Ways to avoid losing your storage unit

Sometimes, you have too many items that you cannot throw away. You might need them in the near future. Therefore, you should rent a storage unit. However, if you do rent one, then you need to make sure to keep it as well. Oftentimes, people lose their storage units for small reasons. In order to avoid losing your storage unit, you should read about the following tips and tricks that Master Moving Guide prepared for you.

Choose a reliable moving company

It is important to find local movers you can trust. If you want to store your items, you are placing your trust in your moving company’s hands. For this reason, if you want to avoid losing your storage space, you need to be careful when choosing the moving company. Some companies might scam you, take your money while never giving you the keys to the storage units. Others might offer horrible units that are in unacceptable conditions. In order to avoid these unpleasantries, you should know how to pick the best moving company for you. It would be wise to read online reviews since people usually do not hesitate to point out everything that is wrong with the company. In addition to this, you can ask your friends and family for recommendations.

trying to avoid losing your storage unit
Read through all the reviews and comments on social media when you are about to hire a moving company

Start on time

When you want to rent a storage unit, start on time. Decide on the size and price of your unit to see if you can find the one that meets all your preferences. To make sure this happens, you need to give yourself time. If you leave this for the last moment, you will end up with few choices, which might lead to picking a bad company. This ultimately might lead to hiring a fraudulent company that may disappear, leaving you without your unit. For this reason, if you want to avoid losing your storage unit, hire professional residential movers that you can trust.

Avoid losing your storage unit in the auction

Storage units can be auctioned if they are not paid on time. It can happen to everyone but it means saying goodbye to your unit. If you want to avoid losing your storage space, then you should see when the auction will be held. You can always work something out with your company. In addition to this, most companies do not like auctions since it is not their aim to sell items, but rather to store them. Most of the time, auctions are stressful and they take too much time to plan and organize. This works in your favor. If you make a deal with your moving company, you might keep your storage unit.

storage doors
Don’t lose your unit during the auction

Tips on how to avoid losing your storage because of money problems

Here are some ways to strike a deal with your company prior to the auction taking place.

  • Make a partial payment if you are unable to pay the full amount
  • There is an option of asking your friends and family for money if you are far behind
  • When you are definitely going to be late on your payment, then take your items as soon as possible. Usually, you have 3 to 5 days until they lock your items inside
  • You can contact the manager directly and make a settlement. You can offer to pay a smaller amount under the condition that you will move your items within the next few days
  • Usually, companies give the time period from 60 to 90 days to pay your rent and save your items

Keep your information updated

When you make a contract with a moving company, you need to give them all your personal information. This includes your current address, phone number, and email address. If you change any of your personal information, make sure to notify your company. People tend to forget to pay the rent. It can happen to you as well since sometimes you can be extremely distracted that you simply forget. For this reason, if a moving company has your relevant personal information, then they can contact you to remind you of your payment. This way, you can avoid losing your storage. It is quite simple and easy. Just check your mail regularly in order not to miss a moving company’s notice. It is in your interest to keep your storage unit since there must be many reasons why to use a storage unit.

shaking hands
Make a deal with your company

What happens if you lose your unit and your items

Sometimes it just happens. You are not on time, they sell all of your items and you lose your storage unit. However, there is always a way to get some of your belongings back. If you attend the auction, then you can see who purchased yours. You can approach them to politely make an offer. Many auction-hunters will be more than happy to give you back personal items such as pictures or tax documents. This does not have any value for them so just be nice and ask. Do not forget that action-hunters are not obliged to give you even those items back. It is their right to decide. Sometimes, it is might be even better to lose some of your items, especially if you put items that you should not store.

Ways to avoid losing your storage unit

As you can see, most people lose their storage unit because they are overdue to pay rent. The best way to avoid losing your storage unit is to pay it regularly. If this does not happen for some reason, you do not have to panic. There are always ways to deal with this situation. People from the moving company will appreciate it if you contact them to explain the situation. You can make a deal with them that will be beneficial to both parties. This way, you will get to keep your storage unit while the moving company will protect its interests.

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