Unconventional storage uses you weren’t aware of

Modern lifestyle has completely changed our buying and storing habits. Not only we live in an era of consumerism, but our lives also require much more things than they used to. Consequently, tired of fast and overwhelming jobs and living, what people want at their home is peace and minimalism. This is the moment when we reach out for professional storage services. The storage business is growing because everyone needs storage units nowadays. And although most people rent it in order to declutter their home or when they are moving into a smaller place, storage has much more purposes than you can imagine. We have given it some thought and made a list of unconventional storage uses we hope you’ll enjoy.

Working away has never been easier

It often happens that someone gets an offer to work away for a certain period of time. Is moving abroad to work your story, too? In this situation, you know that after 6, 12 or 18 months you will come back. Hence, you don’t want to move your entire life elsewhere, only things you will need during your stay. If you own a house or an apartment, you are likely to rent it out for the duration of your stay away. Many homeowners in this situation don’t feel like leaving all their belongings around their home. Therefore, they decide to rent storage. It is an easy way to keep your belongings safe and locked while you are away. You should give it a try. It will provide you much more than just space for storing- it will give you peace of mind.

Books and markers on the lap
Renting a local storage unit is an ideal solution for students during the summer months

Empty nest syndrome – one of the unconventional storage uses

If you are one of the parents facing the empty nest syndrome right now, you should know that you are not alone. Once their children have left for college, most people feel a bit depressed. And accordingly, they start thinking about ways to alter the layout of their home. So, if this is your situation, it is one of the unconventional storage uses, but we have a plan. There are so many things you can do with that extra space! You could turn a bedroom into a study, home gym or into a television room. You can even rent those extra bedrooms on Airbnb and earn some extra money.

But first, you need to get rid of your kids’ stuff. Obviously not forever, because they might come back. Believe it or not, an empty nest is also one of the top reasons people use storage.

Solution for college students in the summertime

During their stay at college, students collect all sort of things. Furniture, a television, a CD player, and many many books. If you are a student, you know what I am talking about. And if it’s not your last year, you are likely coming back to your dorm or apartment once the summer is over. And you don’t want to spend your time and money moving everything to your parents’ house and back, right? Especially when in college, you don’t have a budget for unnecessary student moves. If this is your scenario and you are not sure who might be hanging around in your rented accommodation over the summer, renting a local storage unit is an ideal solution. It is one of the unconventional storage uses and a small price for a summer of peace and relaxation!

Pilates balls and weight
You always wanted a home gym? Store your kid’s belongings and make it happen!

Gap year- year for storage 

During college, many students choose to spend a year traveling. It’s a great opportunity to see the world before they enter the big, scary world of work! And usually, most of them figure out they need a place to store their belongings between the end of the year and the time that they return. Especially if there is no room back at mum and dad’s for all the extra things they have collected during their years at college. Besides, depending on the distance, shipping things to the parents’ house might be a more expensive solution. A nice small storage unit will do the trick! This might be one of the unconventional storage uses, but it’s definitely a good reason to rent a unit.

Get ready, baby’s on the way! 

Is baby on the way? Your home is definitely one of the many things you will need to change. Eventually, you will need to clear the spare bedroom. But no need to you don’t have to put everything on eBay. When you replace the spare bed with a cot, you can just put it in a self-storage unit, along with other furniture that’s on your way. Most likely, you are going to need it again in a while. Babies grow up fast, and maybe you will even move to a bigger place. If you change your mind, you can always sell it. Also, if you are storing a lot of wood furniture, keep in mind that you will probably need climate controlled storage. Wood is delicate and it requires temperature and humidity control in order to stay in the same condition and doesn’t get damaged.

Making room for baby stuff is one of the unconventional storage uses
Baby on the way? Time for storing

Staging a home like a pro

Are you planning on selling your home? You should know that a good staging is crucial when you want to get a good price for your home.  So this is a moment to ask yourself how to make your place look bigger and more appealing. By getting rid of unnecessary things, obviously. And do you have children or pets? If yes, you might have a lot of things in your home that doesn’t look ready for a real estate showing. For this reason, renting a small storage unit to keep some clunky items off-site during the process is a bliss!

These are just some of the unconventional storage uses. The fact is that storage is one of the most convenient things ever made, and whatever your use is, we hope you’ll enjoy it!

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