US cities with best weather year-round

Imagine living in a city that has excellent weather year-round. Whether you are looking for the best US cities to retire to, a great place for a vacation, or want to take the next step in your career choosing a place with a climate that suits you will greatly affect the quality of life for both you and your loved ones. Therefore, when searching for a perfect vacation or moving destination, researching the weather of the area should make the list of pre-departure tasks. Even though the climate is important, there are many more criteria that a city needs to meet in order to be a great destination to move to. We believe that some of the US cities with best weather year-round have a lot of offers and will meet your requirements.

Choosing the right destination for your move

There are many great cities all around the US that could be the perfect place for you to move to. However, some places just might be better than others. Whether you care mostly about the climate, the city’s amenities, available housing options, or job opportunities, make sure to create a list of priorities in advance.

USA map with pins on it
Make sure you pick the right one out of many US cities with best weather year-round

Moving to another city will be a major change. Therefore, make sure you know what it is that you are looking for. For example, places that are considered to be the best US cities for singles might not go well with the peaceful family life you have in mind. In order to avoid wasting any time or choosing the wrong destination, make sure your list of priorities is detailed. It also needs to be planned according to your needs and lifestyle. The list will help you stay organized and avoid any stress while deciding on which of the US places with the best weather you should move to.

Which are the US cities with best weather year-round?

A few of the best perks of living in a country as large as the U.S. are the number of opportunities and great moving destinations to choose from. As a Master Moving Guide, it is our mission to help you move without any stress. Therefore, we have prepared a list of US cities with the best climate year-round for you to choose from:

  • Los Angeles is one of the most popular US cities with the best weather year-round.
  • Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Atlanta, Georgia.

Los Angeles, California is the first on the list of US cities with best climate year-round

Not only that LS has great weather year-round, but it also offers many great job opportunities. The city’s job market is evolving and there is an increased need for young professionals in almost any field and market.

Palm trees in Los Angeles
Good weather can improve the quality of life

With an average of only 100 cloudy days a year and temperatures that vary from 50 to 70 degrees, LA is most certainly one of the US cities with the best climate you need to consider moving to. The city of LA also has many beautiful beaches. Therefore, if you are looking for a city that can provide you with great outdoor activities and an active lifestyle, LA will be the perfect place to call home.

LA is one of the largest, and at the same time, one of the most diverse cities in the country. Therefore living there will give you an opportunity to meet people from all around the World. You will also get to know other cultures and cuisines.

Oahu, Hawaii

Living next to breathtaking beaches would be a dream come true for many people. With temperatures that go from 75 up to 89, Oahu is a great place for anyone that wants to live in a place with constant summer. Hawaii’s laid-back lifestyle will allow you to change the pace of life and relax while living next to some of the most beautiful scenery in the World.

Daytona Beach, Florida

When talking about the American places with the best climate Florida is an obvious choice. Besides the warm climate, Daytona Beach offers great job and educational opportunities. The city, also, has many great amenities, like museums. More than 20 miles of the coastline, provide an opportunity for various outdoor activities throughout the year.

A beach in Daytona Beach, one of the US cities with best weather year-round
Daytona Beach is one of the US cities with best weather year-round

Atlanta, Georgia

The city of Atlanta, Georgia, is perfect for anyone that cannot stand hot weather. The temperature during the wintertime is usually around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, you can enjoy an outdoor lifestyle regardless of the season. The state of Georgia is considered to be among the most affordable states to live in the country. It is also home to more than a few high-ranked educational institutions. The state has a steady job market and offers many great job opportunities.

What other locations could be added to the list of the US cities with best weather year-round?

If you prefer to have a variety of options, it’s good to know as many American cities with the best climate year-round as possible. That’s why we will not stop there and will give you more ideas. Thankfully, there are plenty of cities around the nation that have amazing weather. It’s important to mention that these cities don’t only offer nice weather, but they also have some of the best US suburbs to live in. You will find some on each coast. So, let’s dive in some more and list more good recommendations!

Stockton, California

The metro population of this city is 751,615. There are 84 days with temperatures above 90 degrees and 22 days with below-freezing temperatures, which is fairly nice. Most days, 261 to be exact, are clear or partly cloudy. This city is very nice because it’s located close to the San Joaquin River, and the residents enjoy sunny weather more than 70% of the year. With a lot of vineyards and wineries around, Stockton is a good place for those who like to go out and enjoy daytime activities in the sun. If you are waiting for snow on a different side of the country and you’re wondering should you move during the winter and go to a warmer place, you probably should.

Greenville, South Carolina

This city has a population of 908,680 people and shares a weather station with neighboring Spartanburg. An interesting fact about Greenville is that, even though you can spot the sun 221 days a year, the location of this city makes nights more chilly. With mountains surrounding the city, there are more nights when you can experience below-freezing temperatures. This is perfect for those who don’t like too much warmth and sweating in their sleep. You can enjoy the sun during the day, and be cozy during the night. Greenville’s geographical position also keeps extreme heat from lasting too long.

Trees, buildings and cars
Greenville, SC is perfect for those who like chilly nights

Sacramento, California is another one of the US cities with best weather year-round

California is known for its good weather. Therefore, it’s not a surprise to see another Cali city on the list of cities with best weather year-round. The capital of CA is home to 2,338,866 people. With 74 days of above 90 degrees and only 18 below zero, Sacramento is heaven for those who love wearing only shirts and shorts. Since Sacramento is located away from the coast, there is no extreme heat or cold happening here. That’s what makes this place very enjoyable. Also, it’s important to mention that Sacramento is one of the most welcoming West Coast locations to settle in. Even though it is a large city, the people here are very warm and friendly.

Honolulu, Hawaii

We have already mentioned one Hawaiian city, but Hawaii is too beautiful to leave it at that. Everyone who has ever visited Hawaii has been mesmerized by how incredible the nature and the weather are. As the capital, Honolulu is the most popular location in this state. It is home to 979,682 people, and the best part about it is – there are 0 days with below-freezing temperatures. On the other hand, there are (only) 25 days below 90 degrees. This might sound like a small number compared to other cities on the list, but it just means that most days in Hawaii are with “just the right temperature”. Imagine the perfect weather, not too hot and never cold. Yes, Hawaii weather is like that all the time.

San Diego, California

This is another large city on the list, with 3,323,970 residents. If you don’t want to see any days below 0 but don’t want to go to Hawaii, you can go to San Diego. No freezing days, and even fewer days above 90 degrees than Honolulu – only 3. With this atmosphere, San Diego has been ranked fourth on the list of Best Places to Live in the U.S. for the Weather. You can expect about 102 cloudy days per year, but don’t be concerned, you can still spend most of your days at the beach, even with some clouds. If you want to spend time enjoying blue skies and sunshine, you will love San Diego.

Palm trees, people on bycicles in San Diego, one of the US cities with best weather year-round
San Diego is also one of the top US cities with best climate year-round

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Home to 1,397,040 people, this city is the capital of Oklahoma state. It might come as a surprise because you can experience plenty of cold nights and hot days in Oklahoma City, so it seems like going to both extremes. However, the almost even number of below-freezing and over 90 degrees days makes it more tolerable. With 76 days below 0 and 71 above 90, it is perfect for those who want to experience both. When in Oklahoma City, you can expect 235 days where you will see at least some sun. Good thing is that 139 of those days are completely clear. This flat part of the country makes clear days more special because you can enjoy looking at far distances and seeing them clearly.

Santa Barbara, California is one of the American cities with best weather year-round

Located northwest of Los Angeles along the California coast is where you find Santa Barbara. With 444,895 residents, Santa Barbara is a perfect size city with great weather. With only 6 days of below-freezing temperatures and only 3 with over 90 degrees, most of the year is warm, mild, and nice. You can expect to see the sun 307 days a year, doesn’t that sound amazing? If you like surfing or enjoying sunsets, you will fall in love with Santa Barbara.

Fayetteville, Arkansas

Similar to Oklahoma City’s ratio, but with less population, Fayetteville is a city with 526,101 residents. There are a few more days above 90 than below zero here, though. To be exact, 71 below freezing and 78 above 90. If getting out into nature in the Ozark Mountains sounds fun to you, then this place might be the right choice. Weather is actually one of the top reasons people move long distances, believe it or not. So, if you are considering it and wondering if you’re alone, don’t worry, plenty of people decide to move their home to a better climate.

Santa Rosa, California

We have another Cali city on the list of US places with the best weather year-round. With 496,801 residents, Santa Rosa attracts a lot of visitors who like being outside and enjoying nice weather. with only 18 below freezing and 74 above 90, the weather here is pleasant. Many people looking for a relaxing weekend, or wanting to visit some of the famous Californian vineyards chose to come to Santa Rosa. Anyone would be happy to call it home.

Woman in the pool
Enjoy endless summers in one of California’s many cities with amazing weather

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

This location is very popular among tourists from both the US and outside the country. One of the reasons for that is Myrtle Beach’s lovely weather. About 215 days per year are clear or partly cloudy. With 481,489 residents, this is one of the fastest-growing metro areas. The weather conditions attract many people who want to move to warmer places. You can expect around 45 days with over 90 degrees and 40 with below-freezing temperatures. Other than the beach, there are many fun outdoor activities you can enjoy in this city. South Carolina is on the list of top US states with the best weather year-round, so many cities and towns in this state can offer a relaxing atmosphere.

Tulsa, Oklahoma is on the list of American cities with best weather year-round

Another Oklahoma city is on the list. With 996,141 residents, Tulsa is another fast-growing city. With 230 days of sun or a few clouds, Tulsa is a good destination for those who don’t like harsh winters and rain. Even though there are about 75 days a year when you can expect freezing temperatures, 73 days a year are above 90 degrees. However, everything in between is pretty mild and perfect for those who like experiencing different seasons, but not with high intensity of either heat or cold. Fun fact to keep in mind, Oklahoma is one of the states that pay you $10000 to move there, so why not make some money and enjoy the nice weather?

Modesto, California

A city with 819,896 residents, Modesto is the county seat and largest city of Stanislaus County. This city has as many as 300 days a year with clear or partly cloudy skies. It doesn’t get much better than that. Only 22 days a year offer below-freezing temperatures, and 84 can be above 90 degrees. Modesto has beautiful tree-lined streets with pretty-looking older homes that give it a unique look. Modesto is also known for its large agricultural industry. If you decide to move to Modesto, or anywhere in CA, make sure you check the busiest moving routes in the United States and try to avoid the busy times.

Cars and homes on the street
Modesto is one of many cities in California with nice weather year-round

San Francisco, California

If you are looking to move to a large city with good weather, San Francisco might be the right place for you. With 4,709,220 people living in the city, it does get crowded and fun. The number of residents might be large, but the number of days with freezing temperatures here is zero. 260 days a year are sunny or partly cloudy, but only 2 are above 90 degrees. This makes it clear that the weather here is easy to handle and always in favor of outdoor activities and a warm breeze at night.

Yes, SF is known for its rolling fog, but that fog usually burns off by the afternoon. Therefore, you can enjoy the sun for the rest of the day. If you are looking at cities in California from a different place in the world, keep in mind that CA is among the best US states for expats, and many settle right here in the famous San Francisco.

Phoenix, Arizona

If you live in Phoenix, you will experience  313 sunny days a year. In fact, this city is one of the sunniest places in the U.S. year-round, if not the sunniest. Phoenix is within driving distance of three national parks, which makes it even more attractive. Grand Canyon, Saguaro, and Petrified Forest national parks make this area worth visiting. Those who live in Phoenix never run out of sunny days and things to see. However, there are some contrasts depending on where you live in Arizona. Some cities have summer temperatures up to, or over 100, and some get so much show during the winter that they have ski resorts. You will find some of the most beautiful spots in the USA right here in Arizona.

Street with people, buildings and cars
Arizona offers different seasonal activities depending on where you are in the state

El Paso, Texas is another one of the US cities with best weather year-round

With 678,415 residents and 305 days of sunshine per year, El Paso is a perfect place for those deciding to maybe start a new chapter or settle in a warm, Southern city. Famous for the colonial architecture, El Paso Mission Trail that dates back to 1598, and Franklin Mountains State Park, El Paso is full of amazing things to see, do, and learn. This city was ranked as one of the safest cities in the United States. Therefore, moving here means a relaxed, safe, and warm lifestyle full of sun and good food.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

This city gets only 9.4 inches of rainfall a year. This means that rain will very rarely if ever, ruin your plans for you. With 562,599 residents, Albuquerque is in the middle of the arid Southwestern desert region and is the hot air balloon capital of the world! You can expect 310 days of sunshine per year here. With very low humidity, summers are very comfortable and winters comparatively mild.

Moving to one of the US cities with the best weather year-round

After choosing the perfect destination for your move, the next step would be to plan the moving process. Whether you are moving to your dream city from the opposite coast or one of the US places with the best weather year-round is just a few miles away, you need to make sure you avoid any moving mistakes. The best way to move safely and avoid any scams is to hire residential movers with a good reputation. With a reliable mover on your side, you will be able to move safely and stress-free.

People with flags having fun by the water in one of the US cities with best weather year-round
Moving to a city with nice weather will bring more joy to your life

Stay organized during the move by creating a detailed moving plan. Make sure you have a packing checklist as well. Start preparing in advance. Ideally, the best time to start planning a move is a few months in advance. However, if you don’t have that much time and need to plan a last-minute relocation, ask your mover to help you. Consider using full moving services. Therefore, while your mover plans and executes the relocation you will be able to focus on planning your new life and finding the best housing option.

Do you need packing services or a safe storage unit during the move? Your move to one of the US cities with best weather year-round will be much easier if you pick a mover that will be a one-stop shop. Don’t forget to prepare for the moving day. Stay safe by dressing properly and don’t forget to have fun! Your new hometown is waiting for you. Make the best out of it!

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