Tips for packing sports equipment

If you are a sports enthusiast, then you probably have tons of sports equipment. When you decide that it is time to change your current address and move to a new city, you will have to move your equipment as well. You should keep up with your workout routine. However, apart from finding reliable movers, you need to know how to pack your items. If you are not willing to pay extra for professional packing services, you need to make sure your items are packed properly, sports equipment included. For this reason, here are all the important tips for packing sports equipment. If you follow them, then your sports equipment will arrive safe and in one piece to your new address. 

Start the preparation on time 

It is not easy to organize a move. For this reason, you have to start on time. If you think organizing a last-minute move is the best option, then you are wrong. Most accidents happen because people hurry to pack and have everything ready by the time movers come. In addition to this, sports equipment is usually quite expensive. Unless you want to potentially cause damage to your equipment, start on time. This means at least four weeks in advance. Apart from this, you have to prepare your sports equipment properly. You need to clean your equipment before packing it. The reason is quite simple. If your equipment is dirty, filled with swear and bacteria, it can cause damage and possibly affect your health. For this reason, clean it, let it dry completely since moisture can also cause damage, and only then you can pack your sports equipment. 

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Start your moving and packing preparations on time

Packing sports equipment – yoga equipment 

When you are moving, it is always a good idea to start with smaller items. It is no different from packing sports equipment. For example, you can pack your yoga equipment first. You can roll your yoga mats, towels, blocks, blankets, or anything similar to this. Remember to wash them and let them dry completely first. In addition to this, you have to get packing supplies. These include the following. 

  • Moving boxes – sturdy cardboard boxes or plastic bins 
  • Wrapping material – you can use old blankets, towels, clothes or you can get bubble wrapping 
  • Tape – you need to seal the boxes 
  • Labels – labeling boxes will help you with the organization 

For this reason, when you put your yoga equipment in the box, make sure to fill the empty space with packaging fillings. Lastly, do not forget to label them, especially if you are hiring movers. 

Heavy sports equipment 

Some pieces of sports equipment can be quite heavy. For this reason, you have to make sure your boxes are strong enough to handle their weight. The best solution is to use smaller boxes. This way you cannot put too many items inside. Therefore, your heavy equipment will not burst through. The other solution is to use plastic bins. Plastic bins are extremely sturdy so your heavy sports equipment will be safe inside. In addition to this, it would be wise to wrap your equipment in bubble wrapping or newspapers. This will add another protective layer. If there is some extra free space between your equipment inside the box, again fill it with towels, blankets, and other filling materials. This will also act as additional protection. 

person holding a dumbell
Pack your heavy sports equipment properly

Moving a stationary bike 

Having a stationary bike has many benefits. However, moving a stationary bike can be quite difficult. For this reason, you have to be careful. First, you should protect your stationary bike by wrapping it in a moving blanket. However, if your bike is electric, then unplug it and store all the cords in one plastic bag. When you want to get the bike out of the house, use a dolly. This will protect your floor from any scratches. If your bike can fold, then you do not have to use a dolly. You can just carry it if it is on a lighter side. If not, then ask for help. In addition to this, if you want professionals to take care of your stationary bike, then you can hire fitness equipment movers. They will have all the necessary moving equipment so your sports equipment will be safe. 

Packing sports equipment – find a good moving company 

When you have a home gym, then you know how valuable and expensive it is to install it. Moving and packing a home gym requires special care. For this reason, you should hire a moving company. There are several ways how to find one. 

  • Ask your friends and family 
  • Search on the Internet 
  • Visit official websites of moving companies 
  • Check your local Facebook groups, newspapers, and so on 

In addition to this, if you are searching for moving companies on the Internet, make sure they have a license issued either by the FMSCA or the BBB. Also, do not forget to read moving reviews so you can know what to expect. When you are about to hire a moving company, ask about their moving services. See if they know how to move sports equipment. If not, then look for another moving company. 

packing sports equipment - home gym
Packing your home gym can be difficult

All the tips and tricks 

As you can see, these would be all the important tips for packing sports equipment. Moving is a stressful and demanding process. For this reason, if you believe you cannot handle it on your own, then hire professionals. In addition to this, as some pieces of sports equipment can be quite expensive, be careful when you pack them. It would be wise to get moving insurance just in case. If some pieces get damaged, you can always file a claim. Lastly, whether you are moving on your own or with professional help, make sure to pack all of your items properly. It is better to invest in some quality packing materials than to pay for expensive repairs. 

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