Ways to reuse packing materials after a move

It’s inevitable that you’ll not always use all the packing materials that are available to you. Be it that you made a wrong estimate, or wanted to be sure that you’ll have enough packing materials. There are a lot of things you can learn from a moving guide, but are there any that tell you how to reuse packing materials? Thankfully, we’re here to help you out. Here are some of the things you can do to reuse them or great ways to get rid of them if reusing them isn’t an option.

Keep your packing materials for a future relocation

Don’t know what to do with your packing materials? Think about the future and save them for future relocation. By doing so you will definitely help the environment. However, not just that. Having more materials than you need for your potential new relocation won’t hurt. Be it that you even hire a mover, it won’t be a problem that you have a couple more boxes or overall packing materials. We’re sure that you won’t ever have problems with additional safety. So why not use a couple of moving items and tape for some items that you wouldn’t protect in that way otherwise?

A couple looking at how they can reuse their packing materials
You can always use the moving boxes of your previous for your next move

You can use them for storing away your belongings

Why limit yourself to just moving? You can always store away your items and packing materials can be as equally if not more useful for that purpose. Especially if you have some high-quality moving boxes that you have leftover after your move. Of course, you can be sure that if you follow a guide to packing for a move the whole process will be much easier to handle. There’s no need to waste any of the packing materials that you have. Especially if you’re sure that you’ll need to put some items in a storage unit.     

Utilize them around your home for different purposes

On the other hand, when the moving is done, why not get creative? You can always make sure to use cardboard or any other material for other purposes. Especially the cardboard pieces of your moving boxes. Why not use them as a way to protect your table when you’re slicing something? There are limitless options for you to use the excess of your packing materials. For the artists among you, there are always options to reuse packing materials. Above all, for painting on them, or creating a piece of art with them as a centerpiece.

Reuse packing materials for your gardening work

Even if there are not many ways to do it, there are gardening hacks that are doable if you use some of your packing materials. Especially if you have packing peanuts on your mind. They are very good for absorbing water, so putting them around your gardening pots as additional protection isn’t such a bad idea. They are not the first things that come to mind when moving, but can surely be more than useful. Try them out the next time you’re doing your gardening work and you’ll see just how much help they can be to you.

Plants ready to be worked on
You can reuse packing materials for your gardening work

Let your kids be creative and let them play with the packing supplies

Are you moving with kids? That can be a blessing in disguise if you have excess packing material. That’s because kids are the most creative creatures in existence. They can make sure that they can have fun with even a piece of paper. So before you throw away your moving boxes, donate furniture, or make a big decision, make sure that your kids won’t use it for some game they made up on the spot. From playing hide and seek with the moving boxes to decorating with packing paper, there are limitless options for a child’s mind. For that reason, make sure that you allow them to have their moment of creativity. 

Give away your packing materials to help someone that is moving

Moving can be very stressful and everybody who moved once knows it already. So why not help someone out who is in such a situation? It will help you get rid of your excess packing materials. This isn’t maybe a way to reuse packing materials, but will definitely show that you’re a good neighbor or friend. When you see someone looking for professional movers near me, make sure to give them a hand. They will know how to appreciate it and it will be your good deed of the day. 

Can’t find a way to reuse packing materials? Recycle them

Even after all the attempts, you tried to reuse your packing materials but you still can’t find the right way for you? Then don’t make too big of a deal from it. There’s always another great option that will help both you and the environment. Of course, we’re talking about recycling as an option to get rid of your packing materials. There are many recycling centers, especially in big cities where you can leave your moving boxes and other materials you use for packing. And who knows? The recycling process might allow that cardboard moving box to be reused by you in some other form. It won’t take you much time and will surely leave up more space for you.

A phone with the recycling logo on it
When you can’t reuse, recycle

Every time you move you need to consider what you’ll need for it. For that reason, it’s very important to take into consideration how big your move is. Of course, if you have excess packing materials, you can be sure there are ways to use them. With our suggestions on how to reuse packing materials, we’re sure you’ll find the right choice. Above all, this is the perfect chance to show your or your kids’ creative side. Don’t miss this opportunity as you can make your packing materials both useful and beautiful.

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