The ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro

Many people forget that the moving process is not done when they arrive at their new home. Far from it. The task of unpacking falls on their shoulders and can sometimes seem like a burden. But there are some ways you can ensure that it doesn’t take too long as well as make it a little more enjoyable. Master Moving Guide can help you make the whole packing process easier. And that’s why we decided to share with you the ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro.

What will you learn in our ultimate guide to unpacking like a pro?

We have made a list of things that will make your unpacking journey a lot easier. Many people think that unpacking starts when a moving truck delivers your items. However, in order to be able to unpack like a pro, you need to start thinking about it during the packing process. Of course, you can always google “furniture movers near me” and rent a professional moving truck for your move. But do keep in mind that they won’t help you with everything. Ultimately the unpacking part will again end up in your hands. So here are some things you need to take care of:

  • Preparing packing supplies
  • Packing and loading
  • Unpacking order
  • Storage
A family after the move sitting together
After packing and moving comes the time to start unpacking like a pro!


It is not possible to unpack like a pro if your items are not packed properly. The planning for unpacking should start long before your items reach your new doorstep. There are some things you need to find, moving boxes are the first. And many people manage to find cheap moving boxes, wrapping papers, bubble wrap, and so on. However, it is advisable to find some quality packing supplies if you can. If the items don’t have proper packing supplies, they might get damaged during transport. And among all of the supplies the one that will make the biggest difference for you when unpacking is labels!

Packing and loading

If you want to unpack like a pro, a lot of attention should be placed on packing and loading. As any potential damages on the items will make a big difference later on. Not only that but the way you choose to pack will be the key! After you find moving supplies, it’s time to plan out your packing. There are multiple ways to pack

  • Room-to-room packing
  • Essentials last packing  

After you choose your packing strategy, make sure that you find some professional packing hacks for moving and use quality supplies and labels. Every box should have the name of the room on it. In some cases, if you have time, you can even write the contents of the box. These steps will help make you unpack a lot easier! On the other hand, you can start by packing items you don’t use first, and slowly make your way up to essentials. But even this still requires the usage of labels in order to make it more organized. If the packing is not handled properly, and the truck is not loaded in a particular order, it will influence the unpacking immensely. So make sure that the loading process also has a specific order.

A couple laughing while  unpacking like a pro
If you packed properly and labeled everything the process of unpacking becomes a lot easier.

Unpacking order

Unpacking like a pro is easy when the previous steps have been carried out! Based on the method of packing your unpacking may differ. Either you will start unpacking room to room, or unpacking the essentials first.

  • Essentials first – By following the labels on the boxes start by separating important boxes from other boxes. It is better to begin with the most essential elements of furniture and items. For instance- your bed sheets, pillows, and dishes ( spoons, plates, and glasses) are more meaningful than a TV, radio, and art. The items you use daily are “the more essential” items. While doing this you will still have boxes everywhere in the house but at the same time, all of your essentials will be easy to use.
  • Room to room –  It’s best to begin in the kitchen. The kitchen has multiple electrical appliances. And some of them are not easy to unpack and assemble. For instance – a fridge, dishwasher, coffee maker, and electric stove. Then the bathroom. It also has multiple electrical appliances (the washing machine a dryer and a boiler). Thus, it’s best to unload these rooms first. Unpack one room entirely, and then depart to the next one.  The bedrooms, living room, and storage room can be unpacked a bit later as you won’t use them instantly. 


Sometimes we don’t notice how big of a job unpacking is. And even if you have a lot of items it’s impossible to do all of it in a day! So choose one room and make it a temporary storage. It’s necessary to unpack only the bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen on the first day. After you unpack them you can take a rest. It will help you relax your mind and recover some energy. But if you unpacked them and feel too tired, there is no need to stress. In this case, it’s best if you pick a room and store the furniture and boxes there. For this, you can use any empty room or even the living room as the living room is the largest, as well as the room you won’t need to use in the first hours after the arrival.

A couple unpacking
If you can’t pick out a room to be a temporary storage, don’t forget you always can rent storage!

Prepare in advance and you will have an easier time unpacking

As you can see, unpacking like a pro is possible if you pack as one! So making a packing and unpacking plan at the beginning of the whole moving process is crucial! Don’t forget that every good thing starts with a good plan.

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