Ways to get back some of the money spent on a long-distance move

Moving is a great event because it probably means you are about to improve your life. But it is also stressful and expensive. There could be huge differences between the costs of long-distance movers, so make sure you can trust the company before you hire them. The average cost of a long-distance move is between $2,100 — $5,500 and that depends on the size of the move and the distance. Bear in mind that cross-country moving costs will be significantly more than moving to a nearby state. This means you should be prepared to set aside a significant amount of money and, of course, to search for different ways to get back some of the money spent on a long-distance move.

Plan ahead to get back some of the money later

Planning is definitely something that you need to do if you want to save money. The total cost of the move can be enormous at the end, especially if you leave things to the last minute. The bigger your household, the longer it will take to prepare everything, and the earlier you’ll have to start planning your relocation. Also, the distance is crucial. A long-distance move is certainly going to cost more than moving locally. One more thing that can make a difference- moving during peak season (from May to September) will be more expensive, and you need to start planning 3-4 months in advance. Talking about moving services, that is also something that you should consider.

Notebook, sticky notes and a pen are important when you are planning your move
Planning is the most important step if you want to get back some of the money after your move

Hire a moving company ahead of time and get back some of the money you spent

Perhaps you cannot get back money from your moving company, but you can definitely save some. Differences in price are huge, but also in quality. Just because a company is expensive doesn’t mean that the services are going to be of high quality. Also, cheaper can sometimes mean more expensive in the end. You should absolutely do some research, read online reviews, ask your friends that have recently moved, etc. That should help you in making the right decision.

Another important fact — you should prepare yourself for movers’ arrival. Many people think that just because they hired movers, they don’t have to do anything. Actually, it is significant to know how to prepare for movers as they are often paid by the hour, so by doing some preparation you can save a lot of money. Try to categorize your items, at least by room, pack some of the things and label the boxes, make an inventory list, etc. All this can save you a lot of time when movers arrive, so they actually spend less time at your place, and you get charged less.

Prepare your meals in advance and save some money after your long-distance move

Good organization is key when you are moving. You should try and organize well before, but also after the move.

There are some decisions that can seem difficult to make at the moment, but it is important to get back some of the money. One of the things that you can do is to prepare your meals in advance. This is particularly significant if you are moving with a newborn since you need to make sure your baby is eating well. The best way to do it is by cooking and then freezing the food. Make sure to put the meals in separate containers and label them correctly. Another way would be to book a catering company for the first couple of days. This is not as cost-efficient as cooking on your own, but it is better than just ordering junk food.

Many mason jars full of food
Preparing meals in advance is a great way to spend less money after a long-distance move

Sell or repurpose things to get back the money after your move

An excellent way to get back some of the money you have spent on a long-distance move is to sell some things or find them a new purpose. Perhaps you decided to bring all your furniture with you, but after moving to a new place you realized it is not a good fit. Maybe that closet just doesn’t fit in your bedroom, or that lamp doesn’t match the new design. You can easily sell those things online, for example on Craigslist, or you can organize a yard sale. That’s also a great way to meet your new neighbors.

Another way to get back some of the money is to repurpose things. There are many creative ways to use different items around the house.  For example, don’t throw away your moving boxes, but use them to store things in the garage. You can also be artsy and turn them into a picture frame, coaster, or even a cardboard castle for your children!

Cardboard castle as a way of saving money
Instead of throwing away your packing supplies, repurpose them and save some money

Change your habits and get back some of the money you have spent on a long-distance move

Moving to another state can also mean that your life will change. Perhaps you moved because of an exciting job opportunity, or you just want to start fresh. Take a look at our Master Moving Guide If you happen to need more guidelines. We have covered almost every topic you can imagine!

Your long-distance move can be a great opportunity to change some of the habits that were causing you to lose money. Perhaps you were eating out every weekend with your friends, or you took your kids to expensive shopping malls. You have a chance to change that now. You can just walk around the city and once you meet new people invite them to have dinner at your place. Perhaps you moved to a house with a big garden. This is your chance to finally plant all those vegetables that you were dreaming about. Not only that you can get back some of the money you spent on a long-distance move, but you can also eat healthier. These are just some of the things that you can do. You can probably think of many other habits that you can change and save money at the same time.

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