Understanding truck rental insurance

Mishaps occur, but if you have one while you’re in the process of relocating and you’re operating a leased moving truck, whose insurance takes care of the damage? In many cases, it’s only after something like this occurs that we come to find out that our auto insurance doesn’t cover driving a rented vehicle. Thus, before you drive a truck rental off the lot, check your insurance and see if you’re protected. If it turns out that you’re not covered, then you will need to purchase truck rental insurance. Through the rental agency! This way you will protect your items and lessen your liability. And something like this should definitely be part of every moving guide out there.

Having proper coverage when operating a rental truck is important

Many customers aren’t aware that their auto insurance policy is not the same as the truck rental insurance. Moving truck insurance is an additional security you might want to buy before your move. This type of insurance has been made to keep both you and your items safe during a DIY move. Moving truck insurance will apply to any accidental damage to your truck (excluding any type of mechanical problem). For example, if you damage the drivetrain of the vehicle by overpacking it or hitting a bridge. Those things are not covered by your insurance. Although if you identify and avoid cheap movers on time, there is a chance that you will be informed of everything beforehand.

Man signing truck rental insurance paperwork
Truck rental insurance is quite important when moving alone. As it will help you a lot if any unexpected circumstances arise.

Types of truck rental insurance

When talking about this type of insurance you should know there are four primary types of supplemental protection plans. Damage Waivers, Supplemental Liability Insurance, Personal Accident and Cargo Insurance, and Auto Tow Protection. If you hire movers without getting scammed they will explain the differences to you. If you ask that is. So what are the differences?

Supplementary Liability Insurance

The first type of truck rental insurance is supplementary liability insurance. If other people put forth any damage claims against you, this insurance will protect both you and your items. The highest coverage presented by this insurance is $100,000. Before you take this, we suggest you slowly read the policy. As there might be different exclusions in its terms and requirements.

Damage Waivers

If you choose this type of insurance, you will be cleared of specific financial coverage due to the loss or theft of items. There are two kinds of liability waivers policy. One is a Personal Damage Waiver, and the other is a Limited Damage Waiver. If you choose PDW you will have no obligation. But if you opt for LDW you will be obligated to pay the initial $500 of damage or loss. Don’t make the error of evaluating damage waivers as insurance as it’s only an add-on to improve your security.

Small moving truck moving fast
Depending on the size of the truck as well as the move, you don’t need the same insurance for all of them.

Auto Tow Protection

You can pick this alternative if you want to shield your car on the camper or car dolly while you are driving it to another site. This approach will shield you from damage. For example fire, storm, flood, hurricane, landside, crash or even vehicle overturn. Typically, there is a deductible included. So you should be mindful of your liability for a damage-causing event.

Personal accident and cargo protection

A Personal Accident and Cargo conservation method protects you and your items while in the truck rental. If you are hurt or there was damage to your items due to specifically listed reasons, your plan will cover the expenses. Personal Accident and Cargo protection plans do not include damage caused by shifting cargo, stealing, or burglary. Many truck rental companies may also have exclusions and most of these procedures are strictly for non-commercial customers.

Why is this insurance important?

Well, there are many ways to move. And usually, people decide to either move by themselves or hire professionals. And those things have completely opposite circumstances. When someone hires movers, they have access to many other services they offer. For example, they can consult professional piano movers, have someone else pack them and so many other possibilities. Also, when hiring a moving company usually there is insurance. But when you do a DIY move, things change. Now you are the one in charge.

That means there will be no more benefits! So make sure to find everything you will need. Insurance covers the fees for any injuries or damages. Not to mention there are different types of insurance you can choose from. From full coverage to the other ones.

Road covered in fog
Sometimes due to bad weather or other uncontrollable factors, accidents can happen.

How to buy this insurance

Of course in order to get the insurance you will need to buy it. But how do you do that?

  • You can purchase rental insurance from the same place where you will rent the vehicle.
  • Ask the brokers about the damage that would be paid by the insurance policy. And if it’s included in the truck prices.
  • Choose different types of insurance for different types of moves. How can a local and an out-of-state move have the same insurance?

Final advice on truck rental insurance

Find out if your homeowner insurance also covers truck rental services or not. Sometimes, such a policy may cover your moving truck. So it’s not a bad idea to check it out. Separated from this, if you are utilizing a credit card, you can check out the detailed policies it has if you rent a moving truck. You need to inspect if you are suitable for a discount or if the company has coverage for moving supplies as well as moving vehicles for rent.

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