Ways to secure tips on moving jobs

When you are running a moving company, you are in a pretty competitive industry. That is rather natural and obvious when you take a look at the big picture. All over America, every year, millions of people relocate in both local and long-distance moves. This means that there are a lot of moving companies that are trying to get into this big market, yours included. And, in such a big market, you have to be affordable to stay competitive. But, you still need profits, and tips are a key way to get that margin. So, there is a pretty important question to be asked: what are the ways to secure tips on moving jobs?

We have 6 tips to help you secure tips on moving jobs with ease and a great amount of certainty. Let’s get down to it.

Our 6 tips on how to secure tips on moving jobs you undertake

Guides like the ultimate moving guide and such often tell to the client that they should tip the crew of the moving company. However, there are not many articles that will explain to the company how to earn those tips. This is why we are here.

Our 6 tips on how to secure tips on moving jobs you undertake
How to earn some tips?

Tips are pretty important in a business. They are a healthy way to measure the satisfaction of the customer, while also offering some more money, sometimes even making the move worth it, especially for the crew. This is why you should strive to get as many tips as possible.

First, you have to be picked

Before your customers can employ omnicalculator to see how much the tips should be and you can actually earn any tips, your moving company has to be picked. This industry is rich with the competition, meaning that you will have to stand out. With that in mind, what are the variables that customers most often take into consideration before hiring moving professionals?

  • Have your own capabilities. That should be a prerequisite. No matter how big or small the job is, you should be able to provide all of the services need. If you do not have them, you cannot secure a job, let alone secure tips on moving jobs 
  • Be well-reviewed. Prior experiences matter. Now, a lot of the customers will only be using you for the first time, and the best way to find out how well-mannered and efficient you are is to read online reviews. So be sure you are well-reviewed by always bein courteous and professional.
  • Have a good website. This is the place where most of your customers will come from. For them, your website is the place where they find everything and anything about you. Make sure it is presentable and representable. 

Moving estimates

To be among the very best moving and storage companies, you have to avoid misunderstanding with the client. This is rather obvious. However, this extends also to their expectations of exactly how much they will have to pay. Always aim for the highest possible estimate, so that when it is all done, there is a pleasant surprise for the client. The client, in this case, has prepared the amount you said for weeks and has not expected it to be cheaper (preparing for 10% more expensive, quite possibly). The lower price will come as a great relief, the one you can profit from as they actually pay you the same or close to the original estimate, turning the difference between the estimated price and the actual one into tips for yours!

The planning phase of the move

Speaking of clear communication, be sure to help them plan. Are they using an airplane or car transport, what additional services will they need, what is their budget, what are the best routes, how will you handle children or kids in the home during packing, etc. All of these things should be solved in the planning phase of the move. You will get stunning reviews and good tips if you ensure that the client can rely on you to help them plan this properly. This kind of thing is very much appreciated.

Be on time to secure tips on moving jobs

Time is money, and in your case, if you want the money, be on time. There are few things people appreciate us much as punctuality.

Be on time
Time is of the essence.

Be sure to arrive little before the agreed-upon period. Always account for the unaccountable when time is the matter.

Be courteous and professional

This is hardly a secret, but to achieve the tips, you have to be courteous to your clients. They have to feel respected. You can achieve this through rigorous training of your crews. Be sure that they appear professional when they are committed to their duties. Discipline is the key here. Be sure to have it!

Stay safe and efficient to secure tips on moving jobs

The best way for your local and long distance movers to earn those hefty tips is to actually do the job right. It doesn’t matter if you start on time or if you are nice if the job is not done. You absolutely have to have the logistical capacity and technical knowhow to complete the relocation as expected.

Stay safe and efficient
Always be ready to relocate your customers to any location.

It does matter if you were nice to them, if by the end of the day someone has gotten hurt or some possessions are damaged. There is simply no coming back from such an occurrence. You have to be on top of things. The job comes first, everything else comes second. 

Don’t doubt it

Finally, there is the greatest tip of all. When trying to secure tips on moving jobs, don’t waste time thinking about if you did good or if they will tip you. In the vast majority of cases, they will do it. However, if they don’t, there was probably nothing you could have done. It probably wasn’t your fault. Furthermore, remember that moving is a people’s business. If someone didn’t tip you, but they offered refreshments, they are possibly doing what they have funds for. Be respectful of that.

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