Things you should leave behind when moving internationally

Moving to a different country is very different than your average, garden-variety relocation. You’ll need to plan it much earlier and prepare better. In addition to this, international relocation tends to cost a lot of money. This cost will only increase the more things you bring with you. So, learn what you can leave behind when moving internationally to reduce your relocation costs and have a smoother move altogether.


You should pack before you find international movers to help you with your move. Even though packing is a tiresome process when you’re packing for a local move, it’s not that bad when you’re preparing for an international relocation. This is true mainly because you’ll get a chance to choose what to leave behind when moving internationally. When packing your clothes for a local move you’ll want to bring as many of your belongings as possible. This is not the case with your average international move. With these types of relocation, you’ll need to pack as lightly as possible. Not only will this decrease the cost of your relocation, but it will be easier for you to find space for everything you brought to your new home.

Some shirts which you should definitely leave behind when moving internationally.
Don’t bring your entire wardrobe when moving internationally.


Paper is very heavy. We tend to forget that when we see a lone piece of paper. However, stacked together, these pieces can become a burden and they’re something you should definitely leave behind when moving internationally. Try to separate important papers from the stacks of unimportant ones. Bring only the crucial paperwork with you.

Unfortunately, we can’t always separate the important papers for easier transport. If you’re looking to relocate your library when moving to a different country, we have some bad news for you. This is not only very difficult but also usually rather expensive. A good way to bring all your favorite books with you when you move is to bring them in electronic form. However, if you’re like us, you like to have your books on shelves and in their original form – paper. So, if you want to move your library in paper form to a different country, you’ll need to improvise. Consider shipping them to your new location. This will be considerably cheaper, but it’s also riskier. Thus, we suggest you leave your library behind when moving to another country.

Moving business paperwork

If you’re a business owner you should find a better way to bring all your important paperwork with you when you move. Even though more and more of our business documentation is in electronic form, there’s still a lot of paperwork involved in running a business. Try to ship it or mail it to your destination country instead of bringing them with you. In addition to this, if you’re planning on continuing your business activities in the USA as well as your new home, you’ll need to file some paperwork for running an international company. This will include registering your international business with the IRS.

A stack of paperwork.
Shipping all your business paperwork can also be costly.


We like to keep our gadgets with us at all times. It’s not only about entertainment, either. They give us access to a lot of information and connect us to people all over the world. However, only some of them are useful when you’re planning an international relocation.

Electronics you definitely shouldn’t bring when moving internationally:

  • TVs – televisions sets are getting incredibly big and difficult to transport. Shipping one to your destination country could damage it beyond repair. Better to leave it behind and sell it.
  • gaming consoles – unless they are portable, you should leave them behind. Even though some of them might be easy to transport, their weight will increase your moving costs significantly.
  • desktop computers – this bulky piece of easily damaged equipment you should definitely leave behind when moving internationally.

You can sell these devices before you move to a different country. It’s better than leaving them in some storage to collect dust. Besides, selling them can give your moving budget a boost at the time when you would really need it.

Only bring laptops and tablets with you when moving to a different country.
Only bring portable devices when moving to a different country.


If you’re looking to cut the costs of your international move, you should leave your car behind. Unfortunately, we are dependent on these machines and we use them every day. So, the eternal question is whether or not to bring your car with you. On one hand, your car can come in handy when you’re in a different country. It can make your life a lot easier. On the other hand, the costs of transporting and maintaining your vehicle might be very different in your destination country. There might be additional taxes for vehicles which weren’t bought there or gas prices might be higher than what you’re used to. All in all, you should consider which option is better for you. If you decide to take your car with you, check out all you should know about car transport before you hire someone to relocate your vehicle.

Items you should leave behind when moving internationally on a budget

As we mentioned before, international relocation is expensive. Even the biggest of moving budgets can feel tight at the end of the moving process. And no matter how much money you spend, there always seems to be another expense around the corner. Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s another way! The best way to move to a different country with a limited budget is to bring only the bare necessities with you. That way you’ll pay the least possible moving price and you can buy what you need in when you arrive at your new home. Another way to move with a tight budget is to find the best cities for your new home. Look for affordable locations, move only with what you need and enjoy your new life!

A lot of things you sshould leave behind when moving internationally.
Ditch everything but the bare necessities!

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