will talk about packing materials for moving.

best packing supplies
If you want to save some money, think about finding free moving boxes.

What is important for you to know is that there are many different packing supplies. These are usually boxes of various sizes, made from various materials, as well as various protective materials. What you are probably still interested in are the prices of packing materials. Well, let’s say, that 20 medium-sized cardboard boxes cost around $40. Of course, you can always find cheap moving supplies. There are even several ways to find free moving supplies. And also, if you put in a little effort, you will find the ideal solution for your needs.

What are the best packing supplies?

When you decide to pack your things, you may wonder how and where to find furniture movers near me. And one of the good things you will hear now is that your movers can give you a lot of advice on choosing packing materials. But, regardless, we will now introduce you to some of the best and most useful moving and packing materials:

  • Cardboard box
  • Plastic boxes
  • Wooden crates
  • Plastic vacuum bags
  • Dzaskos
  • Bubble wrap
  • Soft foil
  • Peanut pillows
  • Blankets
  • Tie ropes
  • Adhesive tapes
  • Stickers
  • Markers

One fact is very clear, and that is that there are many packing hacks for moving, but the choice and quality of packaging are much more important. Therefore, if you want your things to be properly packed and safely transported, then you must devote yourself to choosing your packaging. Also, in the list above, you could see some basic necessities that must be on your list when it comes to purchasing suitable packaging. And what we will single out are plastic boxes, made of recycled plastic, and they can be used multiple times. If we replace boxes made of other more harmful materials with these boxes, we will significantly reduce their unfavorable impact on our environment.

Bowl packed in bubble wrap
Bubble wrap is one of the best packing materials.

How to properly use packing material?

Using packaging materials isn’t complicated. On the contrary, it’s very easy if you know the type and purpose of a certain thing. For example, bubble wrap is a film with bubbles that is most often used to protect things from scratches, but also from breakage. For example, you can wrap fragile decorations or dishes in bubble wrap, and as additional protection, completely cover them with tape.

When it comes to cardboard boxes, you must know that there are three sizes, small, large, and medium. And always you can find cheap moving boxes to prepare for your moving day. Moving boxes are usually used for packing dishes, books, clothes, and other things from your home. What is important is that the things that you want to pack in these boxes must be dry, because otherwise, the boxes will fall apart. You can always put the paper on the bottom of the box, or you don’t have to. Also, it’s important that there is no extra space between the items and the box, so, fill the space with peanut pillows.

What to do with stickers and markers?

Once you’ve finished packing your things into boxes, the next thing you’ll need are markers and adhesive stickers. Professional movers will often use stickers that say “Fragile” in order to handle those boxes more carefully. So, you will also need these stickers. What you need to do is to stick them on all the boxes where you pack fragile items. Also, this is one of the most steps when it comes to moving wine glasses & other fragile stemware.

Girl marking moving box
Marking boxes will be of great help to you after the move and during the unpacking process.

Also, what is still very important is to mark all packed boxes. After you move, you will find yourself in a pile of boxes that can confuse you and complicate the whole process. So, use stickers and markers and mark your boxes. Write your name, new address, and what’s inside. In the same way, if the box is lost, it will reach you again.

Fun facts about packing supplies

According to the data that about 30 million people move in the USA every year. Can you conclude for yourself how much waste is actually generated during the moving process? And also, there are over 7,324 moving companies. So, considering that relocations are very frequent and that a significant number of people move every day, we have come to some data on moving waste, which is about 900 million cardboard boxes, 90 million pounds of packing paper, as well as 30 million rolls of adhesive tape. What is very important is that you know that this waste leaves a strong and negative impact on our planet, just like other waste. And what we can undertake is the use of packing materials made from biodegradable raw materials and environmentally acceptable materials. For example, eco-plastic boxes, as we said, are the best packing supplies.

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