Tips to relocating to other countries with pets

Found your dream job in another country but you can’t leave without your pet? No problem! You don’t have to go without your pet. But, keep in mind that relocating to other countries with pets requires good moving preparation. Since relocating pets depends on the airline and other states’ laws and regulations, you need to inform yourself well. With this in mind, follow our tips and relocate your pet safely. And for more information about moving, check Master Moving Guide. We will be happy to help you out!

Inform yourself about laws and regulations before relocating to other countries with pets

Before moving internationally, the main task is to find reliable international movers. Then, you need to find the best airline to safely relocate your pets. Each airline has its own rules and regulations for relocating to other countries with pets. Therefore you need to call them and confirm all the information. Besides, some countries have strict pet import laws. So, it’s crucial to check if the country you’re moving to, allows that type of animal or only specific breeds. Don’t risk to be left without a pet.

Visit your pet’s vet

Relocating to other countries with pets requires a visit to their vet above all. Airlines first, but also most countries, require you to carry your pet’s health records. Also the history of their treatment and vaccination. The vet will provide you with this documentation. Besides, a vet can tell you all about flying, temperature, change of habit and others.

vet holds a puppy
When relocating to other countries with pets, visiting their vet should be your number 1 before moving.

And when you’re moving with pets internationally? Well, that’s even trickier. Not only are some countries very strict about letting animals in, but many movers are too. In fact, some don’t even offer international pet relocation because there are many both pros and cons of offering international moving services. So talk to your movers before anything else!

Contact your airline

We mentioned that airlines have different regulations for moving your pets internationally. Make sure to contact their representative and confirm all the details. Get reliable cost estimates before booking a flight. The costs also depend on the kennel’s weight, size, and destination. Checking a pet as baggage is the most expensive option. Flying in cargo is the most common. Mind the items you should personally pack for your pet’s relocation.

Find a pet carrier when relocating to other countries with pets

Of course, each type of animal requires a different carrier for an international flight. Since many airlines require the carrier to be approved by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). You can even rent one from the airline, based on dimensions on your pet’s type and size. A kennel or pet carrier cost can go between $50-100 depending on size.

a cat in a kennel
For an international flight, you need to provide an appropriate pet carrier, depending on the type of pet.

Get all documents

Usually, to ship your pet internationally, you need certain documents. For example, your pet’s medical records and vaccinations list. Also, you need to bring your pet’s ID card with its name, your name, telephone number, and other information. But, make sure to have at least one photo of your pet with you, in case it gets lost. Explore carefully how to move to another country and bring your pet. Knowledge is power in this case!

Pick the best timing

Pick the best timing for relocating to other countries with pets. You need to make arrangements at least six months before the move. Especially if you’re waiting for your pet’s visa permit

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