Ways to ship items across the country cheaply

When people move across the country, they tend to try to save some space in the moving truck. So they ship their boxes of stuff to their new home address. Even though this is a good way of saving money on the moving services, some people end up paying even more for the shipping and fees. Therefore it is important to familiarize yourself with all the shipping processes and the carrier. The prices of shipping your items via bus, plane, or train are very different. Thus, the price you will pay for your shipment depends on how many boxes you are shipping, their size, their weight, and are the contents of the boxes fragile or not. Thus, ship items across the country cheaply with the help and guidance of the professional staff at Master Moving Guide, and they can also match you with the moving company for your needs.

No need to ship items across the country cheaply when you hire professional movers

Renting a moving truck or van is a cost-effective option to carry your belongings across the nation during a long-distance move. You would be the one to pack your possessions. After that, you’d be on your way to your new place. This alternative may appear to be less expensive. However, you must factor in the time and physical work required for the do-it-yourself method. Therefore, hiring interstate movers to do all the work might be a better option. Moreover, a long-distance move requires patience. This might include a lot more than simply the amount of time spent on the road. You may need to take time off work if you want to drive your belongings alone. It’s possible that children will have to skip school days. Thus, make sure to really think about your options before you choose to ship your items across the country.

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Read more to find out how to ship items across the country cheaply

You have various choices when it comes to shipping, the US Postal Service, UPS, and FedEx are generally the first names that come to mind. When transferring large, heavy objects or a huge number of products, however, these are often not cost-effective. This could work if you’re not relocating frequently and only need to send a few items. Moreover, let’s look at several options for transporting huge boxes across the nation, you can ship the boxes by:

  • Bus
  • Train
  • Plane

Moreover, before we get into details of moving your boxes by the means mentioned above. Make sure to make a moving checklist before you pack anything. This list will help you stay organized and you will be sure that you packed everything.

Shipping your boxes by Bus

Greyhound is a passenger bus service that runs across the United States that you may be familiar with. In addition to carry-on luggage, passenger freight is stored beneath the bus in luggage compartments. These compartments, on the other hand, are frequently left empty. There are two connected services that make use of this vacant area. Greyhound Package Express US is the first. This service is provided directly by Greyhound, as the name implies. Students, as well as current military and veterans, are eligible for discounts. This is a cost-effective choice at any time of year because they offer many departure times each day. The cost of shipping with Greyhound Package Express varies depending on the weight, distance, and type of service. You can visit their website and get a quote for your shipment. On that note, usually, you will pay around $1 per 0.5kg

A white bus driving along the ocean
Transporting your boxes by bus can cost you as much as hiring professional movers to help you

Moreover, if you think this is too complicated for you, you can just hire interstate movers to help you with the relocation. Keep in mind to watch out for scammers, make sure to hire interstate movers without getting scammed. Rest assured that if you get the help of the Master Moving Guide to find your moving company, you will know that the moving company is legitimate and reliable.

Shipping your boxes by Train

Amtrak Express Shipping is another shipping solution that takes advantage of current travel modes. Amtrak works in a similar way to Greyhound Package Express in that it sells the vacant space in its cargo bays on its routes. This is the most cost-effective solution. After doing do research you will also conclude that Amtrak is one of the cheapest ways to ship your boxes across the country. You will pay from around 35$ to 80$ for the first 45 kilograms of your boxes. Moreover, all the boxes after that will cost you 0.35$ to 0.80$ per 0.5kg. In addition, one regular cardboard box with dimensions 90x90x90cm will weigh around 23 kg if fully packed. This will help you calculate your total weight and price, and after you will see if it pays out to ship your boxes by yourself or with the help of a professional moving company.

A picture of a train moving
Moving your boxes by train proves to be the most cost-effective option

Shipping your boxes by Plane

If you’re traveling by plane to your new location, you might be permitted to bring some of your items in your checked and carry-on luggage. This should be used only for the most fragile items you have in your possession. However, even though you may typically pay for extra luggage, the quantity you can buy is generally restricted. Delta airlines, for example, allows each customer to check a maximum of ten bags. The number of checked baggage allowed on Delta Connection flights is restricted to four. They also limit the quantity of checked luggage, with each passenger being limited to two basic checked bags. Therefore, try to pack only the fragile items with you and take them on a plane. You can ship everything else by train or with the help of a moving company to save some money.

Either hire a professional moving company or ship items across the country cheaply via train carriers

If you are moving on your own the best way to ship items across the country cheaply is to ship them by train. However, using Master Moving Guide to match you with the best option for your move can also prove cost-effective. Just make sure to assert your moving budget before you call. You can also read the ultimate moving guide and prepare yourself even better for your upcoming relocation. Whichever way and means you choose for your relocation, good luck with the move!

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