Tips on choosing the best fine art movers

Moving art isn’t the same as your ordinary local or long-distance move. It requires a lot more attention to detail and precision. Obviously, it’s something that isn’t recommended to do alone as you can damage items that are very valuable. Thankfully, we at Master Moving Guide know exactly how to help you out. Here are just some of the tips on choosing the best fine art movers that will make moving your art much easier for you.

Make sure to get as much information as you can

Before you chose your fine art movers make sure to get all the information about them. Thankfully, in a world with the internet, you can expect moving companies to have social media and a website at least. If a company website seems fishy and has a lot of pop-ups it might not be the right company for you. On the other hand, reliable movers will have a well-designed website and responsive social media. The same goes for fine art movers. Another piece of information that is crucial is if the company has licenses and insurances that they need to operate. The majority of companies will be proud to show you all their credentials, while fine art movers without them can be very shady and flat-out scams.

A person looking a company up online
Check out all the information available on your movers before contacting them

Get recommendations from your friends and family

Did one of your family members or friends move their art collection or their favorite paintings? Make sure that you stay in touch with people who recently were in touch with this type of movers. Is there a better way to get recommendations than by word of mouth? It may be one of the more old-fashioned ways to find the best fine art movers for you, but it’s very effective. There’s really no downside to searching fine art movers like this. Your friends, family, colleagues, and neighbors don’t have an incentive to give you false information. Make sure to have this as your number one way to find fine art movers as it’s probably the best and most honest way to find them. 

Online reviews can be great tools to find the best fine art movers

As we already told you, the online era is upon us. That makes it a lot easier for people to communicate with each other. There are hundreds of websites that specifically dedicate themselves to comparing movers, and some of them even compare fine art movers. Among the most famous ones is the Better Business Bureau that is on top with the best third-party websites in the US. However, online reviews need to be well examined before you heed their advice. There’s a hint that almost 39% of reviews online are actually fake. For that reason, always make sure you pay attention to the more objective online reviews.

Make sure to avoid scams at all costs

You want your art to arrive at your new home in one piece, without scratches, and on scheduled time. That’s why hiring the best fine art movers is an absolute must. There’s nothing worse that can happen to you than letting a sub-par or scamming movers handle your precious art. Whatever the type of mover, art, piano, or long-distance movers you need to take care not to end up in a scam. Yearly, over 6000 people report that they’ve been a victim of a moving scam. You can only imagine the true number with people not reporting it out of shame.

Scam Alert written in white on a black background
Make sure to avoid moving scams at all costs

Get quotes and compare the best fine art movers you’ve found

One of the best ways to compare the best fine art movers is to get as many quotes as possible. You will be able to see the complete price and all the services that the fine art movers will be able to provide you with. The most important thing to do on this occasion is to learn how to compare moving quotes, and everything else will be much easier. In general, you will need around 3 or 4 different companies to get a feel of what a fair price is for the services.

The best fine art movers will always give you an in-house estimate

Over the phone or online quotes and estimates can be very inconsistent. That’s why it’s not recommended for you to put your trust in those types of quotes. The price when everything is finished needs to be the same or similar to the one received on the quote. However, that’s not often the case. For that reason, fine art movers will always provide you with an in-house estimates. It will both give them an idea of what they’re moving, and how much it will cost them to move everything.

A mover inside a home looking around
The best fine art movers will check in person to give you a quality moving quote

Experience is key in the moving industry

Would you rather have an experienced or a new company move your art? The answer is pretty easy. Especially when it comes to moving art. The more years of service the company has the better they probably are. Moving art isn’t for everyone and bad movers usually don’t last long in the industry. Working in such a niche industry means that only the best will be able to constantly work for years and decades. Make sure to ask the company about any art projects or any big art moves they made in the last couple of months to get an idea of how they operate.

Every move that includes art needs to be approached in a unique way. Nothing is easy when you have valuable items that need special protection. However, when using the best fine art movers all that stress goes away. They will have all the necessary tools and equipment to handle all your artwork and collections. Just follow our tips and finding the movers that fit your needs the most will be easier than you thought.

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