What are Americans’ reasons for moving?

In the last few years, the moving industry has seen many changes that affected not only moving trends but Americans’ reasons for moving as well. In addition to personal preferences, global economic shifts play an important role when it comes to choosing the next place of residence. According to various conducted research, people are equally moving in and out of both bigger and smaller cities. The quality of life has become paramount, and people gladly go where they can live a financially stable life and have what they need at hand.  In this article, we take a look into some of the most common motives for moving among Americans. We also present some of the most desirable places you might find appealing as well! In case you need additional advice, feel free to contact us at Master Moving Guide whenever it’s convenient for you.

We have to take into consideration an array of reasons for which Americans often move

The most obvious reason for Americans to move is a better life standard. The states that cultivate strong economies, like Texas and Florida, saw a surge in population. In addition to economic stability and strong job markets, people seek diverse communities as well. Therefore, it’s safe to say that long were the days when two main reasons for the move were job and family. People’s needs changed, just like the main motives for moving. However, the economy is an important factor that inspired a great number of Americans (and their families) to get moving.

focused couple searching for a moving company
Americans’ reasons for moving include personal preferences as well.

A better job market remains one of the most important Americans’ reasons for moving

Technological advancement has changed the way we go about our daily lives.  In addition, the companies started to take more responsibilities toward their customers and offer higher salaries and better incentives. For example, Texas is one of the most favored states among job-seekers and entrepreneurs as well. Headquarters of some of the most notable companies – like Tesla or Amazon – moved there and turned Texas into an IT and business hub. Furthermore, entrepreneurs saw an opportunity in a business-friendly ecosystem in Texas and formed long-lasting companies. After all, taxes in Texas are low and property prices go below the national average.

As of this year, over 64% of relocations are due to job-related reasons. Additionally, the number of business relocations is increasing as well. The more a particular state is entrepreneur-friendly, the more young job-seekers will want to relocate there. Better career opportunities will always prompt people to change their place of residence.

The rise of remote jobs inspires Americans to change their location frequently

Many jobs nowadays can be completed in the comfort of a home, or home office. Since many prefer remote work over going to the office, it’s easy to understand why remote work inspired many Americans to change their locations. When all you need is a computer and the Internet, the living options are endless. You can either move to Hawaii, California, or New Jersey –  basically anywhere you want. Remote workers usually target states and cities where rent prices are affordable, if not lower than the national average. Millennials make up the largest percentage of those who change their location every few months, or years, as they don’t plan to settle anywhere permanently until further notice.

happy woman researching Americans' reasons for moving
Employment is one of the most common Americans’ reasons for moving.

Diverse communities are among the top reasons why Americans are moving

The more diverse a community is, the better. According to Americans who moved to more laid-back places with a mixed cultural vibe report an increase in the quality of their lives. Both smaller ad bigger communities that cultivate cultural diversity attract many newcomers. Festivals, food options, and an overall atmosphere are required for a fully happy life. This is why cultural melting pots such as New York City neighborhoods are popular moving destinations.

Places with amazing cultural and entertainment offers are where many Americans thrive

Although it seems unusual, arts and culture are some of the most common reasons why Americans move without looking back. If you are one of them, rest assured your reasons are completely valid. When you live in a place with so many unusual museums, and food and music festivals being held every year, your life in that place will be anything but dull.

Outdoor areas also inspire Americans to pack their bags and boxes

Another rather unusual reason to move is proximity to the outdoor areas. Due to the past 2 years of global shifts caused by Covid-19 pandemic, this moving trend has become popular among Americans. People will gladly move to areas where they can lead an active lifestyle. The activities range from hiking and camping to kayaking. They also choose among cities that put a lot of emphasis on sports. Bottom line – more and more Americans want to spend time outside, which is great news.

A low crime rate is important to American families who plan to change their locations

Future parents take numerous factors into consideration before they decide which place is going to be their next home. Apart from an excellent school system, the crime rate is highly important. They prefer family friendly places that have been considered the safest for a very long time:

  • Johns Creek (Georgia)
  •  Newton (Massachusetts)
  • Carmel (Indiana)
  • Flower Mound (Texas)

Besides the low-crime rate, families look forward to moving to places with great schools. Furthermore, they hope to move somewhere with more job vacancies and affordable costs of living.  The cheap real estate market is also on the list of criteria for the best family-friendly cities.

three family thinking about Americans' reasons for moving
Families search for calm places with strong economies.

Moving trends follow the main Americans’ reasons for moving

All trends, including in the moving industry, change every year. The volatility of trends often has to do with people’s personal wishes, as well as global situations that affect us all. Therefore, it’s hard to pinpoint what is the most common reason for people to move. The economy and job market are unchangeable factors, however, they don’t always come first. Those who moved in the last few years stated that the ongoing pandemic prompted them to leave someone safe and worry-free. City hustle and bustle was replaced with peace, quiet, and proximity to nature. That being said, moving trends will always shift due to various circumstances.

What moving companies do Americans who often move highly recommend?

No matter what are the reasons for their move, Americans seek a reliable moving company. With a team of skilled and time-efficient movers, your relocation project can go smoothly. So, let’s take a look at the most important criteria Americans insist on:

  • Responsive and courteous staff
  • Commitment-free moving quotes
  • Complete transparency
  • No extra fees
  • Wide range of services

Modern customers want a joyful moving experience. Just because moving is a tiring endeavor doesn’t mean it has to be unbearable. Therefore, Americans always focus on moving and storage companies that can make their move seamless.

Tips to help you find ideal movers quickly and easily

One of the common questions among people who are moving for the first time is “So, how many movers do I need and how to find them?”. To answer this, you must determine the type of your move, the number of items, and how far you plan to go. Do you need residential or commercial movers? Do you plan to move locally or long-distance? The scope of your moving preparations will depend upon the number of movers and services required. The next step will be an online search that also takes some effort.

random man carrying labeled box
Find skilled movers who will take good care of your items.

A quick Google search won’t be enough, as well as a short visit to a company’s website. In order to find the best company for you, you must weigh different options. Follow these steps for the best search results:

  1. Check if a company is fully registered and licensed. Otherwise, feel free to proceed with the search. Any company that can’t prove its legality isn’t worth your time.
  2. Ensure the company provides a free moving estimate. However, keep in mind there are three main types of estimates: rough, non-binding, and binding. Many wonder what is a binding estimate, and how it differs from the first two, most commonly chosen estimates. Although less popular, a binding estimate guarantees the final estimate cost won’t change. That way, you don’t have to wonder how much the moving cost will increase just because the sofa is slightly heavier than it seemed.
  3. See if the company has a rich service offer. Hiring a company that has everything in one offer will save you lots of time (and headaches).
  4. Contact three or four best companies from your list, and confirm prices, and moving insurance options. Needless to say, feel free to ask anything related to your move you’d like to know.

Rely on companies that can match you with the right movers

Did you know there are companies that will save you lots of time? With their help, you can easily find moving companies that know what it takes for a successful move. All you have to do is fill out their online form, submit it, and wait for suggested movers. Such companies work in the best interest of their customers. Therefore, rest assured they will provide the list of movers according to your preferences. Most importantly, you won’t have to deal with potential moving schemes if you choose customer-oriented companies that want the best move for you.

The quality of storage units matters

After you check the company’s history and reviews, ask to see their self storage units. No matter how good the ad for storage units might seem, you must be sure you’ll pay for the quality and safety of your goods. Therefore, contact the first company that seems promising, and request to see their storage.

pink storage units
Rent a pest-free storage unit.

Here’s what you must pay attention to:

  • Access – Ask the company’s staff if you can have 24/7 access to all belongings you put inside their storage.
  • Hygiene and ventilation – Make sure that the storage you plan to rent is climate-controlled and clean.
  • Safety – Check with the staff how storage units are secured.
  • Size – Pick the right size of storage according to the amount of stuff you plan to store.

Learn to recognize fraudulent movers right on the spot

While so many professional companies care about their customers, there are moving scams that don’t have your best interest at heart. Either they don’t put enough effort into moving projects, or completely scam those who signed their contract. Moving scams look like legit companies. They already have tons of positive comments and ratings, although they just showed up on the market. Paying to leave positive comments is something scammers often do in order to attract potential customers.

Another red flag is that scam companies charge for a moving estimate. In addition, they don’t give out enough information about services and price points. Also, they never disclose extra fees that surprise you the second you sign a deal. So, be careful of any company that seems too good to be true, and their persuasive tactics.

Know what you’re singing

Take time to go through each clause of a moving contract before you put your signature on it. You must be sure you’re making the best decision for yourself. So, make sure to read a moving contract and ask your chosen movers for clarification when necessary. That way, you’ll avoid potential misunderstandings. Moreover, you will know whether to back from a contract if an offer seems suspicious.

Rest assured your reasons for moving are valid

Whatever Americans’ reasons for moving are, the main purpose is a positive change in life. Therefore, rest assured you have the right to live anywhere where you see yourself thriving. Whenever you decide to move, just search for the right company and make sure to start preparing for the move on time. With patience and thorough organization, your move will be the blissful experience you deserve! So, wait no more, and start looking for the movers who will turn your relocation plans into reality.

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