Tips for moving during peak moving season

Is there really the best time to move? What does it depend on? Believe it or not, the exact time of your relocation is so significant. It can influence the whole process to a great extent. Thus, you are to determine the moving date carefully. No wonder so many people decide for moving during peak moving season. Obviously, it is most suitable for numerous things. However, is it suitable for you as well? With this in mind, regard well its positive and negative aspects. Only then will you make the right decision. The thought of hiring the best professional moving company should always be on your mind. After all, the best are booked first. However, even with their help, you will have to prepare well. So follow this moving guide and learn how to do it with ease.

In case peak moving season is your choice follow our advice and make the most of it

As with any move, you must start with a detailed plan. Know the answer to a lot of questions. For instance, what is a binding estimate? What makes this move different is that you need to be fast starting from the plan itself. Furthermore, whatever you do you must think of saving money. After all, your move during the peak season is the most expensive one.

  • Book your movers on time. – Summer is the busiest time for the movers, especially the best ones. Hence, hire your movers at least 2 weeks in advance. If possible even earlier. Research the companies well, and make sure to get at least 3 moving quotes to determine which one is most suitable for you.
  • Choose a weekday and a day in the middle of a month. – Weekdays are 20-30% cheaper than weekends. Also, the situation is the same in the middle of the month.
  • Downsize rapidly. – Get rid of all unnecessary items. When moving long-distance you pay by the weight of your shipment.
  • Pack the items swiftly and with utmost care. – Local movers charge you an hourly rate. Therefore, pay attention to the packing process. Get enough packing supplies. Pack everything cautiously. Moreover, place your packed items by the door, ready to be taken by the movers. As a result, your movers will need less time loading the truck. Thus, one more way to save money. Nevertheless, the safety of the items is a priority. If you don’t feel capable of handling the packing, leave that task to professionals.
  • Get help from your children. – Since your children aren’t at school during the summer, use their help with packing your belongings. Of course, this is related to older children. Hence, you teach them responsibility and the experience they get will serve them well.
  • Start looking for a new home on time. – Peak home-buying season and peak relocation season coincide. The same goes with apartment hunting. Thus, be fast and use this opportunity to find a new home and maybe sell the old one.
a man and woman shaking hands as a sign of agreement on moving during peak moving season
Moving during peak moving season will be an amazing experience if you book movers on time and reduce the costs.

Is it worth moving during peak moving season?

First of all, let’s clarify when the peak actually takes place. It’s mostly from April through October. The most popular months are definitely May to July. Why is that so? Certain reasons are obvious, but let’s have a look at some of the main points.

  • warm weather
  • summer break for children
  • holiday celebrations
  • college move
  • military move

Nice weather is one of the main reasons people opt for the peak

Though sometimes extreme heat isn’t convenient when relocating for both you and your moving and storage companies, you can avoid these high temperatures. In most cases, lovely weather can ease up the whole process. Moreover, a day is longer which means your movers have more time to complete the relocation before nightfall. On the other hand, snow and ice present great challenges and can make your move quite difficult. It’s not just strenuous in terms of transportation but also loading and unloading the trucks.

a man standing beside the white van of a moving company
Your movers are ready to make your move a pleasurable experience.

School-aged children are off school

Relocation during the peak moving season is perfect for children since you won’t disrupt them when they go to school. Think of their well-being. Though some will say it’s better for children to be at school and not disturb the workers, is it really like that? You can always take your kids somewhere. Neighbors, relatives, and friends will welcome them. Or else, you can use your kids’ help with packing. Then, you may ask yourself – how many movers do I need? In that case, fewer is the answer. As for your children’s feelings, what matters is that by relocating during their summer break you facilitate their transition and settlement into a new school. Furthermore, the school year will begin with no interruption. They will have time time to say goodbye to old friends and be ready to start new friendships.

a boy holding a box with his parents in his new home
Children can be of great help if you just allow them to contribute to the relocation.

Do you want to spend your holidays relocating?

Of course, holidays unite families and this is a time when most families get together and enjoy their celebrations. Since major holidays are in the fall and winter, people evade moving during these months unless they have to. Hence, changing residence during the peak season is the best solution for most families.

College and military moves are quite popular during the summer

A great number of college students change their houses at the end of a semester. They either go home until the new semester begins or simply move from dorm to apartments. Or else, they graduate. As for the military staff, they move a lot any time of the year. However, when is the best time to move? Well, military people usually move from May to August because of their job requirements.

Summer months can be ideal for your move

Altogether, moving during peak moving season isn’t just related to the higher expenses. Though this is a fact, there are certain things you may do to diminish the moving costs. After all, the benefits of moving in the summer are quite big. Hence, why not use them? Just be fast and smart. Book movers on time. Make your preparations cautiously and always think of ways to save money. 

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