Ways to make your local move cheaper

Moving is often complicated, time-consuming, hard, and of course, expensive. In most cases, we can’t afford all the moving services that would make it a lot easier and more pleasant in general. It is a shame to be honest because relocating home should be something to remember with a smile on your face. But what if we tell you that there is a way to make your local move cheaper? Yes, there are a few tips and tricks you can use to save up a bit and funnel your funds the other way in order to make your relocation more efficient. The key is in the way you communicate with your local movers, how you prepare for the move, which services you purchase, and so on. Hence, let us explain the whole process and ensure you get more for your budget. Let’s go!

Everything begins with a search for a moving company

You will make your local move cheaper if you choose the right moving company. It is the first step on your journey for sure. If you find a reliable and affordable one, you won’t have to worry about scams and frauds but also you won’t spend much on overinflated prices and services. So, find your movers somewhere in the middle and compare prices, services, and reviews. Down-to-earth movers are the best choice for you because they have the most realistic prices. Don’t worry if you can’t afford the exalted and highly-rated moving companies that are holding the number one place in the state or in the area; there are plenty of small businesses that do an excellent job. They don’t have the price inflated simply for being there on the market for far too long.

a man browsing the intenet
Browse the internet and find yourself a reliable and professional moving company.

Therefore, sit down, go online, search for furniture movers near me, and start swimming through the moving industry. Soon enough you will find a reputable moving team with realistic prices and promising moving services.

Secure your investment and make your local move cheaper

Of course, you won’t find better and cheaper deals if you do not dig enough. You must read moving reviews and learn more about the moving industry and relocation in general. The most important part is to confirm the legitimacy of your moving company. Once you find your moving team, you must ensure they possess the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Moving insurance.
  • Safety protocols in place.
  • Experienced manpower.

There are a few more requirements depending on your personal preferences. Therefore, make a list with the search criteria and get to it. Find your movers as soon as possible because this process can take quite a while. If you had a stretching budget, you could find movers in a matter of hours. But because you want to cut costs significantly, then you must spend much more time to find a better deal and special offers. So, put on your detective hat and start browsing the internet. Something will pop up soon enough.

Schedule your relocation on time

The moving date is also important when we talk about the moving cost. So, as soon as you figure it out, you must start searching for movers. And take into consideration the time of the year. Simply because there are peak seasons and non-peak seasons for moving companies. Summer and Spring are more expensive than Autumn and Winter. There is up to a 30% difference and if you can wait a bit to hit it, you should. Colder months have fewer moves across the board and movers offer a better deal to stay competitive and to keep their customers booked. Therefore, this is your chance to snatch a better deal.

But because you will be moving while raining and snowing, you must know how to prepare for movers. It is nothing too hard, to be honest. You should have spare cardboard to pave the way to soak the rain and a few bags of salt to melt the ice. Also, you must keep a few shovels to remove the snow in case there are heavy falls. You can even spare some old clothing to pass around to your movers in case they come unprepared. Be a good host.

Utilize on-site estimates

Yes, you can inspect your home and evaluate the whole deal by yourself. It is what most of the customers do. But to obtain the realistic moving price and a precise moving quote you should utilize onsite estimates. Most moving companies provide this service for free so you shouldn’t be shy to ask about it. It is better because movers will stop by and measure everything professionally and note down all the furniture and belongings you possess. This will give them insight into the complexity of the move and they will prepare better. They can assign the appropriate crew members, tools, vehicles, and more.

three people reviewing papers in front of a house
Utilize onsite estimates and have a better picture of all the costs tied to your relocation process.

Also, they will tell you which moving services will work best for you and how many moving boxes and other packing materials you’ll need. Amazing service for sure. Furthermore, after you obtain the precise moving quote, you can crunch the number and decide whether you want to continue or lower the price a bit. But you will definitely have the opportunity to make your local move cheaper which was the idea in the first place.

Downsizing will help a lot to make your local move cheaper

If you declutter your home you can save quite a bit. Downsizing is proven to be healthy and useful not only in moving but as an everyday activity in our lives. Therefore, while inspecting your items, set aside unused, broken, old, and outdated furniture and other household items. Be ready to donate, sell, recycle, or throw away. If you do it right, you will have fewer items to pack, fewer materials to spend, and fewer working hours to invest. If you look at it, it is an all-around victory. Hence, be sure to invest one afternoon for decluttering and downsizing.

Find cheap boxes and make your local move cheaper
You can find cheap or even free moving boxes on Craig’s list and similar websites. It is another way to save money while relocating.

Negotiate with movers

The last piece of advice we can give you is to simply negotiate with movers. You can always ask for a discount no matter what. There are thousands of moving companies out there and if you have a lot of time, you can spare a few hours calling a few of them. Contact several moving companies and ask for a better deal. If they refuse, move on to the next one. Rinse and repeat until one of them agrees. Of course, previously make a list of eligible ones because a discount you’ll get means nothing if you’ll work with a scamming or a fraudulent moving company.

And there we go, now you know how to make your local move cheaper. It can be tricky for some of you because all moving situations are unique. But the main topic is the same. We all must pack, search for movers, and relocate. So, focus on the price of the service first, and work on other stuff later. Hopefully, we helped enough for you to save at least a portion of your budget. Good luck and happy hunting.

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