Top US states with the best weather year round

Deciding where to move is not easy. There are many things to take into consideration that will affect your quality of life after the move. Things like the cost of living, entertainment options, job market, and education options for the children are some of the most important ones. But, non of that is complete without good weather. Luckily, the United States is packed full of amazing places where the weather is heavenly all year. Master Moving Guide will help you find the ideal movers, you just have to decide where you want to move. We’re sharing a list of the top US states with the best weather year round to make the decision easier for you!

“Great weather” is different for each individual

When you say a place has excellent weather, that’s not going to mean the same for everyone. Some people enjoy hot summer days and basking in the sun, while others prefer cold winters with lots of snow, and thrive in such conditions when they can ski to their hearts’ content. However, what we mean by “the best weather” is what the majority of people find pleasurable. That means that there is plenty of sunshine and not too much rainfall during the year and that the winters and summers are mild. That was the main criteria when determining what the best places in the US are regarding weather. Whether you’re moving for work, school, or after retirement, having nice weather affects most people’s quality of life significantly.

a place with beautiful weather
Enjoy moving to one of the US states with the best weather year round.

Top US states with the best weather year round

The United States is a place rich in states with beautiful weather. Combine that with some of the most spectacular nature, and it’s easy to see how pleasurable living in these places can be. Here are the top states with the most beautiful weather in the US:

  • California
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Texas
  • Arizona
  • South Carolina
  • North Carolina
  • Georgia
  • Delaware
  • Louisiana


California is one of the absolute best states when it comes to beautiful weather. Sure, some places can be quite hot during summer, but the south and central California are unmatched regarding pleasant weather. The temperature practically never goes below 60, and even the summers are not extremely hot with the average temperature around 85 degrees. There isn’t too much rain in California either, making it home to some of the best US cities to retire. Humid weather can be difficult for the elderly. Because of that, it’s best to move to a state with a dry climate to enjoy your retirement to its full potential. California is ideal because it has less than 20 inches of rainfall annually. The best part of living in California is the sunny weather over 300 days yearly.


For those who enjoy a neverending summer and beaches galore, Florida is the ideal place. This state has to be included on our list of the states with the finest weather conditions in the United States. Although the Sunshine State is famous for stormy weather and frequent rainfall. It does have around 50 inches of rainfall annually which is still below the national average. Some parts of Florida are drier than others, though. Key West is one of the places with the best weather in Florida, given that it’s sunny and clear over 70% of the time. The average temperatures during summer are in the low 90s, while the winter average rarely goes below the high 60s.

With the beautiful weather and the beaches, you know you’ll have entertainment options That’s exactly what makes Florida home to some of the top US cities for singles. There are beach parties every day, and  The Sunshine State is famous for its vibrant nightlife!

Florida is one of the US states with the best weather year-round
Florida has beautiful, warm weather most of the year.


If you are looking for places with the best weather, you can’t skip Texas. The Lone Star State takes the prize when it comes to opportunities for great life quality combined with great weather. You will have access to some of the best healthcare in the country, excellent education options, amazing job opportunities, and options for outdoor activities to your heart’s content, all on top of the beautiful weather benefit. Texas is home to some of the best cities for millennials in the USA, and it’s definitely worth considering if you’re thinking about moving. You will get the chance to enjoy pleasurable weather where the winters are mild with average temperatures in the 60s, while the summers are nice and warm (although sometimes hot) with average temperatures in the low 90s.


Arizona is one of the driest states on our list which makes it especially appealing when we’re talking about US states with the best weather year round. You will not have to worry about humidity and rain. The state of Arizona gets only about 12 inches of rain annually, making it ideal to enjoy all the advantages of living here. The state is home to the Grand Canyon and many other spectacular wonders of nature that you’ll love visiting on one of the many road trips you’ll take after moving to Arizona. Make sure you get the best moving insurance before you move, so you can be protected from any financial losses that could make a dent in your budget. Save your hard-earned money to explore Arizona, the weather will certainly allow for it with almost 300 sunny days during the year.


Who wouldn’t love to live surrounded by magnificent nature and beautiful weather year round? Hawaii is a US state that offers just that. There are places with more rainfall than others, but overall the climate in Hawaii is mild and inviting. The average temperature is in the 80s all throughout the year. Some islands such as Oahu and Kahului have less than 20 inches of rainfall annually, with plenty of sunshine, making them ideal for life. Make sure you hire reliable residential movers before moving to Hawaii. That will ensure you start your life in this breathtaking US state on the right foot, effortlessly and stress-free.

an "aloha" sign in Hawaii
You will love the magnificent nature and pleasant weather in Hawaii.

South Carolina

South Carolina is another great state where you can enjoy the nice weather year round. It is pleasantly warm and sunny about 8 months a year, and you can expect the occasional rain with 49 inches of rainfall annually. The temperatures range from the high 50s during winter to the high 80s during summer. The state of South Carolina is one of the most affordable ones in the USA, which, along with its other perks, makes it ideal for most people. The air in South Carolina is of remarkable quality, even in big cities. Having clean air has become a luxury nowadays, and combined with the low cost of living it’s no wonder why people are flocking to South Carolina.

This state is home to some of the best cities for families in the US. You can enjoy both beaches and mountains, the people are hospitable and welcoming, and the job market is great. Who could say no?

North Carolina

If you love living in a place with four distinct seasons and snowy winter, North Carolina is the place for you. Neither the winters nor the summers are extreme in North Carolina, but you will get the best of both worlds. There is something magical about experiencing all the changes that the seasons bring. Here you will be able to enjoy blooming springs, pleasantly warm summers, spectacular falls, and nice and cozy white winters. It is sunny about 60% of the time in North Carolina, and the state gets around 49 inches of rainfall annually. You will have plenty of time to take advantage of the weather and spend it outdoors in North Carlina’s breathtaking nature.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to outdoor activities and if you’re a fan, you will love moving to NC. Here you will find some of the best cities for your new home. You will love the job market and the education options in North Carolina, too! The state is home to world-renowned universities such as Duke University, North Carolina State University, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

North Carolina is one of the US states with best weather year-round
North Carolina is a state that offers plenty of great opportunities in addition to beautiful weather.


Next on the list of the states with great weather is Georgia. This state has remarkably nice weather along with many other perks. The average temperatures go from the low 50s during the winter to the low 80s during the summer, which most people find pleasant and mild. One of the cities with the best weather is Macon, with plenty of sunshine and the least rainfall in the state. Georgia has a lot to offer besides the beautiful weather. You will find some of the safest cities in the country here. Along with low crime rates, Georgia also offers a great job market and excellent education opportunities. However, what is especially cool is the sports culture and the festivals in Georgia. The state is any sports fan’s dreamland!

And if you’re big on healthy living and eating, you will love living in Georgia. Since there is so much nature and farmland, you will find a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables wherever you go. Are you ready to move to Georgia yet? Make sure to hire reliable interstate movers, and you’ll be all set. The state’s wonderful weather, exquisite nature, safe streets, and hospitable folks are waiting for you!


Temperate weather, numerous parks, and beautiful clean beaches- that’s what you’ll find if you decide to move to Delaware. This is one of the best states to live in not only regarding weather. The average winter temperatures are in the low 50s, while the summers are not sweltering hot with the highest temperatures around the mid-80s. Delaware has a fair share of sunny days to enjoy the beaches and around 43 inches of rain annually which is less than most other states. The beaches in Delaware are some of the best in the country. They are known for being extremely family-friendly and clean. Many people find the beaches in Delaware their favorite destination for family getaways and fun summer weekends.

However, if you’re looking for more reasons to choose to move to Delaware, there are plenty. The state is a job seekers’ heaven. In fact, Delaware is famous for having more corporations than residents! With over a million corporations registered in Delaware, you can safely say you won’t have trouble finding employment. Start making your moving checklist and pack your bags. We are sure you will love living in Delaware.


Last, but not least on our list of top US states with the best weather year round is Louisiana. This charming state is one with the most rainfall on our list, with 57 inches of rain annually. However, that doesn’t mean that the weather is not great. In fact, the state of Louisiana is sunny 70% of the time! The average winter temperatures are around the low 50s, while in the summer you can bask in the sun with the temps being around the low 90s most of the time. And the people of Louisiana know how to take advantage of the great weather too! There are festivals, concerts, and numerous events going on year round. You will not be bored unless you want to.

Louisiana park
Louisiana is home to beautiful nature and is also one of the US states with the best weather year round.

Hire reliable movers and move safely to one of the US states with the best weather year round

Choosing where to move is a life-changing decision. You want to pick a place where you will thrive and feel your best. One of the things that can influence your mood most is the weather. So choosing to move to one of the US states with the best weather year round is a good idea. These places definitely have much more to offer than good weather. You will also find that they have great job opportunities, low crime rates, excellent education facilities, and endless possibilities for outdoor fun. Hiring dependable movers is what will make your relocation easy and seamless. You will be able to jump right into enjoying all that beautiful weather!

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