Traits of industrial movers to look for

In business, it all boils down to costs and profits. Minimizing the former while maximizing the latter is what makes any venture successful. And the same applies to industrial moving. When deciding on who you want to place your trust in to move your business, you want to avoid any unnecessary costs. We’re not only talking about the fine print here. Damages can be far more detrimental when relocating your venture then any additional fines you might have looked over. There’s also the stress toll on yourself to avoid. So here are some traits of industrial movers to keep in mind. 


One of the most important traits of industrial movers is a good reputation. Commercial movers with a long history of successful and well-organized moves will be well known within your industry. So start your research from there. Check with your colleagues from the same branch if they have heard of any good industrial movers. Chances are, someone will know of a case of a move going well and will be able to recommend you the movers. On the other hand, they might have an anecdote of a move going wrong and you’ll know which movers to avoid.

Two businessmen shaking hands.
Good reputation – one of the most important traits of industrial movers to look for.

Another thing you can do is to research to check which enterprises from your industry moved lately. Then you can call their representative and check with them directly. They’ll probably be glad to tell you what their experience was with a certain mover. They might even tell you a few things to pay attention to. Excess information is never bad.  After all, depending on your industry, movers qualified to move your business may not be in abundance. So, checking with colleagues from the same branch might even give you a list of companies to check out, even before you start scouring the web.

The right equipment

Naturally, one of the most important traits of industrial movers for your move will be having the right equipment. Some moving companies might be lured into taking a moving job they can’t handle, by the prospect of great profit. So, here too, research is vital. Arrange a meeting with the movers at their facility and bring your technicians with you. Then make an impromptu inspection of their machinery to check if it is actually capable of performing the job you need. After all, you wouldn’t want to risk your business by leaving it in the hands of underequipped movers.

A person operating a forklift
Your movers having the right equipment is vital for conducting your move right.

Give the movers a call and inquire about what kind of machinery they have. Then ask them to have a look at it. If they don’t have anything to hide, they won’t mind. It could be a red flag if they avoid letting you see what kind of tools they have for moving your business. Bringing your engineers or technicians along is beneficial because they might know several pitfalls and dangers to bear in mind, that you may not think of.

The right skills

One of the traits of industrial movers to look for when deciding is the expertise in moving your kind of industry. Depending on the type of business you are moving, the movers should have particular skills to make the move safe and done right. However, there might be some industry-specific skills that your movers might lack. Finding a very good industrial moving company only to have to drop it because they may lack insight into the specifics of your branch can be disheartening. But its no cause for despair. You can always arrange with your movers to have your own employee, with that specific knowledge as advisors and overseers.

Saftey gear hung on a side of a crate. The right skillset is one of the most important traits of industrial movers to pay attention to.
Industry-specific skills must be taken into account when deciding on which movers to hire.

They’ll probably be happy to arrange for it, just to have your business. While it may mean additional costs for you if you need to pay your experts over time, the benefits will probably outweigh the costs. Having them present while the move is being arranged and ensuring the safety of all your equipment and inventory could be vital.

Insurance options

One of the best guards against the stress that comes with moving is moving insurance. Every move is stressful, and it’s not different when it comes to industrial moving. If anything, it could be more stressful with potential damages involved. This all makes it vital to properly look into your insurance options when moving. Having your legal team or hired legal professional go through these is a good idea. After all, with any move accidents can happen. The larger the scope of the move, the more potential dangers there are. And these can incur some heavy costs. Not just from direct damage, but with potential delays in production when the move is done. With all this in mind, it becomes clear why having good insurance options is one of the most important traits of industrial movers.


Depending on your industry and location, your movers might be legally obliged to have certain licenses to conduct the move. Expert moving and storage companies will have passed inspections and other legal requirements, to get the licenses needed. Not having these might land both them and you a hefty fine. Even worse is the possibility of authorities detaining your equipment, prolonging the moving process. As with damaged equipment, this can lead to delays in production that can cause you further financial damage.

Area of operations

Last but not least is checking the area within which your moving company of choice operates. While most of them will agree to work outside their area if the deal is good enough, this may introduce additional costs. On the other hand, if you find great movers, but they don’t cover the area you need, give them a call. Chances are they will be glad to lower their price in order for you to hire them. After all, earning a bit less profit on a move is better than losing the job altogether.

Researching the traits of industrial movers that you chose

You probably have noticed that one word permeates throughout this whole guide. And that word Is research. With moves as valuable and complicated as these, there really is no place for gambling. So invest enough time to research which movers you want to hire. Making sure they have the traits of industrial movers that you’re looking for is simply vital. So, set some time for thorough research. It will pay off.

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