Tips for improving your self-storage security

Even though a storage unit should be a place that will safeguard your belongings, it is often not the case. Moreover, storage facilities with poor security are a kind of a treat for burglars and thieves. So, if you are at all interested in improving your self-storage security, first you need to think about finding some certified interstate movers that offer proper storage services. Storage facilities with high security will offer 24-hour surveillance, security guards, safes, alarms, motion sensors, and more. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to move your items to a top security storage facility. But don’t worry. Even if you are destined to keep your items in a storage facility with poor security, there are things that you can do to improve the situation.

Make sure that you are keeping your items in the best storage facility you can find

A self-storage is a place that should keep your belongings safe. However, many times, a storage unit itself could become a kind of threat to your items. Whether it is because of high humidity, heat, dust, or pests. Those are the main things that are threatening your items’ wellbeing. However, there is another thing that people usually overlook. Security. When people rent a storage unit, they automatically think that their items will be properly protected. But different storage facilities offer different levels of protection. Some even none. And it is your jot to inform yourself about available options before you pick a place to store your valuables. Of course, if you are just keeping your junk, basic security should be enough. However, if you think about keeping valuable objects, make sure that your storage facility is capable of offering proper protection.

A warehouse
Make sure that your items are in a secure facility.

See things with your eyes before you decide to rent a storage unit

Of course, there are many tips for hiring movers and packers that offer proper storage facilities. But even though you can finish everything online, you shouldn’t rent a self-storage without previously visiting the facility. Only after you see the conditions with your own eyes you can decide to rent.

Make sure that everything you do is approved by the storage management

Unfortunately, many times it happens that you cannot choose your storage unit. Whether it is because of a price, location, or just there aren’t any other available storage facilities near you. Whatever is the case it is good to know that you have many options for improving your storage unit’s security. However, before you start an offensive on your storage locker, make sure that you get approval from the facility’s management. Any invasive changes like installing new door locks, cameras, alarm systems, and similar should get approval. Only after they approve your ideas, you can start working.

If you can’t do much to improve storage safety, get insurance

Sometimes, however, it can happen that your ideas are not approved. If that is the case, and you do not have an option to move, the only way to improve your storage security is to insure your stored items. Of course, insurance cannot give you back your memories. But if something valuable is stolen, broken, or lost, at least you can get material satisfaction.

Calculator and a pen
If you can’t do much, get insurance.

Ways for improving your self-storage security

Hopefully, you will not need insurance to compensate for your lost stuff. Because you will have properly secured self-storage. If you have approval for altering your unit, here are suggestions on how to do it:

  • Change the door lock. It is the first step in improving your self-storage security.
  • Replace the door.
  • Seal other entrances.
  • Install an alarm system.
  • Install a camera surveillance system.
  • Get a home safe.

Change the lock on your storage unit door

Changing the lock on your storage door should be the first step in improving your storage safety.  First, you do not know who else has a copy of that key. Second, you can choose to get a more secure lock. Luckily, these days you can find all sorts of different security locks. Whether they are combination padlocks, fingerprint readers, or even eye scanners. Of course, the money you will invest depends on the value of your stored items.

Replace the door to improve your self-storage security

Sometimes changing the lock is not enough. Especially if you are in some poorly-maintained storage facility. If your storage door does not give you confidence, maybe you should replace it with some safety alternative. Again, there are many available options on the market. And you are the only one who knows how much money to invest in a storage door.

Make sure that all entrances are sealed

Once you finished with the main entrance, you should look around your storage space and see if someone could get inside in some other way. For example through a window. Or maybe a ventilation shaft. If you spot some weaknesses, make sure that you secure them properly.

A good alarm system is one of the security basics

When it comes to security questions, a good alarm system is one of the first things to think about. Of course, there are many different systems. And you just have to pick the one that suits your needs.

A camera surveillance system is a good way for improving self-storage security

Besides alarms, one of the things that you can add to increase your warehouse security is a camera surveillance system.  This is probably the most efficient thief repellent. Because the burglars usually give up as soon as they spot the camera. Sometimes even a fake camera could be enough. But not long term. Unfortunately, camera systems also carry the question of recording and storing what’s captured. So that can be a little drawback.

Two females looking at cameras on the wall
Improving your self-storage security with cameras is easy.

If you can’t do anything to improve your self-storage security, get a home safe

Finally, if anything of the above doesn’t apply to your situation, you have one more option for improving your self-storage security available.  Get a home safe. If you cannot move to a better storage facility. When the management doesn’t allow DIY projects. Or you do not have time to change doors and install cameras. Find a good old home safe and keep your most valuable items inside. That way even the lack of proper security won’t be such an issue.

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