Traits of millennial-friendly cities

Millennials are all grown up and ready to set off to a new adventure. They have obtained their degrees and now it is time for true adulthood. For that, they need a suitable destination in order to thrive. Not every town can be one of the best cities for millennials. It needs to have certain characteristics in order to be eligible. For this reason, these are traits of millennial-friendly cities. If you are one of the millennials,  then you will definitely agree with the traits on this list.

Traits of millennial-friendly cities: Job opportunities

The majority of millennials are college grads and they expect to find a decent job that somehow is related to their major. For this reason, not every city could be perfect for millennials. Today’s job market is highly competitive and insecure. Young people wish to have stability when it comes to their finance. This especially applies if they want to settle down in one place. Buying house long-distance is only manageable if they have a stable income. For this reason, job availability is one of the traits of millennial-friendly cities. Here is the short list of the most popular jobs for millennials.

  • Emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  • Physician assistant
  • Advertising and promotions managers
  • Financial analyst
  • Market research analysts and marketing specialists
  • Web developers
people sitting around the table
A millennial-friendly city should offer many jobs opportunities for young people

Median Pay

Similar to the previous entry on this list, young people are quite interested in their salaries. It is quite reasonable to expect good pay for your job. After all, someone who spends at least four years at the university, would not want to work for miserable pay. Unfortunately or not, money is important to some extent. If you are hard-working and passionate for your work, then it would be only reasonable to expect a decent salary. For this reason, being able to find a job and having a nice median pay should be among the traits of millennial-friendly cities. Likewise, some of the best US cities for job opportunities are also the most suitable for millennials.

Cost of living

Even if you are not a millennial, you will still be interested in the costs of living in one city. However, this is especially significant if you do belong among millennials. Since most young people are only starting to their jobs, they cannot have high salaries. For this reason, the cost of living is one of the most important traits of millennial-friendly cities. If young adults are able to afford their accommodations, bills, and food, then they will move to this city. After all, no one wants to live in a city that is too expensive. Because of this, many major cities are not popular among millennials since they are too expensive. A millennial-friendly city must be affordable.


Surprisingly, many famous American cities do not have a functional infrastructure nor a good system of public transportation. Because of this, many young people are concerned about commute time and safety. Who wants to spend more than two hours commuting? The answer is definitely not millennials. They are quite energetic and adventurous. For this reason, they need to be active, to explore and not to waste their time commuting. This is why transportation and proximity are the traits of millennial-friendly cities. Many millennial also own a car. If a city has decent roads, then it will be interesting enough for young people. Before you decide to ship your car to your new city, read car transport tips so you can know what to expect.

people sitting in a tram
Transportation is important for one city

Entertainment options

Millennials are quite friendly and always looking to meet new people. If a city has a large percentage of young and single people, then it is a millennial-friendly city. For this reason, that city also has to have various entertainment options. This includes bars, unique coffee shop and generally places for a good night out. In addition to this, some millennials prefer some other activities, such as going to a concert, enjoying a play in the theater or watching the newest Hollywood blockbuster. They can meet new young people here, develop long-lasting friendships or meet their significant others. The options should be endless and diverse so everyone can find something that will fit their taste.

traits of millennial-friendly cities are nightlife and parties
Nightlife is important for millennials

Traits of millennial-friendly cities: Technology

Young people grew up using computers. It is like their second nature and they will not live somewhere they have no access to the Internet. It is reasonable to expect a stable Internet connection everywhere. However, that is not the case in every city. For this reason, millennial will go to the city where they can enjoy sharing their lives on social media. This ties with the previous paragraph, unique city spots with a stable connection are perfect for young populations.  In addition to this, it would be a huge advantage if the city has several shops with interesting gadgets.

Moving tips

If you see that your city of choice is perfect for you, then you need to organize the move. You should start by hiring a moving company since they can help you with all the little moving details. In addition to this, start on time and make a plan. If your plan is made well, then you will have no problems to execute this feat successfully. As for your items, you should make sure to pack your items well so they will not get lost or damaged during the transport. Moving can be quite stressful, but if you prepare yourself, then it should not be a problem for a young person.

Traits of millennial-friendly cities

As you can see, most things named here are quite reasonable and expected. Young people are willing to work and to earn for themselves, they just need someone or something to give them an opportunity. If you choose an appropriate city for yourself, then you should be able to achieve all your dreams.

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