Tips for moving with pets across the US

Are you moving soon and do you have pets in your household? If so, you might be a little worried about how the relocation process might affect them. However, there is no need to worry! We are here to help you out with some essential tips for moving with pets. In addition to showing you how to properly organize and prepare your pets for a move, we are also going to discuss the importance of having reliable and professional, long-distance movers for your upcoming relocation.

Tips for moving with pets

If you have a furry or scaly friend, you’ll need to keep them in mind during your relocation. They depend on you to relocate safely and without any health risks.

Preparing an essentials bag

Whether moving a long or short distance, you will always need at least one essentials bag. This also counts for you as well. However, is the essentials bag really that important for pets? The answer is: absolutely! You will not have enough time to unpack all the things you need once you arrive at your new home with your pets. Therefore, having an essentials bag for your pets for the first night at your new home is a must. This is especially the case if you are moving long-distance. Then you can put even more essentials in your bag and have it with you at all times. Let us take a look at some of the basic and most essential things to put in this bag when you start preparing for the moving day.

  • Food can,
  • Water,
  • Favorite toy,
  • Grooming tools,
  • Treats.
A dog with his ball.
Put your pet’s favorite toys, treats, food, and water in the essentials bag when you start preparing for the move.

Visit the vet before moving with pets

Moving long-distance is always complicated and can take a while. Your pet needs to be prepared for the journey. Therefore, it is best to take your pet to the vet and have it checked. If it needs and prescription medicine, then your visit to the vet is crucial. This is also something that you should do on time so that it does not delay your moving process and put additional stress in an already stressful period. Furthermore, keep in mind that even if you are doing a last-minute relocation, your pet should still be properly prepared for the move.

Move your pets away from the action

The process of moving is usually hard and can be quite difficult. There are going to be many moving-related tasks that you need to complete. In addition to this, your home can turn into a real mess during this period. With various packing materials such as bubble wrap, scissors, packing tape, packing foam, and cardboard boxes spread all around your house, it may not be the safest environment for your pets. So, if possible, move your pets away into a safe and secluded area where they will feel comfortable until you are done with the major packing process.

Of course, this can also be a room in your own home that you will pack the last. However, leaving them inside that room is also not enough so make sure you keep checking on time, have the right temperature, and of course, prepare food and water. It is best to try and keep their routine as close to what it was before you started packing throughout this relocation process.

Couple packing for the move.
Keep your pets away from all the packing processes.

Take your pet somewhere else on moving day

When the moving day comes, things are going to be in motion from start to finish. Your professional furniture movers will get right to it and start moving all of your packed inventory. This can create a chaotic environment for your pets. So, it is best to move your pet somewhere safe with someone you trust on a moving day. During the actual move itself, to lower your pet’s stress levels, contact a friend you trust or a family member that your pets really love. Take them there until your movers move all of your packed inventory onto a moving truck. If nobody is available on the moving date, contact professionals that watch over pets until you are ready to pick them up and drive them to your new home.

Take your pet with you in your own vehicle

Movers have a strict policy of not relocating pets of any kind. Your pet should be with you in your own vehicle during your long-distance move. It might be a bit uncomfortable for them at first, especially if they are not used to being inside a car. However, this is the safest way to transport them to your new home as they trust you the most and feel the safest when they are with you. Furthermore, you can use all of the essentials packed inside the essential bag quickly and efficiently. Make sure you take a few stops on the way to your new home. If you have packed their essential items inside a cardboard box, be sure you first know how to properly construct a moving box to avoid damaging the items inside or the box opening during the relocation.

Moving with pets.
Have your pets with you when moving with pets long-distance and cross-country.

Hire professionals to help out with long-distance moving with pets

Moving across the US, especially with pets is no small task. As mentioned already, the process of moving can be quite difficult and complicated. It is absolutely necessary to be well-prepared when moving with pets. On top of that, you should always contact reliable and professional movers. They will assist you with all of your moving-related tasks efficiently and you get to have enough time and energy left to focus on other tasks. Visit a rich database with lots of moving tips and tricks such as the Master Moving Guide to properly prepare for your move. With the right movers, you will have enough time to focus on your pets and make sure they are ready for the journey while your movers tackle your relocation and packing process.

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