Tips for handling disputes with movers

In life generally, it is not unusual that things don’t happen as we have planned. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. Furthermore, it can happen while moving as well. You hire a moving company for which you believe that is reliable, you agree on some terms, but service or price do not match your agreement. Doing good research on local movers you hire could prevent this type of misunderstanding. Beside inadequate movers, there are many reasons that can cause this unpleasant situation, but when it happens, you need to find the best way to solve it. Here are some simple tips for handling disputes with movers, that will hopefully help you overcome such difficulties.

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Filing a complaint is never pleasant but sometimes it needs to be done

When handling disputes with movers first check your contract

Of course, you should have carefully read the contract before signing it. There are many things that could go wrong, even when moving locally. However, people often disregard or miss some parts, so make sure to go back and read it once again. And when it comes to handling disputes with movers, this is the first thing you should do.

Carefully review the entire document, especially the terms laid out by the company in the agreement. You could possibly find information that will help you to handle the issues you have with the company. Every company has their own way of dealing with complaints. They are all often very similar, but make sure that you know how things work at the company that handled your move. These specific guidelines for complaints should be in your contract.

If some of your items suffered the damage during relocation, you may find helpful instructions. The document may state you’ll need to notify the moving company of damage and file a claim in a certain period of time. These periods vary from contract to contract, but it is usually within nine months of delivery or something similar. Additionally, it might include some limitations to the amount of money that can be claimed.

Sometimes moving quotes provided don’t match the costs or quality you end up with. If your total price or services don’t match the ones from the previous agreement, check your contract for some additional fees services not included. Collect as much written paperwork as you can. If it comes to the claim, you will have some kind of proof.

Read the contract for handling disputes with movers
Go back and read the contract once again very carefully.

Keep it friendly

Before you file a claim, you should probably try to solve the dispute by simply talking to your movers. We are all just humans, and we all make mistakes. Sometimes a good calm talk is more effective than filing a claim. You can start with a phone call, but initiate to meet them in person. Handling disputes with movers is always better in person and without other parties involved. In case you don’t get a satisfying result this way, it’s time for a written complaint.

Compliant letter

In case you believe your movers should compensate you because they fail to perform all the services you agreed on previously and as stated in your contract, write a complaint letter to the company. Try to be brief and accurate in your statement, do not exaggerate. This way, your complaint will seem more serious. Be polite and professional, but firm. You should know that being pushy and even rude probably won’t help you achieve a satisfying outcome.

However, if the moving company declines your appeal, and don’t want to resolve your problem, you can seek the support of another party. There are both government or non-government organizations that may help you with that.

File a claim

In case you are unable to resolve the issue by dealing directly with the moving company, don’t worry, there are other ways. There are other resources at your disposal to help you with handling disputes with movers.

  • If your move was interstate, you can file a claim with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is the federal agency that supervises household goods carriers. You can contact the federal agency and notify them of the situation online or over the phone. Depending on the situation, the agency may deal with the movers themselves after.
  • Luckily, if your moving agency is a member of the AMSA (American Moving & Storage Association), you can notify them about your issue and ask them for help. Furthermore, they always contact their member on behalf of a consumer and continue handling disputes with movers for you.
  • The third option is to file a claim with the Better Business Bureau, Once you do that, it will be forwarded to the company within two business days. Afterwards, a moving company will be asked to respond within 14 days. Usually, claims get resolved within 30 business days, so you just need to be patient and persistent.
  • If your move was a local one, then you should file your complaint with the state regulatory agency. Usually, that is either the public utility commission or the state department of transportation.
A woman with her head in her hands handling disputes with movers
Handling disputes with movers is very stressful, but try to keep it together

Keep it together

The fact is that all of this can be very exhausting. Coping with moving stress enough challenging as it is, and handling disputes with movers can be overwhelming. That is why it’s crucial to prepare yourself mentally for the complaint procedure you need to deal with. You need to be ready for all possible outcomes of this process, whether good or bad. Even professional make mistakes sometimes, and every trustworthy company will always be ready for a compromise. Therefore, trying to solve the issue in a calm, friendly way is always a good choice. Even if you don’t get the outcome you expected, you will feel good about yourself. And believe in the power of positive thinking, everything is easier with a smile on your face. And who knows, maybe your movers smile back!

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