Tips for packing and moving porcelain

The hardest part of the move is packing fragile items like porcelain. Porcelain, such as figurines, is usually kept on higher shelves only for admiring and not for touching. The beautiful porcelain dishes are only used on special occasions like holidays or birthday dinners. For these reasons, packing and moving porcelain could be quite tricky. Porcelain is a fragile material, and sometimes you get a feeling it might get damaged only by looking at it. For this reason, you only have one option left, and that is to search for packers and movers near me. It’s best to leave packing and moving this fragile material to professionals. However, if you still decide to pack porcelain yourself, here are some tips that could help you. 

How to start packing and moving porcelain? 

In all quality moving and packing guidelines, the first step is to get the right moving supplies. For packing porcelain, the moving supplies don’t differ much from packing other items. You need to get these packing materials. 

  • Moving boxes in different sizes 
  • Packing paper and bubble wrap 
  • Scissors and a box cutter 
  • Packing tape 

When gathering packing material, make sure to avoid the worst packing materials such as used and damaged cardboard boxes. After you get everything you need, now it’s time to find the right place where to pack. Look for a flat and clean surface like a large table where you can safely put porcelain ready for packing. Additionally, find a trustworthy pair of hands to help you out with packing. 

green porcelain vases
Make you properly pack your porcelain vases

What method of packing you should use for porcelain? 

The best packing method you can use is to hire professional movers. As professionals, they should know how to pack porcelain with care. However, hiring movers comes with other uncertainties. First of all, packing porcelain is a delicate job. See if you should do it. If not, then, let movers but at the same time, decide how much to tip movers. Also, it’s not a rarety to porcelain gets damaged even when movers do the packing. To end packing earlier, movers could in hurry and accidentally damage your porcelain. 

Even if you can fix porcelain, it will never be the same as the original. For this reason, when packing porcelain, you must wrap it a couple of times with bubble wrapping or packing paper. The porcelain must look like it is frozen in ice. That’s when you know you are doing it properly. 

white porcelain plates on the table
Place your porcelain correctly in the box so it will not get damaged

What is the best way to transport porcelain? 

To finish packing and transporting porcelain successfully, you also need to find a proper way to transport it. When putting porcelain in boxes for travel, they should not be able to move an inch. You can achieve this by putting a material like styrofoam between the porcelain in a cubical form. Additionally, another way to fill empty spaces would be with newspapers, blankets, or linens. After you packed moving boxes, close them with packing tape and label boxes as fragile. 

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