Tips for storing fitness equipment

There are plenty of reasons why people decide that they need to store their fitness equipment. If some items broke down and the repair is quite expensive, you may want to store the item until the financial situation gets better. Or, you simply need the space in your house for other things, and fitness equipment has become a burden to you. Whatever the reason may be, we support you and recommend fitness equipment movers to help you relocate and store your equipment safely. Storing fitness equipment does not have to be hard; with the right organization everything can be achieved.

sports bra, weights, rubber bands, watch and trainers. storing fitness equipment does not have to be hard with the right tips.
Storing fitness equipment means that you need to thoroughly clean the items, take photos of them, and pack them carefully.

Clean everything thoroughly before storing fitness equipment

The first thing that you should do is to thoroughly clean every piece of fitness equipment before storing it. The benefits are numerous. Since we are talking about fitness equipment, chances are that there is a lot of sweat, dust, or debris piled on the equipment. If you do not clean the items thoroughly you will end up with your storage unit smelling really bad real soon. Go to the fitness equipment store and ask them what are the best cleaning supplies that you can use in this case. Sanitize your gym or fitness equipment properly before you store it so you can use it again later.

Take photos before storing your fitness equipment

As always, if you need to store anything in a storage unit, take photos of it. In this way, you will know exactly what was the condition of the item before you stored it. You will also notice any pre-existent scratches, dents, and other possible damage to the equipment.

Read the manufacturer`s guide before storing your items

Storing fitness equipment means that you should follow the manufacturer`s guidelines as much as you can. For larger pieces of equipment, such as a treadmill or a stationary bike, it is vital to see if there are any tips from the manufacturer. So, find the manufacturer`s guide, or look it up online to find out what is the best way to pack and store your items. If you need to move out of your dorm room, for example, it is perfectly normal that you will store your fitness equipment and other items during the summer. And we can gladly recommend, dorm room movers to help you with the process. In this way, you will not have to bother with finding all the right ways how to store your items, as your movers will already know everything necessary.

a close up photo of runner`s legs on a treadmill
If possible disassemble, or fold the treadmill and other pieces of fitness equipment so that you can transport and store them more easily.

Disassemble the items carefully

After you have cleaned your items, took photos of them, and read the manufacturer`s manual, you can move on to disassembling the items. In many cases, you will be able to just fold a certain piece of fitness equipment, and that is great. The treadmill, for example, can be folded so that it takes up less space. But, once again it is important to check it all up in the manual made by the manufacturer. If possible, disassemble any piece of fitness equipment, as this will make packing and storing much easier to handle.

Pack fitness equipment

You can’t just put things away as they are – first you must pack them. Packing for storage can differ from just regular relocation packing. You should have in mind that the items will stay inside the boxes much longer than it would be in a simple relocation. Moving boxes must be sealed properly in order to avoid any insects, or smaller rodents getting to your equipment. Label the boxes so that you always know what are the contents of each moving box. Cover the items with moving blankets to preserve them from dust or mold if they cannot fit inside the moving box.

crop man taping carrying box with scotch
Carefully pack and seal the moving boxes, to prevent insects and dust from damaging your equipment.

In the storage

When you take your items to the climate-controlled storage unit you are ready to organize the unit as you please. Here are pro tips on properly storing fitness equipment:

  • Use shelves and racks – For example, you can use weight shelves to hang all of your weights on them. And, do not worry, these shelves can withstand virtually any weight.
  • Make an alley so that you can approach all of your items anytime – Wherever you choose to place your fitness equipment, you should do so in a way that there is still place for an alley in the middle of the unit.
  • Keep the items off the ground – Use pallets so that your fitness equipment is never directly on the ground, to prevent dirt, insects, or any other type of disaster for that matter.

Hire professional movers to assist you

When you want to store your fitness equipment, it is very important to do it right. Professional movers know this, and that is the reason that they had hours of training on how to it right. Avoid moving injuries by letting the reliable movers do the job quickly and efficiently. Plus, when letting the Master Moving Guide choose your reliable movers, you will always have proper moving insurance, that you will receive in case of an accident.

Fitness lovers will find it hard to store the items they normally use on an everyday basis. However, in a climate-controlled unit, your items will be perfectly safe until you are ready to use them again. And do not forget, you will be able to stop by the storage unit as often as you can, and take what you need or add some other items to the rest of the fitness equipment. Storing fitness equipment is a process that can be achieved only through good organization, excellent moving skills, and a lot of patience. Good luck!

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