Tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies

Relocating completely on your own is extremely challenging and difficult. Moving companies are there for a reason. However, there are lots of different moving companies out there and not all of them are legit. If you are looking for some tips for dealing with fraudulent moving companies, you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to cover some basic but essential tips for handling fraudulent movers. In addition to this, we are also going to mention how you can avoid scammers in your moving process. Furthermore, we are going to talk a little bit about the importance and role professional moving and storage companies play in your relocation process.

Dealing with fraudulent movers

If you’ve fallen victim to a moving scam, you’re not the first one. There is still a way out so don’t panic. Try some of these solutions instead:

Talk with them directly

If you have been a victim of a fraudulent moving company, there are multiple ways you can approach your situation. Sometimes, the best approach is a direct approach. Try reasoning with the fraudulent movers first. If you notice any irregularities, check with your moving company straight away. Do not wait until the moving process is finished. Get in touch with your movers as soon as you notice something strange and review your contract thoroughly. The moving stress can occur due to the complexity of the relocation process but also when having to deal with fraudulent movers. So, to avoid moving stress, make sure you contact movers as soon as you notice that something is not right.

Looking at a phone.
Try to reason with fraudulent movers straight away when you notice something strange.

Filing a complaint is a way of dealing with fraudulent moving companies

If the movers refuse to talk with you and you cannot get in touch with them, it is time to take it to the next level. The official site of FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) offers you the ability to file a complaint. The moving companies who are reported to have violated agreements and contracts can be reported here. Alternatively, you can contact the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau also allows you to file a complaint against fraudulent moving companies. Their website is also good to visit before you hire a moving company. This is because the complaints are public and you can see the cases against fraudulent movers and know which moving companies to avoid. Of course, all of this can also be avoided by enlisting the help of a moving company from a reliable advisor such as Master Moving Guide.

Contact your lawyer

If you are a victim of moving fraud, you have the option of getting in touch with a professional who can look at your case. Contacting a lawyer is an option if you are looking to cancel the contract with your movers. The lawyers you hire can go through your entire agreement and contract that you have signed and see which part of the contract the fraudulent movers broke. Afterwards, you can not only take legal action but also still file a complaint at the Better Business Bureau.

Tips to avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies

The best way to deal with fraudulent movers is to avoid them altogether. So learn how to vet the moving companies you’re considering and you won’t end up hiring the wrong one!

Look at the reviews and the website

Avoiding fraudulent movers is probably the best strategy against fraudulent movers. The reviews of a particular moving company you plan on hiring can be crucial. They can tell you about the experience of other customers and what you can expect when hiring that moving company. You should also always extensively research the website of your potential movers and make sure that everything is legit. Check if they have a permanent or listed address and contact number. 

dealing with fraudulent moving companies by researching first.
Proper research is the best way of avoiding and dealing with fraudulent moving companies.

Ask for a moving estimate to avoid dealing with fraudulent moving companies

A moving estimate is there to show you the costs of your potential relocation. You will know if you are dealing with pro movers based on the moving quotes they give. Accurate moving quotes from reliable movers will show the costs of your entire move. They will not have any hidden charges. However, make sure you type in all of the important details of your own moving process as some additional charges can apply if you end up requiring additional moving or storage services.

Talk with a representative of your moving company

Whether you do it on the phone or in person, it is important that you establish some sort of concrete communication with your movers. Make sure you get in touch with a representative of your moving company and ask a lot of questions. Ask everything that you think will be important for your upcoming relocation process. Discuss the key moving-related elements such as:

  • The costs of your move,
  • The inventory size,
  • The number of hired workers,
  • Transportation
  • The date of your move.

Research and hire professional moving companies that are reliable and experienced

One of the best tips for dealing with scammer movers is to not have to deal with them at all. How exactly can you achieve this? Well, the best way is to make sure you are enlisting the help of reliable movers. You might be asking yourself how many movers do I need? The answer will depend on a number of factors related to your moving process. However, the point still stands. With professional and reliable movers you do not have to worry about any scams. With pro movers, your relocation experience is going to be enjoyable and stress-free.

Professional mover.
Moving with professionals is easy and stress-free so make sure you are hiring reliable and pro movers to assist you.


To sum up, dealing with fraudulent moving companies can be done in several different steps. First of all, try to negotiate with them as soon as you see that something is wrong. Secondly, file a complaint with FMCSA or BBB. Alternatively, you can always contact your lawyer if there is something wrong with your movers. Finally, always remember to hire reliable and professional movers and you will not have to worry at all. Professionals will take good care of your inventory, provide experienced hired workers and reliable transportation.

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