US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades

Everyone loves Thanksgiving as it’s a holiday that brings family and friends together. But there’s so much else to it. And above ales, entertainment is a big part of the festivities. There’s a reason why people visit the US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades. Sometimes it’s even enough to make certain people move. That’s when we at Master Moving Guide can come in and assist you. Here are just some of the places that have great and fun parades that you need to visit. 

If you visit New York during Thanksgiving make sure to check out the parade

NYC is one of the most beautiful places in the US. And for Thanksgiving, that feeling is even more amplified. Especially if you know that there are millions of people coming out of their homes to check out the beautiful parade. There are a number of huge balloons and all the characters that your kids might recognize. If you’re still unsure about your move, call the last minute movers to make sure that they move you to NYC on time to enjoy the parade with your family. Make sure to get your spot as early as possible as people start lining up early to have a good view of the Thanksgiving parade.

A huge balloon cartoon character
Among the US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades in NYC

Detroit has one of the most iconic parades all over the US

If you’re in Detroit during Thanksgiving morning you will have a lot of beautiful things to see and hear. Famous America’s Thanksgiving Parade is one of the biggest and most beautiful ones in the whole US. You will be stunned by the beautiful art, decorations, and amazing-looking balloons. You will want to move to Detroit in this period of the year. And we have tips for hiring movers and packers that will make the whole job much easier to do. Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy this parade. For the runners among you, you can enjoy a 1K, 5K, and even a 10K race along the parade.

The US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades will include Chicago

Chicago has probably one of the best-looking parades by far as there are a lot of people that want to come to see it outside of the city. At the parade itself, you will be able to see some familiar characters floating around and it will be a huge party for you and your family and friends. After this, you will definitely want to put Chicago among the cities for your new home as it shows you how fun it can be. and if you don’t want to miss the parade and the Thanksgiving lunch, you can be sure that you can catch it on TV. It’s definitely one of the most popular parades in the states. 

Houston has an amazing parade that you don’t want to miss

With a tradition that is running for almost 60 years, Houston has one of the best parades around. This parade starts around 9 AM and is happening in the downtown part of Houston. If the other parades are focused on some great artwork and balloons, the one in Houston is one that will exhibit some great marching bands. Of course, there’s an area for you to watch it from the streets, however, it’s also broadcasted all over the state of Texas. come down to Houston during Thanksgiving and enjoy one amazing parade.

A cartoon character saluting
Come down to Texas and enjoy the parade in Houston

Philadelphia is among the US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades

Probably the parade that has the longest tradition is the one in Philadelphia. It has been organized for the last hundred years. And if we can admit it has been improving with each year. It has become a tradition of the locals and if you’re in the area it’s a parade that you need to visit. You can leave your unpacking in the middle and leave moving a piano to professionals. The sight will be more than worth it. Of course, if you have kids, they will be able to see a lot of their favorite heroes. On top of that, you will also be able to recognize some of the characters from your childhood as it’s not strange for a classic cartoon character to pass by.

Make sure to visit Charlotte as it is one of the best US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades

The Thanksgiving parade in Charlotte is one of the biggest ones in the area. Above all, it’s extremely entertaining and attracts a lot of people to watch it. Be it the thousands of people on the streets or millions that watch it on TV. The decorations, art, balloons, and marching bands give the parade an amazing atmosphere. However, it’s not just entertainment that you’ll get at this parade. One of the things that Charlotte does is give back to the community. At this parade, a lot of students in the marching bands will receive a scholarship.

New Orleans knows how to party and Thanksgiving is no exception

When you hear New Orleans, you think about huge parties. Above all, it’s a big festival city, and it’s no wonder it has an outstanding parade. If you love to enjoy a festive atmosphere during the Thanksgiving season, this parade is a must-visit. For that reason, make sure to pay a visit to the city of New Orleans and enjoy the marching bands, music, balloons, art, and everything else that comes with an outstanding parade. You won’t regret it.

A man with his daughter watching a Thanksgiving parade
New Orleans is a city that knows how to party

Every parade during Thanksgiving has the power to entertain you for hours. However big or small the city might be, a parade is always a nice way to celebrate a holiday. And especially one as big as Thanksgiving. Check out the US cities with the best Thanksgiving parades and make your pick. Whatever city you end up choosing, we’re sure that you’ll have tons of fun at the parade itself. We wish you a happy Thanksgiving and hope you and your loved ones will spend it in harmony.

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