Useful facts about off-season moving in the US

Off-season moving in the US can have both positive and negative aspects. Depending on your own personal needs and the time of the year, it might be a great idea to do that. On the other hand, sometimes it creates unnecessary costs and troubles – so you need to know what you’re getting yourself into. That’s why this guide shows you all the valuable facts you might want to know, so you’re better prepared to make a good decision. There are a lot of great moving tips and tricks out there, for example on the Master Moving Guide, you might want to follow once you settle down you want to do an off-season move. Questions like how to pack, where to find good storage units, how to do a DIY move, and so on. In any case, off-season moving might be a great thing to do, and for several reasons.

Moving season in the US lasts from April to October

The moving season in the US lasts roughly from April all the way to October. Meaning, it lasts from spring all the way until the end of the summer. That means that most Americans are moving elsewhere during that timeframe and for a number of reasons. Kids are out of school for their summer breaks, the moving companies are very active during that time, and so on. However, that also means that there’s going to be lots of waiting for booking a company during this period and it’s going to be more expensive. So why do people then choose to move during this period? Because it’s super convenient to do so, even with the increased costs. You’ll notice that a lot of the moving costs checklist revolves around the time of the move.

A snowy field during a sunrise, as off-season for moving is usually during the winter.
If you’re looking for a cheap relocation, try moving during the winter.

That’s really just economic thinking. If there are not a lot of people moving during a specific period, the prices are going to go low to attract more of them. If, on the other hand, lots of people are trying to book a company for their relocation – they’re going to increase the prices. You might think that it’s completely reasonable to always move during the off-season. Well, no. It’s probably going to be winter, which means more dangerous roads and colder weather. Your kids would need to miss school. There might be delays with shipping or delivering your things. As you can see, while it’s certainly good to move during the off-season, a number of problems occur. Luckily, with some good planning and preparation beforehand – you should be able to do a good move even with all these hurdles thrown at you. That’s why doing lots of research is crucial.

The moving costs are going to be lower during the off-season

As noted previously, you can lower costs when moving off-season. That’s because not a lot of people are moving during that period, so the companies are going to be pretty available for booking. Some researches show that moving companies can lower their prices by as much as 30 percent, as compared to the standard moving season. That’s a great offer you shouldn’t miss if money is important to you and you want to save some of it when moving. However, be ready that some of the other services might be delayed. If you go and ask several companies for their moving quotes, you’re going to be able to compare them to each other and pick the lowest one. It’s generally advised to seek out three quotes to make a good decision.

Two men from the moving company packing the things into boxes, and they're probably going to offer you cheaper options when you're doing off-season moving in the US.
You’re going to encounter lower costs during the off-season.

Lots of the quotes are actually offered for free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for that, too. If you have more time, it’s perfectly reasonable to seek out more quotes and pick the best option that works for you. You should know that the quotes are going to be vastly different for example a long distance move and a short distance one. On the other hand, different companies calculate their quotes in different ways. Some might base it on the weight of your items, others on the distance, and so on. Just make sure you’re doing thorough research before committing to hiring anyone. If the quotes are calculated in different ways, you won’t really be able to just compare them outright.

Use binding estimates to your own advantage

A binding estimate is similar to moving quotes, except it’s binding for the company and it requires more detail. You usually pay money to receive one, but it isn’t going to change. That’s the exact price you’re going to pay to the company for your relocation. Lots of people haven’t heard of it and wonder what is a binding estimate – so there you have it. You might think it’s a stupid idea to pay for a quote. But you’re wrong. Moving quotes can change over time, so you really can’t be sure unless you get a new one. By receiving a binding one, however, you’re making sure that you know exactly how much you’re going to pay when doing off-season moving in the US. This allows you to prepare and plan your relocation better, as well as set the necessary money aside.

On the other hand, it’s slightly more complicated to receive a binding estimate. You’re going to need to provide much more detail about your relocation to the moving company. Things such as how much stuff you’re moving, their sizes and weight, and so on. If you add something later that you, for example, forgot – they can refuse it. So essentially while allowing you a way to better plan your move, you also need to plan the estimate, as well. Make sure you know exactly what you’re going to move, and plan your binding estimate based on that. For more information, you should contact the local movers you want to hire and ask them. They should be able to tell you what info they need in order to prepare an estimate for you.

Two people shaking hands, symbolizing they reached a deal on the off-season moving binding estimate.
Try getting a binding estimate from the company you’re going to hire.

The price of your off-season moving in the US is going to depend on the distance you’re covering

The location doesn’t really matter, in the sense that you can still move anywhere you want. However, you may experience delays for your things if you’re having them shipped to your place. For example, if you’re relocating during winter time, poor weather conditions might delay your moving. You should take that into consideration when planning your move, be it off-season or during the season itself. Moreover, long-distance relocations are going to cost you more money. That’s still going to be way lower than during the season, but don’t expect magical prices just because of that. Be realistic when booking a company and the costs when researching the best cities for your new home. That’s why the things mentioned above, such as moving quotes and binding estimates, are a great thing to use.

Lately, there’s been a lot of moving to the southern part of California, for example. Especially the smaller towns and cities around the LA metropolitan area. Those should be pretty great candidates for your off-season relocation, so be sure to check that out. Another bigger cities that make it to the top moving list are Las Vegas. Phoenix, and Charlotte. Huntsville in Alabama has recently come to the top of the rankings, as well. Exploring these options will help you relocate during the off-season, as they’re often over-booked during the actual moving season.

A family off 2 packing for the move.
It will still depend on the distance, but your relocation costs are going to be lower during the off season.

You might not be able to sell your property for as much money as you would during the moving season

If you’re moving outside of the standard moving season, you might not be able to sell the property for as much money as usual. That’s because the fact people will usually buy a house or an apartment and then relocate. Similarly, you’d sell your own and then buy something else and move. If not as many people are moving around, that means you might not sell your property for the best price. If your move depends on getting money from your current home, then consider waiting for the summer. Naturally, you’re most likely going to be able to sell it anyway – but the question is: for what price? If a lot fewer people are looking to buy it, that’s going to drag the whole price down. Keep that in mind when considering whether or not you want to move during the off-season.

Winter and colder weather already increase the costs and other problems

Cold, rainy weather is going to cost you a bit more, anyways. You’re going to need to buy waterproof boxes for your items, just in case they get wet somehow along the way. You’ll also need to plan more carefully. Congested traffic could cost you a lot of money if you get stuck with a truck filled with your items. On the other hand, if you’re hiring movers to pack and load your items – you might want to salt your driveway. This is something that people usually forget to do – but it is really important. There are also other things to consider – such as your kids’ school. You’re probably going to need to pull them out of their school year and find a new school. That can really distract them which may make their academic performance falter.

Winter roads during the winter.
Off-season moving in the US can mean you’re going to encounter difficulties on the road, and other problems because of the colder weather.

There’s a good reason that people who’re moving somewhere are avoiding winter. As much as there are plenty of advantages of moving off-season, you need to be aware of these things that could potentially ruin your experience. That’s why people who decide to move during the colder weather plan more carefully what they’re going to do. Yes, the moving companies are going to be more flexible – but there are also many unforeseen circumstances you need to be aware of. When consulting any respectable moving FAQ you’re going to find many people asking what are the best ideas when moving during the winter. It’s exactly that: plan way in advance and be ready to improvise on the spot. That way you’re going to be way more ready than people usually are when moving during this time of the year.

How to plan your off-season move

You’re in the best position to plan your move if you start early. There are a couple of things you can do, and make sure you actually do all of them. They’re going to require time and effort on your part, but it’s a thing that you shouldn’t overlook. That’s going to allow you to have a pleasant and enjoyable moving experience, as opposed to a mess that can happen if you don’t plan everything. Here’s what you need to pay attention to:

  • Start early and choose your moving destination. There are plenty of popular choices, but make sure you’re set on something beforehand in order to make your off-season moving in the US smooth and enjoyable.
  • Research all local movers that are in the area and try to get their free quotes. If you set on one of them, try getting a binding estimate to make sure the price is going to stay no matter what
  • Get all the paperwork done for your school to leave school, and make sure they get assistance during the transition into their new school. Give them time to adjust.
  • Don’t forget to get all of your personal paperwork done during your off-season relocation in the US. That includes stuff like your health insurance information, your voter registration, canceling your utilities, and so on.
  • Prepare for longer delays if you’re moving from an area, or to a place, with rigid winters. Make sure to do stuff like salting your driveway, buying waterproof boxes, and so on.
Some school supplies with a boy in the background, as the off-season moving is going to force your kids to change school most likely.
Think about the effects your off-season move is going to have on your kids’ performance in school.

Moving during the off-season in a nutshell

As you have seen, moving during the off-season brings both positive and negative things. Nonetheless, people often choose to do it because of the lower costs. It’s one of the main ways to move when you’re on a tighter budget, or you’re simply in a rush. Lots of people simply don’t have the time to wait for the summer, because they’ve, for example, found a new and better job. Moreover, no matter if you’re doing a short distance move or to the other side of the US – it’s all pretty much the same. Just give yourself plenty of time to start early and consult all the local moving agencies. Off-season moving in the US can be a great experience, just don’t let the winter ruin everything! Or, if it’s your favorite time of the year – enjoy it all the way!

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