What are the best cities for millennials in the USA?

Millennials are one of the largest generations of all time. One that is not so easy to please. It is a very diverse group, with many different interests. That’s why there are many criteriums that one town has to fulfill so it can be named one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. There are many factors to consider such as affordability, job opportunities, outdoor activities, entertainment.

Things to consider when choosing the best cities for millennials in the USA

For millennials, relocating to another state is not that easy. Although there are many long distance moving tips you can benefit from, first and foremost is finding the right city. It has to have everything that will make you happy.
That is why you have to consider these factors:

  • Job opportunities – Crucial thing to consider is the city’s job market. The city may possess all the others charms, but if it has a high unemployment rate, you shouldn’t even consider it. There’s no point relocating to the place where you will struggle to get a job.
  • Affordability – The monthly costs are another important criterium. Before you choose a town to move to, be sure that you can afford to live in it.
  • Entertainment and activities – Millenniums usually choose to live in the vibrant, urban towns with a lot of entertainment possibilities. Still, entertainment is a relative term. For some, it will be restaurants, bars, and clubs, while the others prefer to spend free time in theaters or at the art galleries. So check does the city has a type of entertainment that best suits your preferences.
  • Demographics of the town – This data that you can find online will show you is some city suitable for millennials or not. The best cities for millennials in the USA will have a big population of people ages 18-34.

The best cities for millennials in the USA

Moving is one of the most stressful events. No matter how many time you did it, it doesn’t get easier. You have to prepare your moving budget, find a reliable moving company, to pack all of your things, unpack all of your things, deal with possible relocation problems… All that requires a lot of time and money. So you don’t have to do it over and over, choosing the city that suits all of your needs is crucial.
In order to help you with that decision, we’ve made a list of the best cities for millennials in the USA.

Chicago, Illinois

Amongst the major metropolis, Chicago has one of the lowest cost of living.  It also has many job opportunities and low unemployment rate.
Chicago is very welcoming to newcomers and many millennials are drawn to it because of its various fun activities.
Here you can find exceptional restaurants, coffee shops, and bars.

The nature lovers will love it here because it’s one of the greenest cities in the U.S. It’s full of vast parks and it’s a very pedestrian friendly town. Sunrises over Lake Michigan are breathtaking, and kayaking along Chicago River is always a fun outdoor activity.

Chicago is famous for its music scene. Beside multiple concert venues, there are many festivals that are organized annually. The well known Lollapalooza festival is just the tip of the iceberg. This town is also the host of the North Coast Music Fest, Pitch Fork Music Fest, Riot Fest and punk rock festival.

When everything adds together, there is no doubt that Chicago is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.

Chicago is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.
Chicago has mesmerizing architecture and art sculptures all around the town.

Austin, Texas

Everything a millennial could want, Austin pretty much has. It is a place that everybody can call a home. Texas’ capital is a great place to raise a family, but at the same time, it’s one of the top cities for singles.

It’s a town with great employment possibilities, with reasonable costs of living. Organic and natural foods retailer Whole Foods has its headquarters in Austin, as well as other major companies like Google, Apple, and Dell.

Great nightlife and entertainment are important criteria when deciding which are the best cities for millennials in the USA.
Austin has an amazing nightlife scene and hosts many famous festivals. SXSW and Austin City Limits festivals are attracting people all around the world that are coming to see the latest trends in music, film, and tech.
The 6th Street is the place to go for excellent dining and dancing the night away.

This outdoorsy city is an excellent pick for active millennials. There are more than 50 miles of trails, 12 preserves and 206 parks in the town’s area.

Its amazing music scene, dining options, and an overall laid-back vibe are making it one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.

Austin is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.
Austin is great for all generation.

Miami, Florida

What’s not to love about Miami? Millenniums will say, not a thing.
Miami has everything that one young, hip person can ever desire. A true cosmopolitan town with Carribean spirit provides is a perfect place for millennials to thrive in.

True to be told, Miami isn’t the place with the lowest costs of living, but you will easily get employment here because the job market is booming.

Besides, living next to one of the most beautiful beaches has its price, but the perks are worth every penny. As the gem of the Sunshine State, Miami provides many opportunities for a happy and fulfilled life.

The beaches are not just for show – you can enjoy them most of the year. There are countless ways to enjoy those sunshiny days, from swimming in the ocean, diving, surfing, snorkeling. Miami also has a great number of trails for hiking and exploring the astonishing nature that surrounds it.

Miami is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.
Living in Miami has many perks.

It’s also one of the most walkable cities in the USA, as well as a very pet-friendly place.

Food scene of the city is amazing. Many international and ethnic restaurants make Miami a real paradise for the gourmands. Its nightlife is famous around the world, and it’s full of bars and clubs where you can enjoy dancing all night long.

Great job opportunities, exquisite cuisine, plenty of outdoor activities, gorgeous beaches and never-ending nightlife are the reason why Miami is one of the best cities for millennials in the USA.

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