Top long distance relocation routes for 2022

Before we reveal the top long distance relocation routes for 2022, we will introduce you to the countries where people move most often. It’s generally known that people are looking for better living conditions as well as business opportunities. That is why we have decided to tell you a few interesting details about each country. So, when you decide to move, and you have any doubts, in our Master Moving Guide database, you can find a lot of information, tips, tricks as well as the best relocation routes you can track. What is very important is that you have a reliable moving company next to you at all times. And for that reason, find the best movers for your relocation process, and together chose the best relocation route for you!

Where people move the most in 2022?

An interesting fact is that last year, ie in 2021, more than 35 million inhabitants moved. This number included all types of relocations, but the largest number were long-distance and interstate relocations. Now, in 2022, it’s expected that this number will be exceeded, which will be very favorable for the entire moving industry. Also, a large number of relocations have been recorded since January this year. You must have once wondered where people move the most? According to data from the beginning of 2022, Arizona, Florida, and Idaho are the first three countries on the list “where people most often move in 2022“.

Choosing long distance routes
When they move, people usually look for countries that will meet all their needs.

People are looking for more favorable living conditions, affordable real estate prices, entertainment, as well as greater comfort. So, based on that, they choose places that can offer them that. And these countries definitely meet all the conditions. As “work from home” has become more prevalent in the past three years, people have started looking for smaller places, and a natural environment, so they can do their job anywhere. Idaho boasts of its nature and is therefore in the top 5 countries where people move often in 2022.

How to choose one of the long distance relocation routes for 2022?

So, when moving, a lot of work needs to be done. Among this work are packing, organization, but also transport planning. Therefore, it’s necessary to organize and plan everything. The organization of the move itself may depend on the distance. For example, interstate relocations are mostly over 500 miles, while long distances are all over 100 miles, which means you have a long journey ahead of you. And for that reason, it’s necessary to pay attention and organize the travel and transport of your belongings, and of course, chose the best long distance route. Also, when it comes to distances over 1,500 miles, car transport should be considered. Because, traveling over 12 hours can be tedious, so, consider all solutions, such as air travel.

So, when it comes to choosing relocation routes you need to do this on the basis of your capabilities, and needs, and of course in agreement with your movers. When choosing a moving route, you need to take into account the duration of the trip, the length of the trip, the manner and type of transport of your belongings, the amount of fuel, the moving budget, etc. It’s very important to plan a budget for the trip. And on your moving costs checklist must be found money for fuel, travel expenses, toll plazas, etc. Also, when choosing a route, choose the shortest one, and take into account the delays and works on the road.

Arizona – Affordable living costs

Arizona is much more than what can be seen in the pictures. Apart from the Grand Canyon or the vast arid desert, after you become a resident of this country, an interesting and exciting life awaits you. What Arizona is known for is its cuisine and delicious specialties that you can try in every city in this state. Arizona is a common choice because of its diversity and also climate. Warm days are expected throughout the year, so, you can store your winter clothes for a longer time. When we talk about storage, try to find cheap storage. Also, low cost of living, affordable real estate prices, a strong economy, endless business opportunities, and excellent education are just some of what this country has to offer.

Mountains in Arizona
The mountains in Arizona are one of the most beautiful places in the world!

When it comes to Arizona, the fun can’t be left out. This state can offer many interesting things to do. And one of the best places you must visit is Grand Canyon National Park. If you choose Arizona as your new place to live, find your long distance movers. They will help you to plan and organize your relocation process and to find the best moving route.

Arizona – best long distance relocation routes for 2022

So, choosing your ideal relocation route may depend on where you are moving from in Arizona or vice versa. Most people in Arizona immigrate from California, Alabama, and from Florida. Therefore, we will present the top routes in these directions:

Alabama to Arizona. Relocation from Alabama to Arizona can last from 24 to 26h. This relocation is based on distances from 1,560 to 1,630 miles. Also, during this trip, you will pass through several countries depending on the choice of route. You have two top routes on offer for this type of trip and all routes pass through the same countries New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

  • I-20 W and I-40 W – 1,596 miles.
  • I-20 W – 1,624 miles.

Florida to Arizona. If you have decided on this move, know that a 34h long ride awaits you. It can be really hard, so prepare well. From Florida to Arizona has 2,100 to 2,170 miles away. It passes through several states, including New Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. So, this relocation has two routes available, but the journey time is approximate, and you can opt for either. Also, large crowds sometimes form on these routes, usually on weekends.

  • I-10 W – 2,148 miles.
  • I-20 W and I-10 W – 2,160 miles.

California to Arizona. This type of relocation compared to the previous two has the shortest route going up to 760 miles. Relocation from California to Arizona can take as little as 12 hours and 30 minutes. California and Arizona are neighboring countries, so this type of relocation won’t give you much trouble.

  • CA-58 E and I-40 E – 757 miles.
  • I-40 E – 750 miles.


Florida or as the people call it Sunshine State is one of the most beloved states when it comes to fun and beautiful life. Not only can this country offer you an affordable life, low tax rates, and good business opportunities, but Florida also offers you entertainment and its beautiful sandy beaches that will leave you breathless. People often move to this country, but there are also those who move from it. When they get tired of the sun and the beaches, they usually go to the mountains. But there are also those who have never moved from this state.

Florida's beach
Florida is an increasingly popular choice for the younger population, and its beaches are a major attraction.

We have already said that Florida is a favorite country because of its beaches, but it can also offer you many other activities. Florida isn’t only known for its entertainment and nightlife, but also has its outstanding, highly-rated colleges. It’s a common choice for retirees due to low taxes, if you have just retired or are just planning to do, arrange your move with your senior movers. They will be your support and help from the beginning to the end of your move.

When relocating to Florida choose the best long distance relocation routes for 2022

Colorado to Florida. The largest number of people in Florida come from Colorado, Illinois, and Massachusetts. So, if you are in a group of these people, these routes can be useful to you. The most important thing is to pay attention to the distance and to organize your relocation accordingly.

When you move from Colorado to Florida, a 31h long journey awaits you. And a distance of about 1,950 miles. During this relocation, there are two routes available to you:

  • I-70 E – 1,965  miles.
  • I-70 E and I-40 E – 1,980 miles.

Illinois to Florida. If you are moving from Illinois to Florida a slightly smaller distance awaits you than in the previous case. About 13h drive and a distance from 1,100 to 1,400 miles. Depending on the place to place. So, for this type of move, there are three relocation routes that are most used.

  • I-24 E and I-75 S – 1,184 miles. This is the shortest route.
  • I-95 S – 1,315 miles.
  • I-77 S and I-95 S – 1,367 miles.

Massachusetts to Florida. When traveling from Massachusetts to Florida, expect slower traffic due to frequent road works. Currently, road works are located in 6 places, on the route I-95 S. Also, the distance you need to travel is from 1,300 to 1,450 miles, and the travel time is about 21h. If you want to avoid traffic jams, you can take a slightly longer route, via I-81 S, but then the ride will take about 22 hours. So, in agreement with your movers, choose the route for your move.


With, Idaho takes a long breath with its beautiful nature and hilly parts of this country. Most often in the hilly parts, there are villages, where agriculture and animal husbandry are represented. Also, this part of Idaho is one of the favorites with all those who decide to get out of the big crowds and find their peace in nature. In addition to nature, what attracts new residents to this country are very low real estate prices ranging up to $ 160,000. Also, in rural parts of this country, you can find 3-bedroom apartments for as little as $ 100 per month.

Idaho long distance routes
All those looking for life in the mountains most often choose Idaho as their new place and life.

The labor market in Idaho is very affordable, and you can very easily find a job in the profession and be well paid. Also, Idaho has a very low crime rate. Whatever place in Idaho you choose you always feel safe. Therefore, Idaho may be the best place to raise a family. If you are also looking for peace and nature, we advise you to make Idaho your choice. Therefore, interstate movers can be of great help to you in organizing and planning your move. As we have already said, people moved here from more urban places. So, if you are from Nevada or New York, we can help you to choose the best moving route.

Idaho – The shortest relocation routes in 2022

So, we have already said that most people in Idaho moved from more urban countries like Nevada and New York. We already know that Nevada is also one of the most popular states, known for its casinos in Las Vegas. And when we talk about New York, we can freely say that it’s a country of business and a country of fast life. So, if you are tired of fast life, and living under the spotlight, moving to Idaho can come in handy. So, as part of planning an interstate move, you need to choose your best route. That is why we will present to you some that will be best for you.

Nevada to Idaho. The distance of this move isn’t so great, but it certainly requires good organization of your move. A journey of 9-11h awaits you. And a distance of 450 to 580 miles. So, let’s see which are the best long distance relocation routes for 2022:

  • US-93 N – 482 miles.
  • E U.s. 6 E and US-93 N – 542 miles.

  • NV-225 N – 538 miles.

New York to Idaho. This relocation can be a big challenge. This move from the West Coast to the East Coast requires a ride of up to 40 hours. So, this time you need to think carefully about the type of your transportation. Perhaps air transportation would be the ideal solution. But if you decide to take this adventure and decide to travel by your car, we have singled out some routes that you could use.

  • I-80 W – 2,450 miles.

  •  I-70 W and I-80 W – 2.523 miles.

  • I-64 W, I-70 W, and I-80 W – 2,592 miles.

Choose the best long distance relocation routes for 2022

So, this is one of the things on your moving list that you need to pay attention to. Because like all other tasks, choosing a route is very important. A lot can depend on when and where you are going, as well as how far. You can use various applications at any time, as well as Google Maps to see all the routes and choose the best for you.

People using navigation map
You can find ideal long distance relocation routes for 2022 on navigation maps.

When you need to search for your route, pay attention to the things you have already read in this text. We know that it’s always easiest to choose the shortest route, but keep in mind that it is summer, the moving season, the season of annual fatigue, and that the roads are very crowded. So, your long distance relocation routes for 2022 choose carefully and in agreement with your moving company!

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