Ways to maintain your sanity while moving

Moving is hard, emotional, costly, and time-consuming. And if you must do it alone, it can be quite stressful and almost impossible. So, to cope with moving stress and maintain your sanity while moving you must create a moving plan and stay organized until the end. Let us help you with a few tips and tricks on how to do it right. Your emotional, as well as physical health, is important. Let us together overcome all difficulties and relocate you safely.

You must be organized if you want to maintain your sanity while moving

The first step is to calm down, focus, and evaluate the whole situation. As soon as you realize you are relocating, you should start creating your moving plan. Begin with a moving date and a budget. You should set a moving date that suits you the most. Consider other members of the family and their needs as well. Talk to your boss and take days off well in advance. Match your date with the moving company’s schedule and you are all set. Then, decide on a moving budget. You will do it by asking yourself a few mandatory questions. The first one should be – how many movers do I need? Then, how many packing materials, what kind of moving service, do I need insurance?

create a plan and maintain your sanity while moving
Create your personalized moving guide and use it to stay on track with all responsibilities.

After you figure out how much money you can spend on your relocation project, start creating a packing plan. Inspect all rooms inside your home as well as the garage, basement, and loft. Check all the furniture and other household items and list them down onto the inventory list. You will also need a moving checklist with all errands, chores, and moving-related responsibilities you should cover before the moving date is upon you. If you have it all on paper, you will stay organized and maintain your sanity while moving.

Search for moving assistance

Now when you have your plan in hand, start searching for local moving and storage companies. You will easily find them in local papers or on the internet. We advise you to browse for an hour and it should be enough. You will find a legitimate company if you compare prices, read reviews, check their services, and ask the right questions. Confirm they have the following:

  • Licenses and permits.
  • Tools and equipment.
  • Special services.
  • Affordable prices.
  • Safety standards in place.

You will have to communicate with your moving representative openly to obtain the answers to your questions. Ask them anything you like and ensure you are dealing with a legit one. We can recommend you to check Master Moving Guide for tips on which companies are best. Take a look at the services they offer and you’ll be most pleased. Having a trustworthy moving company by your side is what matters the most. Therefore, be careful when looking for movers and do your research right.

Packing is stressful – take it slow if you want to maintain your sanity while moving

Something that might drive you nuts is the packing process. Most of us find it notoriously boring and of course, costly and time-consuming. All those packing materials and hours spent on packing can dishearten you and make you want to abandon the whole project. But do not despair because it is yet another moving-related stage and we all must cover it. Besides, it is the most important one that you should handle alone. But, if you do not want to handle it at all, you should hire a moving company that offers packing services. Then, you can lay back and let them pack, relocate, and unpack everything. Sometimes it is far better to pay a bit more and keep your sanity and valuable. But if you decided on doing this one alone, you must purchase the packing materials first.

two people playing catch with a box
The packing process is stressful. Find a friend to keep you company while doing it.

Check online, at your moving company, or at the nearest hardware store. Purchase cardboard boxes, packing tape, blister packs, and labels. Those are just the mandatory ones but you can always invest more into the safety of your items. There are customized boxes, plastic bins, corner pads, packing peanuts, Styrofoam, and higher-quality adhesive tape. Check out those materials as well and purchase some of them if you think you might need them. Once you have it all, pack gradually or over the weekend. Choose the approach most suitable to you and do not stress much about it. If you have at least 3 weeks ahead, you will pack yourself on time.

Get rid of the hoard if possible

There is a way to cut costs and free yourself from unnecessary items. Maybe this is the moment to declutter and downsize a bit. Or to completely purge your home from all the old, unused, broken, and outdated items. We all have unused items in our homes that we hold for emotional or any other reasons. Therefore, while inspecting everything, set aside those items and when you have them nicely stacked, choose one of the options to get rid of it all.

old items on the table
Some items should go. Figure out which ones and declutter your space.

You can organize garage/yard sales, donate to local charity organizations, sell online, recycle, or give to friends. Do whatever you can to get rid of it all because it will make your relocation easier, cheaper, and you will have to pack less. Furthermore, once your movers provide moving quotes you will realize that you saved quite a bit by doing this. Not to mention that you’ll have much more space in your new home. Maintain your sanity while moving and purge your home from all the hoard you gathered over the years.

Take breaks and watch yourself

You must take a breather once in a while. Even if you are all pumped up and ready to relocate, you shouldn’t let yourself burn out and get sick in the process. To cope with anxiety and depression as well as homesickness is hard. Relocating home can be extremely emotional and you might not notice at first. So, you must take care of your emotional and physical state as well. Drink enough fluids, eat well, and sleep better. Take enough breaks and do some things that will relax you and help you recharge your batteries. Reading a good book or taking yoga classes is a fine choice.

This is how you maintain your sanity while moving. It is a simple process on paper but a hard one to enforce. In the end, it is all up to you and what kind of approach you have to the entire moving endeavor. Hopefully, you’ll have a good moving company by your side and an easy time packing at least. Good luck and stay safe.

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