Top in-bound states for relocation

When you’re planning an interstate relocation, it can be difficult to choose the right state for your new home. People move all the time and it could be useful to know which states are the most popular. If lots of people are moving to a certain state, it must be for a good reason. Other than searching for a moving guide, researching states you’re considering moving to is also a good idea. So, if you’re looking for top in-bound states for relocation, we will present a list that could be useful to you. After reading this, you’ll hopefully decide on the perfect place for your new life.

What are in-bound states?

First things first, let’s talk about what it means that a state is in-bound. When a state is in-bound, it means that it’s a place where people want to move to. It’s as simple as that. On the other hand, there are outbound states – places people are moving away from. So, when choosing a state for relocation, it’s better to look for popular ones where people like to live. Whether you’re hiring professional movers or self-moving, it’s better to be well-informed about your home and find out if it’s a good place to live.

What are the best in-bound states for relocation?

Now that we’ve explained what in-bound states are, we’re ready to dive in and see which states have made the list.

  • Vermont
  • Idaho
  • Oregon
  • Arizona
  • Nevada


Vermont, or the Green Mountain State, is a place with beautiful landscapes and breathtaking nature. If you’re someone who likes being outside and exploring, you’d definitely enjoy living in Vermont. Even though this is a popular state to move to, there aren’t that many people here. By population, it’s the second smallest state in the US and it’s a great place to live if you want some peace and quiet.

University of Vermont
Enjoy a quiet and peaceful life in the beautiful state of Vermont.

When it comes to finding a job in Vermont, the unemployment rate is 2,8% so you can tell that your chances of finding work are good. Housing isn’t crazy expensive and there are more and more places popping up. So, you’ll have many affordable apartments to choose from. This does sound like the perfect in-bound state for relocation, doesn’t it? If you decide to move to Vermont and you want to hire a moving company, do your best to hire interstate movers without getting scammed.

Oregon is one of the top in-bound states for relocation

Next on our list of the best in-bound states for relocation is Oregon. This is a great spot for nature lovers. With beaches, lakes, rivers as well as hiking and biking trails, there’s always a way to spend a fun day outside. Of course, you can take a nice crisp walk through one of the forests or go climb a mountain. The climate is also great because there’s something for everyone. The seasons are pretty varied, but still quite mild.

If the economy is what you’re interested in, you’ll be pleased to hear that the employment rates in Oregon are rising. Other than that, you will probably like the fact that there are no sales taxes in Oregon! Yes, you read that correctly – in Oregon, you’re paying the amount that you see on the price tag. No need to get your calculator out and add a certain % for taxes. If you’re looking to buy a house and real estate interests you, we’ve got more good news for you – Oregon has one of the best real estate opportunities in the US. If you want to buy a home, keep in mind that in some areas it’s the buyer’s market, which is great for you. No wonder this is one of the best in-bound states for moving.


Idaho’s name is the Gem State for a reason and you’ll see that when you move. The nature in this state is absolutely stunning, the landscapes are to-die-for and there are plenty of natural resources. Idaho’s capital Boise was named one of the best capital cities to live in. The crime rate and the cost of living are low and on top of that homeownership rates are pretty high. Don’t worry about finding a job in Idaho as the unemployment rate is 2,9%, which is below the national average.

A map of Idaho and Oregon - these are just two of the top in-bound states dor relocation
Idaho is the perfect state for you if you love being outside and enjoying fun in the sun.

Residents of Idaho love the outdoors and there are many outdoor recreational activities to choose from, one of them being rafting. And if you’re a fan of potatoes, this is the state for you! So, all of you nature lovers may have just found the perfect place for your interstate relocation.


Sunny days for the better part of the year, outdoor activities and good public transportation – that’s what you can expect if you move to Arizona. Housing is affordable, finding a job is relatively easy and it’s a great state for family life.

Lake Powell
Enjoy the beautiful nature and the many sunny days in Arizona.

You can always find something fun to do in Arizona. There are a few open-air festivals around the state as well as many museums, operas, galleries and theatres. You can also visit some of the many bars and restaurants on the weekend. Oh, and don’t forget about the Grand Canyon! It’s not called the Grand Canyon State for no reason. You basically have it all in Arizona and there is practically no need to look further if you’re after a great in-bound state to move to.


When people hear Nevada they think of Las Vegas. We don’t blame you if that is what first comes to mind when you hear about this state. However, there’s much more to Nevada than Sin City. Once again, you can expect many, many sunny days when living in this state. The unemployment rate in the Silver State is 4,9%, which is, unfortunately, a little bit above the national average. Nevada is a tax-friendly state because there are no state income taxes and medicine and food aren’t taxed. If you’re looking to run away from state taxes, Nevada is probably a good in-bound state for your relocation. Another good thing is that there’s always something to do. And if you really run out of things to entertain you, you can always take a quick trip to Las Vegas.

So, now that you’re heard a little bit about the top in-bound states for relocation, you might be closer to making your decision. Good luck and let us know if this article has helped you.

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