Tips for cross-country moving with dogs

Moving is an overwhelming process that takes a lot of time and energy, especially when moving cross-country. First, because it is so complex and most people do not have enough experience in doing this. Secondly, it takes a lot of preparation. Finally, it can reflect on your budget a great deal as this can be a costly process. The whole process can be even harder if you have to move with pets as well. Pets need special treatment before and during the relocation process. The best solution would be to hire a reliable moving company to help you through this process with some professional moving advice. You should start your research on skilled movers as early as possible. The more time you have for the preparation, the less are the chances that you will miss something important. In this article learn all about cross-country moving with dogs.

movers with boxes
Hire reliable movers for a cross-country move

Hiring reliable movers for cross-country moving with dogs

Moving long-distance with all your plants and pets can be tricky. Unlike clothes that you can simply pack in cardboard boxes, you cannot just put your dog in a moving truck to ride for so long. It needs additional preparation. Also, start your online research on experienced movers. When you find your long-distance movers, inform them that you have a dog, so that they do not accidentally let them out. As your pet may be scared of the unknown movers, they can easily slip through the entrance. Therefore, it is important to inform them on time so that they can pay attention to your pet while packing and taking things out. When the big moving date comes, if possible try to place them in a safe location. Maybe your dog can stay at your friend’s house while movers take everything out.

Don’t forget to put your dog on the checklist

The key to every successful move is a good organization. And that means having a firm plan regarding your move.

a couple and a dog with moving boxes
Let your dog play around while you are packing

If you are busy during the week, take your time on your first day off to make a moving plan. In addition, if you are not sure what activities to include, ask your movers for advice. Start with a moving checklist. It should include various activities such as obtaining packing materials and important documents. Then, do not forget to book a visit to the mechanic to check your car. Finally, make an appointment with the vet. It is very important to take your dog to the vet and see how they are feeling and if they are ready to travel. Also, the vet will give you all the necessary advice on how to prepare and act before and during the move with your pet to make it as less stressful as possible.

Essential tips for cross-country moving with dogs

In this extremely stressful period of moving preparation, try to keep the daily routine with your dog as much as possible. Animals can be very sensitive in this kind of situation.

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Help your dog cope with moving stress

They feel your energy and no matter how positive you are trying to stay, they feel that a big change is coming. Start preparing them.  Moving with a dog is almost the same as moving with a newborn. For example, for cross-country move plan to use a kennel. If you will be using a crate, then be ready to show extra care and patience to your pet. . Therefore, create a list of essential items that you will use before and during the moving trip. Therefore prepare the following:

  • enough food and water
  • their favorite crackers and other treats
  • take their favorite toys
  • mediacal documntation
  • calming spray
  • tags with your phone number

On a moving day

This is certainly the busiest day of all. Movers are about to arrive, your nervousness reaches the top level. If you decided to keep your dog at home during this time, try to find some time to go and give cuddles. Try to get up earlier if you can even sleep and take your dog for a long walk. Also, bring the ball to play a little. On the other hand, you may decide to hire a pet sitter when you are moving to one of the best cities for millennials in the USA. In that case, do not forget to pack enough food and water and some of their favorite toys to help them go through the day. Once movers load everything on the track, your journey can start. Remember that your dog will need lots of breaks. It will also do good for everyone to stretch their legs.

Being Petsmart during relocation

There are many ways to help your pet go through this challenging period of your lifetime. It is hard to act like nothing is happening when your pet sees all the moving boxes and piles of stuff around. One of the best activities during cross-country moving with dogs is to give them a big cardboard box to play with. While you are packing your items, your dog will keep you company and play by jumping in and out of the box. This has proved to be one of the best stress-reliefs for your pet. Do not forget that this little furry creature is completely dependant on you. Also, it is necessary to prepare your new home for arrival with your pet. In a separate room create their temporary space. Put some food, water, and their favorite toys. You may even leave your T-shirt or a pair of trainers there.

No matter how complicated the moving preparation process is, you need to take extra care of your pet. People say that dogs are human’s best friends. You must be a best friend for your pet as well. Cross-country moving with dogs is not an easy process, but your dog will help you cope with the moving stress as well. If you keep playing, running, going for regular walks, and cuddle regularly, you can turn the moving process into a bearable, even fun process. Remember that soon you will start great long walks in your new city.

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