Upsides of self-packing when moving

Even though hiring professional packers is probably the most convenient way to move, there are also many upsides of self-packing. If you are still thinking about whether to pay for a professional packing service or to do it relying on your own skills, think about this. You will be able to pack at your own pace. Spending countless hours on the internet trying to find commercial movers that you can rely on is not easy. You will not have strangers going through your precious belongings. Also, hiring them is not cheap. Finally, you will have a much easier job of locating your items after the move. Of course, that might not be enough to beat hiring professional packing services for your move. But it is good to know that there are some benefits to not doing so.

To self-pack or hire professionals?

As we all know, hiring professional help in any aspect of your life has numerous pros and cons. The same goes for hiring professional packing services. Here are some of the most obvious:

Woman holding her head
Self-packing is a tiring process, but there are many benefits to it

Pros of packing on your own

If you are not convinced that you should hire packing services, here are the benefits of self-packing:

  • One of the most obvious upsides of self-packing is that it is cheaper. Besides, you also do not have to think about how much to tip moving crew.
  • You can pack at your own pace.
  • You will have full control over the packing process.
  • If you label your boxes properly, you will have a much easier job of finding things after the move.
  • Maybe you do not trust your movers. If you are packing on your own you do not have to think about theft and privacy issues.

Pros of hiring professional packing services

Here are the good sides of hiring professionals:

  • The professional packing crew will bring their packing materials.
  • They are more efficient. This means that they will do it quickly and use less packing materials.
  • There is a bigger chance that your items will be packed properly.
  • Less chance that your items will get damaged in the process.
  • They will also disassemble your furniture.

One of the most obvious upsides of self-packing is that it is budget-friendly

Hiring professional packing service costs money. But people usually feel uncomfortable if they do not tip their movers too. If you are looking for pros of self-packing this is maybe the most important one.

Packing at your own tempo is also a benefit of self-packing

The moving process is complicated. Sometimes, you want to take time, go through your items once more, and pack slowly. You cannot do it if you hired a packing service. Packing at your own pace is one of the benefits of packing yourself.

Having full control is one of the greatest benefits of packing on your own

Packing on your own also means that you will have full control over the packing process. You can start when you want, take a break, decide where what goes, how many packing supplies you need, and such. If you hire professionals, they are making all the decisions for you.

You will easily find what you are looking for; it is also one of the upsides of self-packing

Packing professionals will be quick, and efficient, but they will not ask you in which box to pack a specific item. That can cause you problems once you start unpacking. One of the upsides of self-packing is that you will easier find what you are looking for after unpacking.

Labeled cardboard boxes
You will have no trouble finding what you are looking for. That is one of the upsides of self-packing

A good side of self-packing is that you do not have to think about strangers tampering with your items

Even though there are many benefits of hiring professional packing services, they do not mean much if you have trusting issues. That is probably the biggest reason why people decide on self-packing. They just do not feel comfortable with trusting their valuable belongings to complete strangers.

If you hire a professional packing service, you do not have to deal with finding packing supplies

If you decide to hire a professional packing service, you do not have to think about how much packing supplies you need and where to get them. Besides being expensive, finding boxes and wraps can be tiring and time-consuming as well. Moving companies usually use plastic boxes for packing. So when the unpacking is done, you just stack the bins and wait for the movers to pick them up.

Forget about numerous upsides of self-packing; professional packers are more efficient

Professional packers also know how to pack your items using less packing materials. They will spend much less, boxes, plastic wraps, packing tapes and bags. Good to know if you are paying for those items. Besides being more efficient with packing materials, they will also be more efficient with time. As they are doing this every day they know how to pack quickly.

Your items will be packed securely with professional help

Not only that they know how to pack quickly, but you can also expect that your items will be packed securely. This is very important as transport can leave many wounds on your belongings.

Eggs in carrton
Items need to be packed securely if you do not want them to get damaged during a move

Items can get damaged during the packing process but there is more chance for this during self-packing

Your items can also be damaged during packing.  Especially if you are in a hurry. Hiring professionals will lower those chances significantly. And if something does get damaged, they will pay for the damage.

There are many upsides of self-packing, but you do not have to disassemble the furniture if you go with professionals

One of the most difficult things to do during the packing process is disassembling furniture. If you hire a professional packing service, you do not have to do it.

Even though upsides of self-packing are convincing, hiring professionals is sometimes a better option

As you can see there are many upsides of self-packing, but there are also many arguments for the other option as well. Of course, it all depends on your situation and your preferences. However, if you do not have problems with strangers tampering with your belongings, hiring professionals is probably the better option.

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