US cities with best weather year-round

Imagine living in a city that has a great weather year-round. Whether you are looking for the best US cities to retire, a great place for a vacation or want to take the next step in your career and need a change of pace, choosing a city with the climate you enjoy will greatly affect the quality of life for both you and your family. Therefore, when searching for a perfect vacation or moving destination, researching about the weather of the area should make the list of pre-departure tasks. Even though the climate is important, there are many more criteria that a city needs to meet in order to be a great destination to move to. We believe that some of the US cities with best weather year-round have a lot offer and will meet your requirements.

a beach at one of the US cities with best weather
Moving to a city with a great climate will improve your quality of life

Choosing the right destination for your move

There are many great cities all around the US that could be the perfect place for you to move to. However, some places just might be better than the others. Whether you care mostly about the climate, city’s amenities, available housing options or job opportunities, make sure to create a list of priorities in advance.

Moving to another city will be a major change. Therefore, make sure you know what it is that you are looking for. For example, places that are considered to be the best US cities for singles might not go well with a peaceful family life you have in mind. In order to avoid wasting any time or choosing a wrong destination, make sure your list of priorities is detailed. It also needs to be planned according to your needs and lifestyle. The list will help you stay organized and avoid any stress while deciding on which of the US cities with best weather you should move to.

Which are the cities in the US with the best weather?

A few of the best perks of living in a country as large as the U.S. are the number of opportunities and great moving destinations to choose from. As a Master Moving Guide, it is our mission to help you move without any stress. Therefore, we have prepared the list of US cities with best weather year-round for you to choose from:

  • Los Angeles, one of the most popular US cities with best weather year-round.
  • Oahu, Hawaii.
  • Daytona Beach, Florida.
  • Atlanta, Georgia.

Los Angeles

Not only that LS has a great weather year-round, but it also offers many great job opportunities. The city’s job market is growing and there is a need for young professionals in almost any field.

a neighborhood in LA
LA is a great place for young professionals

With the average of only 100 cloudy days a year and temperatures that vary from 50 to 70 degrees, LA is most certainly one of the US cities with best weather you need to consider moving to. The city of LA also has many beautiful beaches. Therefore, if you are looking for a city that can provide you with great outdoor activities and an active lifestyle, LA will be the perfect place to call home.

LA is also one of the most diverse cities in the country. Therefore living there will give you an opportunity to meet people from all around the World. You will also get to know other cultures and cuisines.


Living next breathtaking beaches would be a dream come true for many people. With the temperatures that go from 75 up to 89, Oahu is a great place for anyone that wants to live at a place with constant summer.

a beach in Hawaii
Hawaii might be the perfect place for your move

Hawaii’s laid-back lifestyle will allow you to change the pace of life and relax while living next to some of the most beautiful scenery in the World.

Daytona Beach

When talking about the US cities with best weather Florida is an obvious choice. Besides the warm climate, Daytona Beach offers great job and educational opportunities. The city, also, has many great amenities, like museums. The 23 miles of the coastline, provide an opportunity for numerous outdoor activities year-round.


The city of Atlanta, in Georgia, is the perfect place for anyone that doesn’t like extremely high temperatures. The temperature during the winter is in average in the low 60’s. Therefore, you can expect to have an outdoor lifestyle year-round.

Georgia is considered to be an affordable state to live in. It is also home to more than a few high ranked educational institutions. The state has a steady job market and offers many great job opportunities.

Moving to one of the US cities with best weather year-round

After choosing the perfect destination for your move, the next step would be to plan the moving process. Whether you are moving to your dream city from the opposite coast or one of the US cities with best weather year-round is just a few miles away, you need to make sure you avoid any moving mistakes. The best way to move safely and avoid any scams is to hire residential movers with a good reputation. With a reliable mover on your side, you will be able to move safely and stress-free.

a man at an airport
Hiring a reliable mover will let you relax and move hassle free

Stay organized during the move by creating a detailed moving plan. Make sure you have a packing checklist as well. Start preparing in advance. Ideally, the best time to start planning a move is a few months in advance. However, if you don’t have that much time and need to plan a last minute relocation, ask your mover to help you. Consider using full moving services. Therefore, while your mover plans and executes the relocation you will be able to focus on planning your new life and finding the best housing option.

Do you need packing services or a safe storage unit during the move? Your move to one of the US cities with best weather will be much easier if you pick a mover that will be a one-stop shop. Don’t forget to prepare for the moving day. Stay safe by dressing properly and don’t forget to have fun! Your new hometown is waiting for you. Make the best out of it!

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