Top moving day concerns people have

As the moving day is getting closer and closer, so do our concerns get bigger and bigger. Do not worry, this is completely normal and even expected. With the right organization and planning, you will be able to avoid all the major problems, and your move will go smoothly. We will now present you with the top moving day concerns that people have and the solutions for them. Remember, that everything can be solved, you just need good organizational skills, the ultimate moving checklist, and a little bit of work.

one of the top moving day concerns is definitely bad weather. a lightning and grey clouds
Bad weather is one of the top moving day concerns, so you should check the forecast frequently and postpone the move if necessary.

Movers not showing up is one of the top moving day concerns

Everything is ready for the move, but you keep glancing at your watch because your movers did not show up. This can happen because they are late, or because they never meant to show up in the first place. Nowadays, there are many scam moving companies, and this is one of the top moving day concerns for a good reason. In order to avoid being scammed, avoid giving large deposits to your moving company, and follow the next steps:

  • Ask for a recommendation
  • Check out moving reviews and whether they have a license at FMCSA site
  • Visit the moving company`s premises in person

Bad weather is also one of the top moving day concerns

One of the top moving day concerns people have is definitely the weather. Check out the forecast frequently in order to pick a day when mild weather is expected.

  • In case there is heavy raining on the day of your move, make sure to dress accordingly and to cover the boxes with plastic material. This will protect them from getting soaking wet.
  • If there is snow, you should also protect the moving boxes, and also be careful not to damage the floor of your home, by placing sheets where you can walk.
  • In case of really hot temperatures, drink a lot of water and wear sun cream. Although it may look like perfect weather conditions, it is by no means not. You can easily dehydrate and faint if you are not drinking plenty of liquids.

Protecting personal information

When moving, it is vital that you protect your personal information. As far as electronic devices are concerned, change the password on a moving day and again the day after the moving day. Make sure that all the vital information is only kept within your reach, and remember that they are one of the items that you should personally pack. Medical records, financial information, IDs, keys, etc. should be with you at all times. In this way, you will be able to protect them and you will worry much less knowing that they are right there.

a girl hugging a grey rabbit
Find a sitter for your kids and pets on a moving day, as you will help them not to feel stressed about leaving their home.

Kids and pets

Moving day is the busiest day when the tension reaches its peak. And, people are usually worried about how their kids and pets will respond to that. The best thing you can do is to find a sitter for them until you are ready to go. A lot of people in the house can make your kids and pets nervous and under stress. So, take them out of the house for the time being. Ask a friend or a relative to take care of them. Plus it will be easier for movers not to worry about passing them through with large moving boxes.

Moving injuries are one of the top moving day concerns

Moving injuries are and should be one of your main concerns when moving. It is easy to injure your back or sprain your ankle if not careful. Remember to do one thing at a time only, and by all means, do not rush. Packing, unpacking, assembling, and disassembling furniture are things that require physical strength and a lot of skills.

Learn how to lift heavy items properly before you do it. Furthermore, make sure that you clear the pathway so that there is no chance that you will trip over anything on your way out. Get enough sleep, and eat properly. Moving injuries can last for weeks and you do not want that. If you do not have enough time to do everything right, call the pros. They are skilled and efficient, so everything will be finished in a day or two.

Damaged and missing items

When you are relocating, you cannot help but worry about your items. You do not want to see a lifetime of belongings going missing or getting damaged. If you want to hire movers, first of all, make sure that you hired reliable movers, as we mentioned above. Secondly, always have moving insurance. Having moving insurance means that you will be compensated for any loss or damage made to your items. And this is certainly much better than getting nothing.

a woman smiling behind a headboard
Avoid moving day injuries by learning how to properly lift heavy items and by getting enough sleep.

Tipping  movers

One of the top moving day concerns is whether you should tip the movers or not. Always remember that you are not obliged to tip them. Only if you are satisfied with the service that they provided you can decide that they deserved a tip. Observe them how they handle your items, are they polite, are they making frequent breaks, did they properly explain what is a binding estimate when you hired them. The answer to all of these questions will help you determine whether or not you should tip your movers.

We have seen the top moving day concerns and how to deal with them. The key is to be aware of them and to react in due time. You can overcome any obstacle, so relax and try not to worry too much. Good luck!

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