Things to Know Before Hiring Pool Table Movers

No matter what moving service you plan to hire, it’s necessary to know what comes with it. Your move is one of the most important events in your life, which is why you have to pick the company you can trust. That’s why we at Master Moving Guide are presenting you with this article to help you prepare before you start seeking pool table moving services. Therefore, continue reading to learn about all things to know before hiring pool table movers. Once you have all the necessary information laid out, you will make the best decision for yourself.

Why hiring pool table movers is necessary?

Nowadays, there are diverse moving services on the market that make everyone ask themselves “How many movers do I need?”. In the case of pool table movers, they are actually quite necessary. Moving a pool table is a complex task that requires no less than a team of skilled movers.

pool table close up
A pool table is easier to pack and move with the help of qualified movers.

Packing and moving pool table by yourself vs. hiring pool table movers

For many, packing and moving pool tables seems easy. Although it’s not rocket science, the entire endeavor can go wrong if you’re not careful. First off, you have to disassemble the pool table the right way. Doing it yourself is risky and not recommendable. If you don’t want to expose yourself to injuries, then make sure to hire pool table movers who can do the entire work for you. Disassembling, packing, and moving will go much faster with the help of professionals who have done it multiple times before. That way, your pool won’t suffer any damage and you will avoid potential injuries. Approximately over 70% of DIY relocations end up in failure, especially when moving heavy items like a pool table.

Keep in mind that the pool table is in the category of heavier items. That’s why qualified pool table movers have special equipment that helps them deal with heavy loads much easier. By having experienced pool table movers at your side, you won’t have to deal with disassembling and packing.

The company that handles your move will decide the outcome of your move

We can’t stress enough how important it is to pick the company that has your best interest at heart from start to finish. Many movers out there claim to provide a quality service, which is up to you to confirm. That’s why detailed research is necessary when browsing reputable moving and storage companies. The advertisement isn’t what you are solely supposed to rely on. Instead, do your own background check without making any particular company an exception:

  1. It’s important to check whether the company has all the needed licenses and certificates, as well as the USDOT number.
  2. Next, see if a company provides a free estimate without additional fees you wouldn’t normally expect.
  3. Read reviews from multiple sources (company’s website, Yelp, Glassdoor, etc.). Try to find those that speak about the efficiency of the company’s pool table movers and the quality of the service they provide.
  4. Write down the contact information of the companies that seem promising and make several phone calls. Ask about the companies’ availability and confirm the prices stated on the website.
  5. Book free estimates and decide what company provides the best pool table moving service at a reasonable price.
two guys carrying cardboard boxes
Put some effort into researching the companies before you decide which one is the best for you.

All these steps will help you find the best company while avoiding moving scams that are all over the Internet. If you follow all the steps stated above, be sure that searching for the right company won’t be as time-consuming as you might think. In addition, a recommendation from a friend/family member means a lot too. Those you know that already had moving journeys with any specific company may also help you make your decision faster.

Customer service matters a lot

One of the best indicators of the company’s professionalism is the customer service they provide. Are they available at any time you need them? Can you count on them in case something unexpected happens? This is yet another thing people overlook when they look for a reliable moving company. Fast and efficient customer service is what will take your worries away in case of unexpected changes in your moving schedule.

a couple reading about things to know before hiring pool table movers
One of the things to know before hiring pool table movers is that finding the right company requires research.

Put additional services on your list besides pool table movers

Besides qualified pool table movers, it’s necessary to make sure to get the best additional moving services. Hiring professional movers won’t be enough for a smooth relocation. You have to store your pool table and other belongings when moving and make sure they’re packed inside durable boxes.

Don’t forget to rent a high-quality storage unit

Storage units are much-needed when relocating heavy items like a pool table. No matter how far you plan to relocate, storage rental comes in handy. Besides quality pool table moving services, it’s important that a company provides top-notch storage units. However, it’s still necessary to conduct a detailed inspection of storage before renting it:

  • Request to see the storage units yourself.
  • Make sure the storage is pest-free, sanitized, and spacious enough.
  • Ask the company’s personnel about the safety of the storage unit and whether there’s CCTV surveillance.

While portable containers are perfect for a shorter relocation journey, temperature controlled storage units are the ones to go with when moving long-distance. All your belongings, including a pool table, will be safe from outside temperature changes and other external factors.

Check the quality of packing supplies on time is another of the things to know before hiring pool table movers

It’s impossible to prepare anything for the relocation or storage without quality packing supplies. In order to keep your items safe and sound, you must obtain strong and durable moving boxes. That way, the risk of spilling and collision during the move is minimal. However, keep in mind that you don’t have to necessarily spend lots of money on quality moving boxes. Pricing doesn’t mean the quality is the best one. If you want to get boxes that are of great quality at a reasonable price, then go to full-service movers. They provide a wide array of services, including quality packing supplies. Furthermore, they’re more likely to give you a discount. Just be sure the boxes and other supplies are durable enough and possible to use again after the move.

a man packing cardboard box
Checking the quality of packing supplies is one of the things to know before hiring pool table movers.

Many people opt for green packing supplies nowadays. However, it’s also good to do research on any particular company or supplier before making hasty buying decisions. Just because something has an “eco-friendly” stamp on it doesn’t mean the quality is the one you seek. Your pool table consists of many parts that have to be secured and packed properly.

Learn about your customer rights on time

Knowing about your moving rights will save you lots of headaches. When you know how to protect yourself from any deal that doesn’t serve your best interest, you are more likely to avoid inconsiderate and scammy companies. Therefore, make sure to learn about your moving rights before you start negotiating with any moving company. Furthermore, remember to go through each point of a contract with your movers and discuss any statement that isn’t clear enough.

You will need the help of pool table movers when unpacking

Your moving journey doesn’t end once you get to your destination. The finishing line of your move is when you completely unpack your pool table, as well as the rest of the items. Unpacking might seem easy at first, however, it takes time to do it without getting drained. That being said, hiring skilled pool table movers will be beneficial before and after the move. However, remember you might not be able to complete the unpacking all at once, especially if you have to start working as soon as you move. That’s why making the unpacking schedule comes in handy. It helps you manage all your duties, including unpacking.

Plan a post-move recovery

Moving is an energy-consuming endeavor, which is why it’s necessary to give yourself enough time after the move to gain some strength back. Make sure to unpack the essentials (pool table and other items can wait), switch off your phone, and get as much sleep as possible. You can also order your favorite comfort food that will lift your mood. De-stressing after the move is necessary in order to properly adjust to the new environment and unpack with ease.

a woman relaxing and drinking coffee
Take time to rest after the move.

Organize your move to avoid a moving burnout

Without a detailed moving plan, your relocation is very likely to become messy. While hiring reliable movers solves the majority of your relocation, you’ll still have lots of work to do. Your job or family obligations won’t be put on hold because of the move. Therefore, a small notebook and pen (or your phone) will be your best tools. Once you organize your upcoming move, you won’t have to deal with overwhelming moving stress. Plus, you’ll easily manage your move, job, and everything else you have in your schedule.

One of the most common organizational mistakes people make during the move is forgetting to plan rest hours. Relocation tasks are sometimes more energy-consuming than it seems at first. So, before you proceed to another packing endeavor, make sure to get enough rest first. Drink some coffee/tea, read a book, talk with friends who are there to support you – just do anything relaxing that takes your mind off the move. Staying motivated when preparing for the move is one of the things that you need to know before hiring pool table movers

Decluttering is a life-saving option that takes plenty of moving burden

The first thing to do to reduce the burden of your move is to declutter your entire home. Moving is an opportunity to start a clutter-free life in order to work, live, and breathe easily. Therefore, take time to sort, pack and get rid of items that serve no purpose anymore. You can put them up for sale, donate or recycle them. Just make sure not to throw any item instantly before making sure there’s something you can do with them. Minimizing waste is another thing to do if you want a less messy and more eco-friendly moving journey.

woman unpacking the box and thinking about things to know before hiring pool table movers
Organize your relocation to avoid a moving mess.

Write your list of moving supplies after you complete decluttering. Only then you will know how many boxes you actually need, and avoid paying for extra supplies. This is yet another benefit of decluttering. Not only do you get rid of the extra burden, but also save some money.

Clean the space before your chosen pool table movers arrive

Your movers will have less work to do if you clean your old home and prepare the boxes. That being said, make sure to do it at least a day before they come. Place as many boxes as you can downstairs, near the exit door. Also, clean the entrance and exit routes and remove anything your mover might trip over. Do the same with the stairs. If you have pets, make sure to keep them in a separate (and clean) room and give them their favorite toys to keep them occupied. You can ask someone you know to take care of them while preparing for the move. Pets running around the place while packing and loading boxes may slow down the entire moving process.

Be patient and stay flexible

One of the most important things to know before hiring pool table movers is that patience is what will make your move possible. Therefore, it’s important to stay calm and peaceful in the midst of towers of moving boxes and scattered items. You never know whether the move will last longer than you might think. That’s why staying flexible and patient will help you go through a moving process without stress. In addition to this, a professional team of pool table movers is there to do the difficult work for you so you can remain relaxed the entire time.

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